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Lawcover presents Risk on Air – a series of podcasts focusing on issues, trends and developments in legal practice and how they can impact on your practice.

Lawcover presents Risk on Air – a series of podcasts focusing on issues, trends and developments in legal practice and how they can impact on your practice.




Lawcover presents Risk on Air – a series of podcasts focusing on issues, trends and developments in legal practice and how they can impact on your practice.




Sexual Harassment in Law Practices

In this episode, Elissa Baxter, General Counsel at Lawcover and Michaela Moloney, Partner at K&L Gates, discuss sexual harassment in law practices. Show notes: Need cover for employment related claims? Consider Lawcover’s NEW Lawyers Management Liability insurance. Click here for more information. Other Resources mentioned: Respect@work report 2020, Australian Human Rights Commission Richardson v Oracle [2014] FCAFC 82 Vergara v Ewin [2014] FCAFC 100


Employment Risks in the Aftermath of Claims

The aftermath of a claim is a prime opportunity to explore changes to a law practice, particularly issues around employees whose conduct might have contributed to the claim. Show Notes: In this episode, guests Alex Haslam and Sarah Wood discuss systems around good employee supervision and the creation of ethical law firm cultures. They also discuss ways to approach disciplining or dismissing employees whose conduct is not meeting the firm’s expectations, and the employment law risks which...


Your Practice − Four Essential Questions

We discuss the importance of having a risk management strategy for your legal practice. This includes the four essential questions that every legal practice owner should ask in order to reduce general risks and in particular, the risk of claims.


Client Files – Managing the Risk

Every client file is different and proper management is key for timely and effective client service and risk mitigation.


Remote Working – Employment Issues

When running a legal practice what are your obligations as an employer when it comes to working remotely? We discuss the risks, what is reasonably practicable and how you can minimise the risk to yourself, the legal practice and your employees to ensure a safe and effective work environment for everyone.


Remote Working – Mitigating Risk

As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, we look at the unique challenges that solicitors and law practices face as they transition to a remote working environment and evolving work arrangements. What are the potential risk implications for your practice? We discuss how systems, processes, clients and employees are impacted and how you can best minimise the risk of a professional negligence claim during these times of uncertainty.


Family Provision

In family provision litigation there are points where your exposure to risk increases. Knowing where these danger points lie can make all the difference. We examine the stages of family provision litigation and the points at which a solicitor is most exposed to risk. We examine how and why each risk point arises and what you can do to manage it.


Changing Ethics – What is Expected?

Do solicitors stick to advising on the strict application of the law, or do they have a role in helping a client decide what is right and wrong?


Property Transactions using Powers of Attorney

For many solicitors property transactions form a large part of legal practice; but they are not always straightforward.


Litigation – Lessons Learned

By examining recent cases we discuss the key risk areas in litigation practice, how this risk presents itself in different matters and the steps you can take to manage it in your practice.


Cyber Risk – The Facts

What cyber risks are relevant to your legal practice and what can you do about it? We discuss recent cyber claims, why and how solicitors have become targets and what can be done to secure your legal practice against cyber-attack.


Practice Financials – The Power of the Dollar

For a legal practice to thrive, good financial management is key. We examine the link between poor financial management and professional negligence claims, and what can be done to minimise the likelihood of problems occurring while working towards a more profitable and successful law practice.


Practice Management Issues

Lawcover shares lessons from 10 years of law firm visits and examines the recurring risk issues and key aspects of legal practice management that commonly give rise to claims, how you can better understand your practice systems and what you can do to improve operations and minimise risk.


The Cost of Defamation

Sometimes it’s the simplest of actions that can expose a solicitor to a defamation claim. We discuss recent claims in the area and examine why solicitors are at risk, how they can become exposed to claims and what precautions they can take to control the risk within their practice.


Changes in Conveyancing

Conveyancing is one of the largest areas of legal practice and it is changing.We discuss these changes along with cases, current issues and recent developments in conveyancing and how this relates to risk in everyday legal practice.


Getting the Message Across

Are you confident that misunderstandings or false assumptions could not arise between yourself and your client? We discuss recent cases which highlight the importance of clear client communication, how and why these situations occur and what can be done to manage the risk in your legal practice.


Testamentary Capacity

Are you unsure if your client has capacity to make a will? What should you do? We examine key cases surrounding testamentary capacity and practical measures that solicitors can take to ensure the risk is minimised and that the client’s will has the best chance of being upheld in a capacity challenge.


Duty to warn on bad deals?

We discuss a solicitor’s duty of care to avoid economic loss to a client and how this relates to managing risk in everyday legal practice.


Getting Paid – Costs Issues

This podcast will examine the issues and risks associated with cost estimates, fixed costs and how practical measures can be taken to manage this risk, maintain a happy client base and get paid on time.


Mental Health

Lawyers are faced with unique, rewarding and sometimes confronting circumstances in every day legal practice. Our “Mental Health” podcast considers these challenges and the impact they can have on individual health and how to recognise warning signs, reducing risk to lawyers, their staff and their practice.