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SLMA Radio offers interviews with industry leaders from B2B and B2C companies including CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing Software and Lead Generation experts.

SLMA Radio offers interviews with industry leaders from B2B and B2C companies including CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing Software and Lead Generation experts.
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SLMA Radio offers interviews with industry leaders from B2B and B2C companies including CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing Software and Lead Generation experts.






Should You "Buy an Appointment” to Build Pipeline?

In this interview with Mari Anne Vanella, CEO of the Vanella Group, we discuss how an outside service can be effective in getting an appointment with the right person which leads to a sales pipeline boost. When asked, salespeople will always, always say that what they need is a qualified lead. No one can deny that there is no better qualified lead than an appointment with the right person that is considering purchasing a product in their space. About our Guest Mari Anna Vanella Mari Anne...


How to Drive Revenue Using Content Marketing

How did a middle market private equity firm manage to differentiate itself in an overly crowded and competitive market while attracting a wider audience and driving revenue? By leveraging content marketing and developing high-quality thought leadership. In this episode of Revenue Rebels with Rhoan Morgan, Kristy DelMuto, VP of Strategic Marketing at LLR Partners shares how she has helped to elevate the firm’s content marketing initiatives while boosting results like a 195% increase in...


Stop Treating Email Recipients like Morons Says Laurie Beasley in a 4 Minute Podcast

This is a 4+ minute passage from Laurie Beasley’s longer live radio program she hosted on SLMA Radio. To listen to the whole program, go here: Incorporating the Six Universal Buying Motives to Improve Email Copy and Response Rates Most email programs are failing, dismal, weak and ineffective says Laurie Beasley. Failure is usually the result of poor copy writing (subject line and body) that leads to low opening rates and truncated sales. In this podcast Laurie reminds us of the Six...


How LinkedIn is the Best Place for B2B Ad Dollars

The guest on SLMA Radio, A.J. Wilcox, founder and CEO of B2Linked tells us why LinkedIn is the best place for a B2B Marketer’s advertising spend. He discusses: ----more---- The Guest: A.J. Wilcox An online marketer since 2007, A.J. Wilcox has managed hundreds of Google AdWords campaigns. He said, “I’ve always been fascinated by the lead quality from intent-based targeting. I love the concept of being present when customers are at the bottom of the funnel, and who are ready to make a...


Why the Winning Customer Experience Starts with Sales

Host Mari Anne Vanella interviews Michael Fox, a technology sales expert about how a new customer’s relationship starts with their “relationship” with the sales representative that served and sold them. They discussed: ----more---- ______________________________________________________ Outstanding Outbound Radio is hosted by Mari Anne Vanella on the Funnel Radio Channel. The sponsor of Outstanding Outbound is the Vanella Group.


Why Marketing is in the Most Powerful Position in 100 Years

This program addresses the question of who owns the pipeline, sales or marketing and in doing so it becomes apparent that marketing not only owns it but is in the most powerful position in their company in nearly a century. Why it's Important Are salespeople just the closers and don't own the pipeline? ----more---- The sales pipeline, aka the sales funnel, is the long-standing measurement of the past, present, and future for a company. In the not too distant past marketing dumped...


Incorporating the Six Universal Buying Motives to Improve Email Copy and Response Rates

Most email programs are failing, dismal, weak and ineffective says Laurie Beasley. Failure is usually the result of poor copy writing (subject line and body) that leads to low opening rates and truncated sales. The B2B buyer and consumer are not morons , she says (paraphrasing David Ogilvy). ----more---- In this podcast Laurie reminds us of the Six Universal Buying Motives which, when used religiously will lead to higher opening rates and more qualified prospects. Managing email...


Leading Digital Transformation Within Your Organizations

Digital transformation is an organization-wide effort, but it starts with the leadership of marketing. From vision creation to team empowerment, CMOs and marketing leaders are poised to drive transformation within their organizations but not all are well-versed in how to approach this transformation. ----more---- This month on Revenue Rebels Rhoan Morgan sits down with colleague Eric Hollebone, Chief Marketing Technologist and VP Marketing at DemandLab to motivate and empower marketing...

Why Leads Crash and Burn When Salespeople Call the Prospect

Mari Anne Vanella, author, and CEO of the Vanella Group, has made millions of B2B outbound calls for her clients. For this program she discusses why companies don’t usually need more leads, they just need to fix the salesperson’s soft sales approach in the initial contacts. The salesperson’s failure, Mari Anne says happens when aggressive salespeople, who don’t listen to the prospect, fail to engage and then blames the lead and source of the lead: marketing. Mari Anne and Paul Roberts...


Does Product Management Have a Role in Sales Enablement?

Product marketing sits at the intersection of product, marketing, and sales, making it a critical function in enhancing value creation for the customer and supporting sales enablement. But do product marketing managers just assume this responsibility lies with someone else in marketing? Revenue operations? Marketing Operations? Marketing Communications? CMO? ----more---- This month, Kristin Roberts, Vice President, Product Marketing at Phreesia, joins the Revenue Rebels podcast to share...


