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Harald Malmgren: Trump vs. McMaster - The Inside Story on the Latest White House Battle

In a compelling RiskHedge podcast interview, a former senior advisor to six presidents of the United States says there is a growing disconnect between President Donald Trump and his National Security Advisor, former Army General H.R. McMaster. “[Trump] keeps McMaster around,” says Dr. Harald Malmgren, “but I’m told that he really finds McMaster tedious with his long lectures. So it wouldn’t surprise me at all at some point if he appoints McMaster in charge of the Afghanistan operation,...


Danielle DiMartino Booth: My Four Children Take Mandarin Because I Fear For the Future of the Dollar

A woman who spent nine years as an advisor to Richard Fisher at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas says the Fed isn’t protecting the US dollar, has become too political and needs to change. In an exclusive RiskHedge interview, Danielle DiMartino Booth, author of Fed Up: An Insider’s Take on Why the Federal Reserve Is Bad for America, describes an institution she believes is almost out of control. “It’s not a political body, but it has become highly political and dangerous,” declares...


David Galland: The Impervious Imperial Economy

Many pundits are waving their arms about a looming risk of a game-changing economic crash due to one existential threat or another. I have a different opinion: the US economy is now effectively impervious to any sustained economic downturn. That’s because the US government has taken unto itself virtually unlimited powers to deal with any serious threats to the economy.


Theo Padnos: A Second Islamic State Is Emerging in Syria

Padnos is a freelance journalist who, in 2012, was kidnapped in Syria and held captive by elements of al-Qaeda and al-Nusra Front. He was released two years later, following negotiations led by the head of Qatar State Security. In a wide-ranging interview with RiskHedge’s Jonathan Roth, Padnos explains this new entity that’s growing in Syria. “There’s a second Islamic State; it’s right on the Turkish border,” explains Padnos. “To get to this second Islamic State from any European...


George Friedman: Trump, the Russians, and Dirty Money

There have been questions raised about Trump’s ties to dirty Russian money, but Geopolitical Futures' chairman George Friedman says many people were doing business in Russia prior to Russia’s annexation of Crimea. “This is not to defend Trump,” explains Friedman, “it is simply to point out that prior to 2014 there was nothing at all questionable about wanting to build a hotel in Russia.”


Scott Taylor: Trump's National Security Advisor Choice Is a "Step In The Right Direction"

Scott Taylor, the editor and publisher of military magazine Esprit de Corps, believes President Donald Trump has made a good decision picking Lt. General H.R. McMaster to replace Mike Flynn as National Security Advisor. Taylor, a war correspondent who has covered conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, the former Yugoslavia, Libya, and the Western Sahara, says McMaster brings a broad depth of knowledge to the job. Taylor met McMaster after being kidnapped and held by Al-Qaeda-affiliated...


Neil Howe: Steve Bannon, Trump and the Possibility of Civil War in America

In a revealing interview, Neil Howe—the co-author of The Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny—candidly discusses his perspective on Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist and former head of the online news site Breitbart. Bannon is a proponent of the theory that history generally moves in 80-year cycles, with each cycle ending in a crisis that destroys the old order and ushers in something new. It’s an idea...


Samuel Rines: The US Is Weaker Today Than It Was Under Obama

President Donald Trump’s efforts on trade are damaging America’s standing in the world, according to one of the United States’ top economic thinkers. “There is no question that we are, in my mind, weaker today than we were a month ago,” says Sam Rines, “when it comes to both our standing globally in trade, and our standing in terms of being the global leader of free enterprise and capitalism.” Rines, Senior Economist and Portfolio Strategist at Avalon Advisors in Houston, Texas, gave...


Louis Gave: US and China Are Upending The Global Economic System

Louis Gave, one of the finance world’s top China experts and the founding partner and CEO of Gavekal Research, is “concerned” about the heated rhetoric that is being exchanged between the US and China since the election of Donald Trump.


Bill White: Global Debt Leading to Serious Problems

The global economy is inevitably interconnected. With so many possible trigger points, something is bound to go wrong...and the implications will be felt everywhere.


George Gilder: Rising US Dollar Could Destroy Trump's Presidency

George Gilder—the prominent American economic thinker, investor, and technology guru—believes Donald Trump’s economic plan for the United States will fail unless the incoming President addresses what Gilder calls “the scandal of money.”


Neil Howe: Much of Trump's Agenda Will Be "Impossible to Achieve"

In this RiskHedge Radio interview, Neil Howe explains why Donald Trump's election is NOT Reagan Redux, and how structural demographic trends will push back against his plans.