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#032: What is a Referral Ninja Master

If you have taken the Referral Ninja Quiz to test your skills and abilities to generate referrals - to see how good you are at generating referrals consistently - then you know if you are a Referral Ninja Beginner, In Training or Master. If 85% of people who take the quiz are Beginners, what does it take to be a Referral Ninja Master? And what is a Referral Ninja Master? Well in this episode I pull back the curtain to explain. All links and resources can be found at...


#031: The Magic of Accountability

When I say "accountability" - what do you think? How do you feel? Is your reaction positive or negative? Most don't think about how accountability impacts their progress, their success. And when you structure accountability find the magic. It's time to find your magic! Resources for this episode can be found on the show notes page at including the link to the beta Goal Setters Club. You have to check this club out!


#030: Burning Questions From Our Listeners

We have a special guest asking me your questions today on the's my son, Jacob! He is "hosting" this episode and asking me three questions. Those questions include generating referrals when you are new to an area, how to be authentic and generate referrals and how to make asking less awkward (as you know - my advice is to never ask so I give other thoughts on how to generate referrals without asking). The show notes for today's episode can be found at...


#029: What's Your "Burn the Boats" Moment in 2019?

The business concept of "burning the boats" comes from a history lesson in the early 1500s. It means removing your "retreat" abilities so you commit to a decision. In the episode I give real world decisions from my business to explain the why and how behind the "burn the boats" concept. And I ask you to consider if 2019 is the year you commit to a burn the boats moment with your business? All resources mentioned for this episode can be found on the show notes page at...


#028: End of Year Surprise from the Roadmap to Grow Your Business Podcast

The final episode of 2018 for the Roadmap to Grow Your Business podcast. I thought I would do something a little different. This is a look back at the top 5 fan favorites (and mine too!). In this episode we review the top 5 episodes and then replay the number 1 favorite episode from 2018! Here we go! Links to the top 5 episodes plus the other resources mentioned can be found at


#027: Business Lessons Learned From the Trenches

Before we moved to my new website - - earlier this year, I had a popular article on my old site on the business lessons learned from my small business owner clients. For many years I was a business and productivity coach and coached business owners year in and year out. During that time I always found that the same lessons would keep coming up for my small business owner and solopreneurs clients to learn. Here are a few of those lessons... You can find all of the...


#026: 3 Ways to Up-Level Your Client Experience Next Year

We are wrapping up our mini-series on the client experience and this episode is for those of you ready to move from the 1.0 version of your client experience to the 2.0 version. From the two previous episodes - #024 and #025 - we discussed what the client experience is, why it matters (referrals of course, but other important reasons too), when it starts and ends, the client stages and the 3 musts of every client experience. Now it is time to take your client experience to the next level...


#025: 3 Musts for a Powerful but Simple Client Experience

Do you know what it is like to work with you? Have you ever thought about it from your client's perspective? I hope a smile just broke out across your face and not that concerned, scrunched up forehead look of worry and concern. Let's dive in to today's episode to learn how to create a Client Experience worth smiling about. You can find the downloads mentioned, the Client Experience Assessment, plus the other resources at the show notes pages of the Roadmap to Grow Your Business podcast at...


#024: Is this one thing holding back your referrals?

There can be a number of reasons why you aren't receiving the referrals you deserve. Most all reasons can be solved just with education and then you taking action. This episode kicks off a mini-series to give you the knowledge you need to take a different action in your business so you can start generating referrals. You can find the links mentioned in this episode of the Roadmap to Grow Your Business podcast on the show notes page at


#023: How Are You Celebrating Your Referral Sources This Time of Year

The end of the year is upon us and that provides us with a unique opportunity when it comes to our referral sources. You cannot waste this time of year - the holidays - to send a very important message to the most important people in your business. Find all links mentioned on the show notes page at of the Roadmap to Grow Your Business podcast.


#022: Power of Reverse Goal Setting

I’ve bet you’ve set goals before…and probably new year’s resolutions. But there is a reasons so many goals get set and then NEVER accomplished. Same with New Year's Resolutions (in fact research shows that 92% new year's resolutions fail). There is some good stuff when it comes to setting goals but also, much of it is wrong which keeps us from setting and CRUSHING our goals. In this episode, I am going to show you how to flip your goal setting…reverse it in fact…to have greater completion...


#021: Thanksgiving Thoughts About Your Referral Sources

It's about to be that time of year when the mailboxes begin to overflow with Thanksgiving cards followed by Hanukkah, Christmas and other holiday cards. So what do you need to know about those Thanksgiving cards - or any holiday card - BEFORE you send it. Let's find out in today's episode! You can find the show notes for the episode - including the pictures of card samples that I mention in the episode - at of the Roadmap to Grow Your Business podcast.


#020: Burning Questions From Our Listeners

Raving fans, referral compensation, referral tracking and turning a snowflake into an's episode can only mean one thing. Today I am answering listener questions. The show notes for today's episode of the Roadmap to Grow Your Business podcast can be found at


#019: How Your Promo Swag is Killing Your Referral Strategy

Who doesn't love snagging free promotional stuff from companies? Come on - most of us do. The koozies, the hats, the water bottles! But why are promotional items - or promo swag - a big no-no in your referral strategy? You can find all links referenced in the show notes at for this episode of the Roadmap to Grow Your Business podcast!


#018: The Moment(s) It All Changed

Moments...most of them seem so insignificant. But we all have some moments that changed everything. Maybe not instantly but they were the first domino to fall changing our direction, path, purpose. Some are amazing, some not so much. In this episode we are diving in to a few course altering moments for me. Why am I sharing these - some so embarrassing? Let's find out in this episode. You can find the highlights and resources mentioned including where to buy the book, Generating Business...


#017: Identify Your Who...And the Power Behind It

Knowing who are your referral sources is powerful. In fact, your list of referral sources is more valuable than your clients. Yes, that's right. In today's episode we will dive into why you should identify who your referral sources are and how to do it. You can resources and more information on the show notes page found at


#016: Saving Lost Referrals

Do you think you have captured all of the referrals you have ever received? I mean Every. Single. One? And what about capturing the source of all prospects, not just referrals. Well, it starts with a fail-proof process to capture or track every referral and a few solutions for common issues with not to ask for the information, how to get to your team to ask and more. You can find all of this in this week's episode and download my personal referral tracker here at...


#015: 5 Steps to Generate Referrals

If you think generating referrals takes a ton of hours and hours of dedicated time each week...then I cannot wait for you to learn my 5 step process to generate referrals. Yep - just 5 steps and on today's episode I will walk you through each one. You can download the 5 steps cheat sheet to follow along with the episode on the show notes page at


#014: Bumpy Road of Entrepreneurship with Neil Tyra

Owning a business can be a bumpy ride...very few of us - if any - are immune to the bumps, dips, ups and downs of starting and running a business. Our special guest Neil Trya shares his mistakes but also what worked as he grew his law practice over that last 12 years. You can access links to the resources mentioned on the show notes page at


#013: How I Stopped Selling & Dramatically Grew My Business

Admit it, "no more selling and still grow your business," it's like music to your ears. But is it real? What does it mean, exactly? How do you make it happen in your business. Is this just smoke and mirrors? Let's find our in this episode of the Roadmap to Grow Your Business podcast. You can download the resources for this episode - including the Referred Prospects Meeting Outline - and find links to all resources metioned at