Must Listen: Personal Growth Equals Sales Growth Podcast with David Kreiger

David Kreiger believes in two management techniques for his inside sales representatives: the theory of one thing and that personal growth equals sales growth. ----more---- Every sales rep needs coaching, no one is ever too good not to improve and grow. But one-fits-all approaches to sales coaching is often a short-term method that is usually a long term failure. In this program, David Kreiger, president of Sales Roads reveals how he has solved the sales coaching challenge with great...


What's Product at a Data Company?

----more---- Mark Godley invites Brett McBee-Wise, VP of Product at LeadGenius, to be his guest for the 2019 April Data Dump show. Brett has a rich history in the martech space and has spent his entire career designing, marketing, and building sales and marketing software. Mark and Brett dive into what product looks like at a data company, the importance of user experience, balancing internal systems with the customer experience and much more. If you’re in product management or looking to...


Tips for Bolting New Technology to Your Tech Stack - Jim Gearhart and Mark Godley Podcast

----more---- Mark Godley puts Jim Gearhart, Senior Director, Enterprise Business Applications & Development at Zendesk, in the hot seat to discuss how many component technologies are needed for sales and marketing. Jim has an abundance of knowledge, insight and strong opinions about how to build a tech stack that will actually improve ROI and the data you need to fuel it. They discuss: Jim will also share his experience as a buyer, handling endless pitches from a dizzying array of vendors...


Why Segmentation is Key to Building Your Customer Journey

You wouldn’t market to the CEO of a Fortune 100 company in the same way you’d market to a SMB marketing director. Why market to your customer and prospect audiences in the same way? When you prioritize segmentation, you enable your company to target the right audience with the right message at the right time, while delivering a superior experience. This month on Revenue Rebels, Rhoan Morgan sits down with Rebecca Kaufman, Director, Strategic Marketing at Phreesia to discuss the importance of...


3 Tactics that Winning CEOs Hide - Karen Hayward with Dan McDade Podcast

----more---- Dan McDade, SLMA guest host and board member, interviews Karen Hayward a managing partner of Chief Outsiders on the subject of what separates winners and losers in the revenue wars. The interview covers three tactical areas that winners use, and loses fail to implement. Very interesting. About the Guest: About Karen Hayward Karen Hayward is a Managing Partner with Chief Outsiders, responsible for West Coast Operations. She is a results-oriented marketing, sales and...


Coaching reps real-time using AI is REAL

----more---- Mari Anne's guest is Chris Kontes. Chris Kontes is a co-founder and the COO of Balto Software, where he oversees all things lead generation. Since its inception in 2017, Balto has helped guide millions of phone conversations for some of the world's leading brands. Previously, Chris founded and later sold, a website that generates high-quality leads for major automotive retailers, most notably Subsequently, Chris managed Sales Development at TopOPPS,...


How Revenue Operations Improves Customer Engagement

Getting sales and marketing teams to support revenue and business growth goals isn’t a small undertaking. It's obvious, you'd think, and yet walking the talk is more difficult. Hence, the rise of revenue operations and roles like Chief Revenue Officer, which exist to bring synergy between revenue-generating teams like marketing and sales. ----more---- This program covers: Sales and marketing operational rolesThe rapidly changing nature of sales enablementWhy customer engagement benefits...


B2B Data: Scarcity, Abundance to Blindness and What’s Next

----more---- Mark Godley sits down with Theresa Kushner, Accomplished, Business-Centric Executive, Board Advisor, and friend. Theresa and Mark have a lively discussion about a wide range of data topics: GDPR, Cambridge Analytics, B2B vs B2C data, the role of Chief Data Officers and the revolutionary concept of “B-2-Me”. Tune in this week to hear two data gurus discuss the changes, trends and the future of data. About Mark's guest, Theresa Kushner Accomplished, Business-Centric Executive...


How Turn Your Customer's Pain Into Gain

----more---- Is your product or service a vitamin or a painkiller? This contrast is common metaphor among startups, but one that companies across many sizes, industries, etc. should consider. As we welcome David Priemer, Founder and Chief Sales Scientist at Cerebral Selling back to the podcast, we’ll dig in to a vitamin strategy vs. painkiller strategy and help listeners understand how to achieve success with the right approach. If you missed the previous episode with David, please listen...


Three Common Sales Management Denials

----more---- Join host, Mari Anne Vanella on Outstanding Outbound as she welcomes Dan Sixsmith. Sales managers are failing at an ever increasing rate (turn-over is said to average 18 months) and yet Sixsmith and Vanella contend the solutions are easy if only sales managers would open their minds. Dan Sixsmith is a well-known Consultant , Speaker, Trainer, Coach and active blogger on the topic of Sales excellence. He works with large global sales teams in addition to individual executives....