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#009: Lies We Believe About Referrals

Lies. Just flat our lies. And we shouldn't believe them. No matter how long they have been around or persisted. These lies about referrals should be let's shine the truth light on them today. There are lies about referrals that have been around for a really long time that are holding us back from fully embracing what referrals can do for our business. Check out the show notes page at for a link to the free 7 Day Referral Growth Challenge that I...


#008: What a Referral Is and Is NOT

Do you know what a referral really is? It's true definition - its two unique parts that separate it from other lead generation terms. And more importantly, do you know when you've actually received one? Unfortunately we commonly confuse other lead generation terms or sales lingo as referrals which dilutes the definition of a referral. This dilution over time has turned referrals into more of a catch all phrase versus it being the single-handedly most valuable way to generate new...


#007: Part 2 - What To Do When You Need More Referral Sources

In this episode #007, we are diving in to the final two steps of the four steps process to increase the number of referral sources. This is a follow up episode to #006 so to pick up the first two steps and learn some easy misconceptions on who referral sources are...start with #006 first. Make sure to check out the show notes page at and download the episode mini-workbook, Increasing Your Referral Sources. Don't feel overwhelmed -the mini-workbook is only 4...


#006: What To Do When You Need More Referral Sources (Part 1)

Unfortunately referral sources don't magically appear or grow on trees. But to receive referrals consistently, you need a dedicated group of referral what do you do when you need more referral sources? You follow these four steps. Let's dive in together on Episode 006. We will define referral sources, determine who are our best referral sources and determine your unique mix of types of referral sources. You'll fall into one of three categories for the mix. Then we will unpack...


#005: 4 Reason You Don't Receive Referrals & What To Do About It

Ever wonder why you don't receive referrals? Or wonder why the referrals you do receive are sporadic and inconsistent? In today's episode we are looking at the 4 reasons you might not be receiving referrals and what to do about it. These reasons are easier to overcome than you think - you just need the quick fixes to apply in your business today! Make sure to check out the show notes page at for links mentioned and to grab the 4 Reasons guide so you can have...


#004: The Key Ingredient of Generating Referrals

Without this key ingredient you cannot receive referrals - there is just no way around it. Without this ingredient it is fundamentally impossible to receive referrals. Stick around for this episode to find out and how to implement it in your business. In today's episode we are going to examine the one key piece - the main ingredient - that makes receiving referrals even possible. You do deserve referrals, but you aren't owed them which means you have some work to do. What does that "work"...


#003 - Why You Never Ask for Referrals

If you are asking for referrals, then you are doing it all wrong. Asking for referrals negatively impacts your referral generation in three major ways. I bet you've experienced one of the ways, but let's see if you know the other two.


#002 - Demystify Your Business Growth in Three Ways

Did you know your business needs three distinct and specific plans focused on growing your business? That's right - three. In today's episode, we're unpacking all three - so stick around and I'll demystify your business development strategy - and I'll make it painless.


#001 - Seven Ways I Overcame a Business Failure

Going from a business failure to a business success, you learn a few things. Today's episode we are diving in to the seven things I did different to make business #2 a success. And if you aren't doing #3, Houston, we have a problem.