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Want to stay up to date on the latest trends, technologies, news and updates in the background screening industry? This free InformData podcast is the go-to resource for background screening companies.


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Want to stay up to date on the latest trends, technologies, news and updates in the background screening industry? This free InformData podcast is the go-to resource for background screening companies.








How Sex Offender Registry+ provides fast, accurate SOR searches with enhanced PII

Introducing InformData's brand-new product, Sex Offender Registry+! Emily Parbhoo, the Product Manager who oversaw the creation of SOR+, joined this episode to explore this revolutionary new product. Purpose-built to address the challenges Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) and background screening companies face with traditional sex offender registry searches, SOR+ is taking the industry by storm. Listen in to discover what SOR+ is, how it was accomplished, how it works, and how users can benefit. If you want to learn more, contact us at


Exploring InformData's Service-Driven Culture with President Matt Lowers

At InformData, service isn't just a buzzword – it's the essence of who we are. Matt Lowers, President of InformData, joins this episode to explore the topic of company culture, focusing on our culture of service. Lowers shares his perspective on the qualities of service culture, how it aligns with our mission, and how it makes a difference when a CRA or background screening company partners with InformData. Join us as we explore how we create a culture of service that goes beyond traditional expectations and makes a difference in people's lives.


Nick Fishman on How CRAs Can Maximize ROI at the SHRM Annual Conference

The 2023 SHRM Annual Conference & Expo is quickly approaching, and this episode brings you valuable insights to help CRA and background screening company exhibitors maximize their ROI. Join Nick Fishman, InformData's Chief Marketing Officer and veteran conference exhibitor, as he shares expert tips on standing out, optimizing exhibits, what to avoid, and effective follow-up strategies. P.S. The advice shared in this episode can be applied to any conference, not just SHRM, so tune in for helpful tips that can be used for other events!


All About CAM: Actionable, Customizable Real-Time Criminal Activity Updates

Our topic of discussion in this episode is Continuous Activity Monitoring, also known as CAM. InformData's CAM product revolutionizes the way employers monitor their employees for new criminal activity by doing it on a continuous basis . To dig into this product I am joined by Meghan Martinsen, Onboarding Specialist, and Chase MacDonald, Product Manager. These two are CAM experts, so listen in as they dive into they key features of this product, including how the results are actionable and how Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) and background screening companies can configure unique, specific filters based on their customers' varying needs.


How Direct-Source Data Reduced Arizona Turnaround Time By 92%

Arizona has been historically challenging for the background screening industry. 80% of the population resides in just 3 counties - Maricopa, Pima and Pinal - causing strain on the local courts and clerks. On top of that, there have been limited vendor options and capacity, contributing to the turnaround time delays for public records research in the past. 'The past' is key... Joining me is Caroline Monsalvatge, our Operations Manager of the Western Market, who will shed light on our successful implementation of Direct-Source Data in Arizona. She will share the remarkable improvements in turnaround times and talk about her recent court scouting trip in the state. Join us!


The ABCs of APIs with Greg Jones, InformData's Chief Product Officer

InformData is an 'API First' company. What does that mean? Wait... what even is an API? Greg Jones, our Chief Product Officer, joins me in this episode to dig into the basics of an API and data integration, why this technology is important in the background screening industry, and how InformData's API benefits CRAs.


Introducing InformData's Flat Pricing Solution: What It Is and How It Benefits CRAs

In the world of background screening, with over 3,000 counties to cover nationwide, controlling costs and vast vendor management can be incredibly difficult. What if your CRA could reduce those complexities and simplify the day-to-day to focus on your business and the items that really matter? Join me and Bryan Snow, our Vice President of Strategic Business Development, to dig into InformData's Flat Pricing Solution. It's a special business model we have developed to help CRAs manage their business better - a simplified structure for greater consistency, accuracy and scalability, with a partner you can trust.


How InformData Manages International Complexities For CRAs

Ashtin Bush, InformData's International Solutions Manager, joined me to discuss all things international. In this episode, we dig into the intricacies of conducting international background checks, an inside look at InformData's process, and how we manage the complexity for CRAs so they can focus on delighting their customers. With international background checks on the rise, you don't want to miss this!


Cook County, Illinois: Inside scoop on the recent traffic index changes

Today's guest is Irini Lipi, InformData's Operations Manager of our Northeast Market, back again with some new Cook County, Illinois updates. Tune in to get the inside scoop on the recent traffic index changes and how the changes are impacting InformData and our customers/CRAs, as well as an update on how things have been going recently with the additional public access terminals that were added in 2022.


Introducing: Massachusetts All District Court Product

Ryan Crawford, InformData's Director of Key Accounts, joined me today to introduce our Direct-Source Data enabled offering, the Massachusetts All District Court product. Listen in to hear what this product is and how it benefits CRAs and background screening companies. Spoiler alert: it is the most comprehensive background screening in the state of MA with impressive turnaround times and accuracy.


