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#070: Burning Questions from Our Listeners

We are back with another listener submitted Q&A and someone from the Randall family is joining me as our guest host. Questions answered this time around are about giving referrals back to referral sources, doubting the referral system you have in place and identifying referral sources. You can find the resources and links mentioned on the show notes page at


#069: Right Biz Structure for Referral Success

Have you ever thought about your business structure and its impact on generating referrals. Or the volume of new leads or new clients you need every month or year and the percentage of those leads or new clients that could come from referrals? Well, there are many different types of business structures - brick and mortar, online, service-based, product-based and hybrids of these - and we all have different client volume. So how do these two things impact our ability to generate referrals? In...


#068: Referral-Proof Your Business

While the debate rages on as to if an impending recession is headed our way... there are steps you should be taking now to referral-proof your business regardless of a recession. In this episode we talk about why you should referral-proof your business and then I lay out the steps to do it. You can find all the resources mentioned in this episode on the show notes page at And make sure to check out our free 5-part training series coming up soon! You will...


#067: Lies We Believe About Referrals, Part 4: Lack of Control

We are wrapping up our final episode in this rapid fire, 4-part series on the lies people believe about referrals. In this final section, we dive into the lie that says referrals can't be controlled. I already know what you are thinking... and you should listen to this episode to see what I mean. You can find the resources mentioned in this episode - #067 - on the show notes page at


#066: Lies We Believe About Referrals, Part Three: Incentivize

We are moving right along with busting the lies or myths that people believe about referrals. Up next is the "pay to play" lie. Do you believe that you have to pay, compensate, or incentivize for referrals? Well if you do, then you have fallen for this third lie and in this episode I will unpack it for you. You can find all of the resources mentioned for this episode - #066 - on the show notes page at


#065: The Lies We Believe About Referrals, Part Two: Ask or Else

We are continuing our rapid series on the lies people believe about referrals as we tackle the big one in this episode, part 2 of our 4-part series. And what I mean by "big one"... it is the most widely believed lie about referrals and it is rooted in fear. This lie is that we must ask to receive referrals. You can find the resources mentioned, like Manufactured Referrals Never Work article plus more on the show notes page for this episode at


#064: The Lies We Believe About Referrals, Part One: Time Suck

What you believe impacts what actions you take, behaviors you exhibit and ultimately the success you have. And I want you to have amazing referral success so I need to make sure you don't believe some of the common lies about referrals that have been around forever. You can find the resources mentioned on the show notes page for this episode at


#063: Calculating Your Referral Explosion Number

What does a referral explosion look like for you? I mean really look like? What's the number? Let's find out by following this simple formula. I promise - it only takes simple math with a few calculations. To download the formula worksheet and other resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes page at


#062: Beyond the Thank You Note

If you have followed my teachings or strategies for any length of time then you know the Thank You note is an important part of the referral process. But it is just one part. In this episode we are going beyond the thank you note to create our referral explosion. You can find the resources and links mentioned in this episode on the show notes page at


#061: Growing Your Tribe with Pat Flynn

Today's episode is all about creating magical moments to turn clients into loyal fans, "superfans" in fact. Pat Flynn, author of the new book titled Superfans: The Easy Way to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe and Build a Successful Business joins us to discuss how to sprinkle in specific moments into your client experience to create moments that show your clients how much you care. All resources and links mentioned in today's episode can be found on the show notes page at...


#060: Q&A With My Better Half

As has become tradition, every 10th episode has a member of my family join me to be the guest interviewer asking me your questions. For this episode my husband, Norm Randall, joins me asking questions about my strengths and weaknesses as a business owner, my potential, how I think our kids would describe me, if I'll ever write my next book, and more. Plus I ask Norm a few questions too! You can find the resources mentioned in this episode on the show notes page at...


#059: Behind the Scenes of the GBR Program Overhaul

This is a very special episode - and I haven't done one like this before - but I invited a Growth By Referrals program (GBR) student to share her thoughts on the new version of the program. She provides a comparison of the new version to the old version. Now if you know you aren't interested in ever joining the GBR program, then this may be one episode you decide to skip. No worries, just catch us next Tuesday for episode #060. All of the links mentioned in this episode can be found on the...


#058: The Start of a Referral Ninja Master Journey

On episode #056 two Referral Ninja Masters joined me to talk about their journey from beginner to master. Being two and three years into their journey, they shared a great perspective of their journey. But what is the first year link on the journey to become a Referral Ninja Master? In this episode, I welcome David Ferguson and Mark McIntosh to share what their first few months has been like as they move from Referral Ninja Beginner to Referral Ninja Master. David has been following the...


#057: 6 Ways to Marie Kondo Your Referrals

In this episode we are going to look at generating more referrals through the eyes of the organization guru Marie Kondo and her popular Netflix show 'Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.' We will apply her 6 ways to get organized to your referral generation... I promise this will be fun whether you like organizing or not! The 6 Ways Checklist plus all other resources mentioned in today's show are available on the show notes page at


#056: Learning From Referral Ninja Masters

There is nothing better than learning from those who are where you want to be... learning from those - business owners just like you - who are having success receiving referrals. All resources mentioned including the case study of Nicole Odom's reversal of referral decline can be found on the show notes page at


#055: The Intersection of Personality and Referrals

Does who you are impact the referrals you receive or is there something more important that impacts the referrals you deserve? Many believe it is our personality that impacts if we receive referrals or not. But in reality it is something entirely different. So whether you are an introvert, extrovert, reserved or highly outgoing, you personality is irrelevant to receiving referrals. But one thing will dictate your success. Links and resources mentioned plus an episode summary for this...


#054: The Difference Between Your CX and RX

First what is a CX and RX? Second how are they different and should I really care? See how well I know you! It's like I'm in your head reading your mind. Well in this episode we are defining CX and RX and I'm sharing how they are different and why you should care. I have noticed with my Growth By Referral members and those I teach from the stage... the CX and RX is easily confused which means we don't execute on our referral plan correctly. CX is our Client Experience and RX is our Referral...


#053: On the Spot Coaching

We are back with another On the Spot coaching episode where you get to listen in as I guide a business owner through their current referral reality and what they need to be doing to receive more referrals. You can find all resources and links mentioned on the show notes page at


#052: Nailing Your Thank You Card

A critical step in the process to receive more referrals and receive them more consistently is to nail the thank you card you send to the person who sent you the referral. In this episode I share all of the details. The type of card (yes, you have options), what to say (there are 3 objectives to what you write), who writes it and when to send it. This episode even comes with two free downloads - the thank you card script I give during the episode so you don't have to frantically try to...


#051: Referral Rookie Mistakes

People who are trying to generate referrals consistently in their business seem to make the same rookie mistakes. And rookie mistakes can be made no matter how long you have been in business. I know business owners in business 5, 10 or more years STILL making these mistakes. For this episode, we are diving in to 4 rookie mistakes I see people make that can be easily solved. We are going to discuss the mistakes and what to do instead. Now, these aren’t the only mistakes people make – oh lordy...