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Ash Katch: Fashion and Film for Positive Change

SHOW NOTES: We’re back on video for Episode 33 featuring special guest Ashley Katchadourian, the beauty and brains behind Cheap Seats Society and soon-to-be-released sustainable fashion brand ashkatch. Listen to her discuss the initial idea behind the Cheap Seats Society event, starting a brand from scratch, her challenges with merging and marketing the two entities, and why sustainability in fashion is so important today. IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS: 👉 Sustainable Fashion 👉 The birth...


What Makes a Good Website?

SHOW NOTES: We’re still not quite ready for video at our new office, so we’ll save you from having to look at our faces for another week :joy:. On this week’s episode, Andrew and Jared discuss the implications of Adobe’s recent acquisition of Marketo and go in-depth on what really makes a “good” website, covering everything from using UX/UI to create user flow to using the right media for your brand. IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS: 👉 Adobe’s acquisition of Marketo 👉 Key features that make...


Working in a Coworking Space

SHOW NOTES: We’re officially moved into our new workspace — shoutout to Spaces., El Segundo! Unfortunately, our creative space isn’t 100% ready for filming, so this week’s episode is audio only. Don’t let that get you down though! We’ve got some good content for you regardless. Tune into the podcast, sit back and relax or just keep on truckin’ through your Tuesday workflow, as Andrew and Jared discuss Tiger Woods’ 80th PGA tour win, Apple’s recent partnership with Salesforce, and go in...


Trends in Podcasting and the Marketing Industry

SHOW NOTES: This week’s podcast goes back to our roots, solely featuring the founders of Tobe Agency, Andrew and Jared. It’s a special one for all of us at Tobe, being the 30th episode we’ve produced! Listen as Andrew and Jared discuss the evolution of the podcast in marketing, paid advertising on social media, Elon Musk on the Joe Rogan Experience, takeaways from Apple Keynote 2018, and the importance of relying on an inbound marketing strategy due to radical changes within consumer...


Finding Your Passion And Building A Brand From It with Bobby Hobert aka Bobbbaaaay

SHOW NOTES: Bobby Hobert transplanted himself in Los Angeles about two years ago from Chicopee, Massachusetts with an energy that rivals some of the biggest influencers in the digital content landscape. After graduating college, he faced the same challenge many of us do — finding a job or career path that enables us to pursue our passions. Listen as Bobby discusses his path to starting Purpose In The Youth, the obstacles he faced as an entrepreneur in a new city, what makes him “the best...


Building A Brand & Telling Your Story with Methodbox

Show Notes: This week we had the privilege of sitting down with Methodbox, a dynamic duo of brothers recently reunited in Los Angeles telling the stories of eccentric entrepreneurs and brand builders. Primarily known for their YouTube videos, the two use easily digestible and watchable videos to reach their audience. In This Episode We Discuss: 👉 Jonathan and Nathan’s backgrounds 👉 Finding and making your own opportunities 👉 Gaining true supporters instead of just followers 👉 The...


Eren Emre: A Taste of Modern UX/UI

SHOW NOTES: Welcome back! We hope you had an enjoyable long weekend with good company, good times, and good food. Speaking of food...this week’s RunWithTobe podcast features experienced UX and UI designer and recent founder of Food People, Eren Emre. Listen to the podcast to hear Eren explain where it all started for him, his view of the design and development process, up-and-coming trends in the UX industry, and his approach to marketing and branding his recent startup. IN THIS EPISODE WE...


Daniel DeArco: Life and Photography Found Through A New Lens

SHOW NOTES: Struggling to get through your work day? Lucky for you, we’re back with Episode 26 and have another special podcast to help get you a little closer to Friday. This week, professional photographer, filmmaker, and avid fabricator Daniel DeArco talks about how a near-death experience became the catalyst for his journey into photography and filmmaking, and goes in depth on how he found his unique voice in digital storytelling and where that’s gotten him today. IN THIS EPISODE WE...


Can Ahtam: Growth Hacking, Brand Collaborations, and Photography with Nick Cannon

SHOW NOTES: We’re a quarter of the way through 100–episode 25 of the #RunWithTobe podcast! This week, we sit down with experienced photographer and marketer Can (John) Ahtam. He’s previously worked with Daniel Wellington, Coke and Sperry, and he’s even been featured in Mashable. He also talks simplicity, which is his outlook on life and his attitude towards photography. IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS: RESOURCES AND LINKS: YouTubeInstagramCan and Saved by the MaxPortraitMeet on Instagram


Being a Pro Boxer, a Social Media Influencer, and Logan Paul's Trainer - w/ Niko & Cristal Valdes

Welcome to episode 24 of #RunWithTobe! This week we have Babyface Niko and Cristal Valdes on the podcast to discuss their journey to becoming social media influencers. They provide tips for anyone trying to grow their social media and along the way and we dive deep into what being a social media influencer means to them, the challenges they’ve faced, and how Niko became sparring partners with Logan Paul. IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS: RESOURCES AND LINKS: Niko & Cristal YouTube Niko -...


