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#26 Lisa Devlin: How to have longevity in wedding photography

This is the final episode of series 2 and we're going out with a bang! We went down to Brighton to chat to acclaimed wedding photographer and founder of the Photography Farm, Lisa Devlin. We also have some special little guests on in the intro! Lisa has been a photographer for over 25 years, starting her career as a celebrity music photographer, then moving into the world of alternative wedding photography 18 years ago. We have a fascinating chat with Lisa and chat about the...


#25 Coaching Emily: Should you digitally detox your life?

We invited Coaching Emily back onto the show for a second time as you all loved her so much in her first episode in Series 1 (episode 3). As photographers and business owners, we have to spend a lot of time in front of screens, not only editing but also with all of the marketing and admin that comes with running a business. We know lots of you struggle with this and we wanted to find out from Emily if we need to digitally detox our lives. We have a really interesting conversation...


#24 Hannah MacGregor: On the love of photographing people

In this week's episode we are chatting to UK wedding and family photographer, Hannah MacGregor of Funky Photographers. Hannah has been running her business for over 10 years and has published a book about portrait photography. We chat about the following: What Hannah loves about photographing weddings and people How she manages to shoot so many weddings and family shoots each year and still say sane And lots of wonderful random stuff in between! Hannah's passion and...


#23 Alex Vinall from Air Social: On keeping your finger on the social media pulse

In this episode we chat to Alex Vinall who is the founder of digital marketing agency, Air Social. We wanted to chat to Alex to find out about the new trends in social media, and what we, as creative entrepreneurs, need to do to stay ahead of the crowd. We talk about the following: It's a fascinating chat and we hope you get a lot out of it. We talk about our exciting first ever live event which we're holding in London in Jan 2019. See all of the juicy details here. We'd love...


#22 Franky from Love Audrey: How to write copy to attract your dream clients

In this episode we chat to copywriter Franky from Love Audrey. We know lots of photographers & visual creatives struggle to write copy on their websites, social media & marketing materials. So we chatted to Franky to find out what we can do to make it easier. We chat about the following: Franky is so authentic & lovely and offers lots of useful tips. We hope you love the episode. Find out about Franky’s copywriting services here Follow Franky on Instagram:...


#21 Kelly Pietrangeli: Getting more done with less struggle

In this episode we are chatting to Kelly Pietrangeli from Project Me for Busy Mothers. Kelly has recently released a book all about getting a better balance in your life. We found it really useful so we invited Kelly onto the show to talk about how we can be more productive in our daily lives. It's a really useful chat, and we cover all of the following: - tips for making your to-do list much more effective - how to change your mindset about your 'never-ending' to-do list - what you...


#20 Maria Murray: On being brave & embracing change

In this episode we are chatting to renowned Uk newborn photographer Maria Murray. Maria has run a successful photography business for over 15 years, so has seen a huge amount of change in the industry. We have a fascinating talk about all of the following: - the changes Maria has seen in the photography industry in the last 15 years and what she has done to embrace them - what Maria has done differently to run a successful and profitable business - what the most important...


#19 Susie Maguire: On why you should do scary things

In this week's episode we chat to the coach, author, motivational speaker and all round inspiring person, Susie Maguire. We have a insightful (and rather deep!) chat with Susie about the following: - why it's important to do scary things and how to step out of your comfort zone - how to let your awesome out - some great advice to any of you who are afraid to put yourself out there - How to deal with the imposter syndrome and self-doubt - why you should embrace all aspects of your...


#18 Kate Griffin: On birth photography and why you should price properly

In this week’s episode we chat to our friend and UK birth and family photographer, Kate Griffin. We have a very funny and insightful chat with Kate about her experience as one of the UK’s first ever birth photographers. We talk about the process, why it’s so important to price yourself properly, how her documentary family sessions flow, what equipment she uses and a lot more. This episode could have easily been about 2 hours long as we could have talked to Kate all day! Kate is...


#17 Fiona Humberstone: Creating a compelling brand

This week we are chatting to The Brand Stylist, Fiona Humberstone. Fiona is a renowned author, speaker, trainer and blogger who has been helping business owners create compelling brands for nearly 20 years. In our chat we talk about: As you can see we cover a LOT of ground! Thank you to The Design Space for sponsoring this episode. Once you’ve created a compelling brand, you’re going to need a gorgeous new website to show it off. So click here for lots of free information and...