Introducing Marco Piovesan, InformData's Chief Revenue Officer

Nick Fishman is back again as host for this episode to introduce Marco Piovesan, InformData's new Chief Revenue Officer. Marco is a data/tech industry veteran with a desire to push the envelope and find innovative ways of doing things. We are so excited to see what the future holds with him on the InformData team. Tune in to learn all about Marco's experience, why InformData is a good fit for him, his definition of CRO, and 2023 objectives.


Get to Know InformData's New CPO, Greg Jones

Nick Fishman introduces Greg Jones, InformData's new Chief Product Officer. With a passion for data and solving problems, Greg has years of experience in the industry and a knack for enabling businesses to scale. We are excited to have him on our team, and we are confident that Greg is the right person to take our products to the next level and help our customers solve their most challenging data problems. Listen in to learn about his experience, why he chose InformData, and the problems he is looking forward to solving.


How InformData's Verifications Technology Saves CRAs Time and Resources

Verifications are often headache inducing for CRAs because they're time consuming, complicated and difficult to scale... but they have to be done. One of the things that can make the process easier is advanced call center technology. InformData has spent years developing state-of-the-art technology that truly helps maximize efficiency for verifications. In this episode, Jamie Cover, our Director of Verifications, joins me to to share how it works, what it's capable of, and what really sets us apart. Are you worried that outsourcing means you have to give up control? We've got you covered.


Cook Illinois updates you don't want to miss: More terminals, reduced TAT

Historically in Cook County, Illinois, there just haven't been enough public access terminals for researchers to process criminal background checks in a timely manner. This has led to abnormally high turnaround times and higher costs (compared to other data) for CRAs and background screening companies that perform background checks in Cook. Irini Lipi, Operations Manager of our North Central Market, joins me to follow up on a podcast InformData published back in May, "Less Reason to Panic When Conducting Criminal Background Checks in Cook County, Illinois". In the previous podcast, it was announced that InformData worked with the local Cook County government to nearly double the number of terminals as part of its commitment to make people-data equitably accessible to all. At the time of the podcast in May, there were just 37 terminals available. In this episode, we discuss updates on the number of terminals that are now available in Cook IL, as well as an internal update on InformData's progress, including incredible turnaround time improvements.


Fake Diplomas: The impact on our industry and how to avoid being fooled by them

Diploma mills have been around for years and continue to thrive today. While some people see a fake diploma as a way to have fun and fool friends and family, others actually use them to falsify their resume and try to get jobs that require certain qualifications. This is why taking the time and care to properly vet applicants through education verification (done the right way) is so important. Nick Fishman joins this episode to discuss the impact diploma mills have on our industry and how employers can avoid being duped.


Do You Really Know How Much Verifications Are Costing You?

Industry experts Nick Fishman and Bill Wilder get together and take a walk down memory lane. The story they tell is an eye-opening example that illustrates that CRAs may not know how much performing verifications inhouse is really costing them and why. Do you know how much verifications are costing you? Nick didn't!


Is California causing you headaches? You're not alone... So we went to investigate.

California... the word sends shivers down my spine. It's no secret several counties in California are a pain point in the background screening industry for various reasons. We want to do something about it. Join Matt Hodges, our Director of Continuous Improvement, and Wade Hudson, our Director of Operations, to hear about their recent 'Court Tours' adventure they went on that included several courts in California as well as Washoe, Nevada. You can hear all about what they did, what they observed, and what InformData plans to do about it.


Expanding Capacity and Shrinking Turnaround Times in Arizona

80% of the population in Arizona resides in 3 counties - Maricopa, Pima and Pinal. This causes strain on the local courts and clerks. That, along with limited vendor capacity, is what has historically caused delays for public records research and the background screening industry. In this episode, we meet with Becky Ledford, Operations Manager of our Western Market, and Emily Foster, one of our Strategic Account Executives, to talk about our expanded capacity in these 3 counties... and wait until you hear about the significantly decreased turnaround times.


Continuous Improvement: Minimizing Waste and Maximizing Customer Value

There is an old saying that you can't have quality, speed, and cost effectiveness all at the same time and you have to choose two. At InformData, we don't believe that. Improving processes with Lean Methodology can improve all three of those metrics, all of which are important to CRAs in the background screening industry. Our Continuous Improvement department utilizes Lean Methodology principles to minimize waste and maximize customer value. Check out our latest podcast with Matt Hodges, our Director of Continuous Improvement, to learn more about the department's functions, goals and initiatives, and the role they play in improving our client's experience.


Culture of Quality at InformData

In the background screening industry, accuracy is arguably the most important key performance indicator (KPI). At InformData, quality is not an afterthought, it is a culture that is embedded in every team and individual. Sydney Landes sat down with InformData's Director of Quality, Renae Cramphin, to discuss the Quality Department's mission, how we measure quality, and how we've been performing since the merger took place (spoiler alert...amazing!). Listen in to learn more about why InformData is a partner you can trust.