Marketing Tech

Hello and welcome to episode 23 of the #RunWithTobe Podcast! This week’s episode is all about marketing tech. We cover tech that live streamers are using to engage with their audiences, the advancement of email automation technology, and the timing of marketing tech, i.e. when is it right for small businesses to start using more advanced marketing technology. IN THIS EPISODE WE'LL DISCUSS: RESOURCES: 23 EyewearHubSpotMarketing Technology Landscape FOOTER: As always check out our blog...


Pillar Content

Hey Team Tobe welcome to episode 22 of the #RunWithTobe Podcast! In this episode we discuss the significance of branding, the differences between personal and large corporate branding, as well as what's changed with SEO and led to the rise of pillar content. IN THIS EPISODE WE'LL DISCUSS: RESOURCES AND LINKS: Pillar Content: 3 Keys to Creating Amazing Content Pillar Content: 4 Important Lessons for Beginners 7 Pillar Page Examples to Get You Started With Your Own Topic Clusters As...


Must Have Videos For Your Brand

SHOW NOTES: Welcome to episode 21 of the #RunWithTobe podcast! This week we focus on the growth of digital video, the launch of Instagram TV, and the key videos that are must-haves in order to get your message across to customers. IN THIS EPISODE WE'LL DISCUSS: RESOURCES AND LINKS: Two-thirds plan to shift some TV budgets to digital video this year As always check out our blog for this episode's show notes. Be sure to subscribe, leave a comment and share the show us with your friends...


WWDC Updates - Live Streaming, Apple’s Content Play & Device Addiction

SHOW NOTES: Hey #TeamTobe welcome to episode 20! This week we focus on Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and what their new updates mean for the future of both Apple consumers and marketers. IN THIS EPISODE WE'LL DISCUSS: RESOURCES AND LINKS: A crash course in TwitchHQ Trivia LISTENER QUESTION: You can find our listener on the following platforms: InstagramWordPressQuaraAs always check out our blog for this episode's show notes. Be sure to subscribe, leave a comment and...


YouTube's Content Play

SHOW NOTES: Hey #TeamTobe welcome to episode 19! This week we focus on YouTube’s new content play, what they’re offering, and what we think of it. IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS: RESOURCES: YouTube MusicYouTube PremiumBE-AT TVSpotify Ads As always check out our blog for this episode's show notes. Be sure to subscribe, leave a comment and share the show with your friends and family. Follow us on any social platform using the handle @runwithtobe and feel free to email us at


The Power of Facebook Messenger

SHOW NOTES: What's up #TeamTobe! Welcome to episode 18! In this show we focus on the powers of Facebook Messenger. Just recently they announced that over 8 billion messages are being sent from a business’ to consumers each month! - We're now available as a weekly update Amazon Alexa! IN THIS EPISODE WE'LL DISCUSS: RESOURCES: G.O.A.T ArticleThe Ground Up ShowMatt D’AvellaWistiaVidyard As always check out our blog for this episode's show notes. Be sure to subscribe, leave a comment and...


What's the Story? - A look into the social media's fastest growing format.

SHOW NOTES: Hey #TeamTobe! We’re on episode number 17 and we talk about vlogging and popular vloggers. We also chat about stories—Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories, it seems to be everywhere now and it might be the best way to get people’s attention. IN THIS EPISODE WE'LL DISCUSS: RESOURCES: TechCrunch article WeChat Hits 1 billion monthly usersTOP VLOGGERS: Casey NeistatPeter McKinnonSara Dietschy As always check out our blog for this episode's show notes. Be...


Will Brands Adapt to Facebook's New Changes?

SHOW NOTES: What’s going on #TeamTobe! On this episode of #RunWithTobe, we talk about all the latest features from Facebook and why marketing your content on the most popular social media platform is still relevant. IN THIS EPISODE WE'LL DISCUSS: RESOURCES: Full replay15 min recapOther Resources Cobra KaiWhat is AR/VR?Oculus GoShoutout to Nymano for our intro music. Check him out on Instagram and Twitter. As always check out our blog for this episode's show notes. Be sure to subscribe,...


Can AI-powered CG creations take over the influencer space?

SHOW NOTES: Hey #TeamTobe! On this episode of #RunWithTobe, we dive deep into an AI-powered CG Instagram influencer who has 1.1 million followers. We also talk about Google Duplex—an AI assistant who can make calls and book appointments on your behalf. IN THIS EPISODE WE'LL DISCUSS: RESOURCES: Silver CarGoogle DuplexMiquela SousaMiquela’s phone interviewBrud’s CEO - Trevor McFedriesBrud’s confession about Miquela ADDITIONAL ARTICLES Elle MagazineTechCrunchWe're now available as a...


Social Media: The Influencer Game and Automation

SHOW NOTES: Hey #TeamTobe! We’re fresh with a new format — half hour long episodes! On this episode of #RunWithTobe, we chat about the rise of social media influencers. We also talk social media AI — is it good or bad? IN THIS EPISODE WE'LL DISCUSS: RESOURCES: Apple PencilEpisode 4 of our podcastThe Rock Gets Paid $1 Million to Post on Social MediaThe Rise of Social Media InfluencersHow To Avoid Common Influencer Marketing PitfallsHubSpotEpisode 3 of our podcastMailChimpCNBC Tech“I used...