#16 Ange Ward-Brown: Musings on wedding photography, tintypes...and ruffs

This week we are chatting to UK wedding photographer Angela Ward-Brown. We have a lovely chat with Ange about the following: And lots more! Ange is honest, interesting and very funny…we think you’re going to love her. CAUTION ADVISED: Please note there is some adult language in this episode, so would be best to listen without little ears around! Thank you to The Design Space for sponsoring this episode. They help you become the boss of your own website. Click here for lots of...


#15 Vicki & Eddie: Your questions answered

We're back! Welcome to series 2 of Shoot Edit Chat Repeat. We have a fantastic series lined up for you with lots of amazing guests. To kick things off, we have an episode with just us, chatting away in a cafe and answering all of your questions. Here are some of the questions that we answer in this week's episode: - How do you stay motivated in the early days when you don't have much business, as I find some days I struggle? - What are you tips for getting into Personal...


#14 Vicki Knights: The importance of delighting your clients

In this final episode of our first series, Eddie is interviewing our very own Vicki Knights. Vicki has been a running her successful family lifestyle photography business for 10 years and in this chat we find out how she stays booked up and motivated. In our chat we talk about: - how Vicki struggled to define her photography style and what she did to overcome that - how she captures those joyful, connected photos - why it’s so important that we delight clients at every...


#13 Eddie Judd: Interview with the editing pocket-rocket

In this episode Vicki is interviewing our very own editing pocket-rocket, Eddie Judd. We chat about how Eddie got into photography, how she connects with the people she photographs and we also find out how she culls & edits a family shoot in under an hour...and lots more! It’s a lovely chat and we hope you enjoy finding out more about one of the hosts of the show. Thank you to The Design Space for sponsoring this episode. Go to for lots of...


#12 Liana Fricker: Embracing the power of networking

In this episode we are chatting to the bold and vivacious founder of the Inspiration Space networking group, Liana Fricker. CAUTION ADVISED – there is strong language right from the start of the interview so you may not want to listen with little ears around! We think you’re going to love Liana, she shares some thoroughly entertaining and interesting thoughts about networking and being a female creative entrepreneur. We talk about: And lots more! Thank you to The Design Space for...


#11 Elise Meader: The art of lifestyle photography at home

In this episode we are chatting to US wedding and lifestyle photographer, Elise Meader. We chat about how Elise captures those gorgeous emotive images, why she loves her 35mm lens, how she scouts for the best spots to shoot in clients homes and lots more! Thank you to The Design Space for sponsoring this episode. Go to for lots of free information and courses and 20% off all their products. We'd love to hear what you think of the episode! Chat to...


#10 Chubby Cheek Photography: How to capture the magic of childhood

In this episode we are chatting to Shalonda Chaddock from Chubby Cheek Photography who is based in Texas, US. We had a lovely time chatting to Shalonda while we were at the Click Away conference in Florida. In our chat Shalonda shares lots of tips on how to run a child photography business, how she runs her 'All About Me' sessions and how she ensures her families are always styled perfectly. We also chat about work/life balance and lots more! We love Shalonda and we're certain you will...


#9 Vicki & Eddie: Chatting live from Clickaway 2018, Florida

In this episode we are chatting to each other live from the Clickaway photography conference in Amelia Island, Florida. At the end of our first day at the conference we chat about the talks we've attended so far and the group shoots we took part in. We hope you enjoy it! The Clickaway conference is run by Clickin Moms which is an online community with tutorials, courses, support and lots more. If you are interested in joining Clickin Moms, please use our affiliate link as then we get...


#8 Jonny MP: How I quit my corporate job to become a photographer

In this episode we are chatting to UK wedding photographer, Jonny MP. Jonny had a successful career in digital marketing before becoming a photographer, and for 3 years he worked full time whilst building up his wedding photography business on the side. In this interview, we find out how he made the big leap from his corporate career to running his photography business full time. And he gives lots of tips to photographers just starting out too. We really enjoyed our chat with Jonny,...


#7 Jenny Johnston: How to use social media for your business

In this episode we are chatting to Jenny Johnston who is Group Marketing Manager at 3XM. We talk about: - how Jenny schedules her social media effectively so that she's not spending all week creating posts - why she believes social media is more important for your business than SEO - what kind of posts do best on Facebook and whether you should pay to promote them - whether blogging is still important - whether it's necessary to have a pretty grid in Instagram - how Facebook's...