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SLMA Radio offers interviews with industry leaders from B2B and B2C companies including CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing Software and Lead Generation experts.

SLMA Radio offers interviews with industry leaders from B2B and B2C companies including CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing Software and Lead Generation experts.
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SLMA Radio offers interviews with industry leaders from B2B and B2C companies including CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing Software and Lead Generation experts.






The Five Easy Pieces of A Marketing Attribution Model You Should-Know

Barriers to Measuring ROI Tessa Burg, VP of User Experience and Technology Strategy at Tenlo, says that B2B marketers that want to track the ROI of their digital efforts would be wise to consider an Attribution Model. Lead sources should no longer be simply attributed to one source and neither should the credit be given to that source for the eventual sale. To access the true ROI of each marketing channel, B2B companies must find ways to adjust their traditional success metrics. In this...


F#ck Content Marketing: It’s All About Content Experience

Whether we know it or not, we're all creating content experiences. Sometimes, they just suck... Today's guest is a rule-breaking marketer and a leader in the content experience movement. Randy Frisch, CMO, and Co-Founder of Uberflip, joins the Revenue Rebels podcast to share how marketers can evolve their thinking around content marketing and content experience. Host, Rhoan Morgan sits down with Frisch to discuss: P.S. We do drop an F-bomb or two in today’s episode, so turn the volume...


How New Salespeople Build a Repeatable, Daily Framework for Success

There is no secret sauce to being successful in sales. It all starts with building a consistent, repeatable, scalable daily activity framework that ensures you do what needs to be done. Our guest in this episode is James is a sales professional and front-line Salesforce advocate with a decade of experience across industries, spanning from wireless retail sales to complex B2B sales. His unique mixture of full cycle sales, sales development, enablement, and leadership experience has resulted...


Six Ways to Make Email Work Smarter for Marketing and Sales

Everyone in marketing and sales agrees on three things about email, it is indispensable, inexpensive as a promotional tool, and hugely inefficient unless used right. In this episode of SLMA Radio we interviewed Nick Lissette, CEO of Black Pearl and we discussed how marketing and sales can use email more efficiently. Nick Lissette - FOUNDER AND CTO of Black Pearl Mail Nick Lissette is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Black Pearl Mail. With almost a decade of experience in...


When Marketing Inserts Itself Into the Sales Pipeline, Who Owns it?

To answer this question, we have gone to Christopher Ryan, Founder and CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners. The answer to this will guide both marketing and sales to better understand their role in pipeline management because today they both have a stake in the outcome. With the advent of more sophisticated CRM systems, marketing automation software, some AI applications and years of frustration on the part of Marketing, the uncomfortable question is now being posed: Does marketing own the...


Why Successful Acquisitions Need Marketing at the Forefront

Lauren Weiner, Executive Director, Marketing at IHS Markit has been through four acquisitions in her career and has some tips, insights, and word of wisdom for marketers. In this episode of Revenue Rebels, we explore what happens in the first hectic months after acquisition and how marketing can smooth the transition. Host Rhoan Morgan and Lauren Weiner discuss: About Our Guest Lauren drives marketing and strategic planning efforts for IHS Markit’s Private Markets and Corporate businesses...


Three Tactical Areas Winners Use - Podcast with Karen Hayward

SLMA guest host and board member Dan McDade (recent CEO of PointClear) and now of Prospect Experience interviews Karen Hayward a managing partner of Chief Outsiders on the subject of what separates winners and losers in the revenue wars. The interview covers three tactical areas that winners use and loses fail to implement. Very interesting. About the Guest: About Karen Hayward Karen Hayward is a Managing Partner with Chief Outsiders, responsible for West Coast Operations. She is a...


Recipe for Growth: How LeadMD Grew 133% Year Over Year

Program host, Jim Obermayer, read a recent press release from LeadMD and what caught his eye was the 133% growth figure for their year over year sales so far in 2019. “Why” is the question Obermayer asked the company. The answer prompted the interview for this program with Justin Gray the CEO of LeadMD. His response is both interesting and predictable for a company that counts several thousand companies as its clients. Justin Gray bio (Founder, CEO) Justin Gray is a serial entrepreneur...


What You Don’t Teach in Sales Training That Guarantees Failure

When sales reps are hired, they are often tested for sales skills and personality traits. References are checked, previous employers called, they are trained on the products and considered ready to sell. Yet, the number one skill is overlooked: the ability to engage. There is seldom, if ever, engagement training. Because they did well in the interview, the sales manager oddly enough assumes the new sales representative has the ability to engage with the most important tool they have, the...


Ignorance is no Excuse, Content Does Have a Measurable ROI - Pamela Muldoon

In this interview with Pamela Muldoon, Revenue Marketing Coach with the Pedowitz Group, we find out that content does have a measurable ROI. Really, it does. To hear some marketers complain, the ever ravenous bottomless pit of content consuming ne’er-do-well perspective buyers drain marketing’s budget with nary-a-proof of purchase. But is the professed ignorance a ploy by marketers that simply don’t know how to prove that the content they create is worth the expense? This is Part Two of the...


Where to Start on Social Media to Avoid Mistakes and Burnout

As the Global Communications Director at inRiver, Erika Goldwater manages the strategy and execution of the demand generation, communications, social media, and content marketing programs. She has extensive experience in several companies and has learned a lot about leading and teaching her teams about social media mapping, scheduling, and execution Know your team, where they gained their knowledge and experience so you are able to bring them into your vision. "After those first couple of...


How Empathy from Marketers can Improve Marketing & Sales Alignment

This month on Revenue Rebels, Rhoan Morgan welcomes two guests from, Jeanne Hopkins, CMO & Ryan Ball, VP of Sales. This episode will provide listeners with tips for improving alignment between two of the most important business functions–marketing and sales. It will also explore the impact that marketing and sales alignment have on both business growth and revenue. About Our Guests Jeanne Hopkins, CMO As Chief Marketing Officer at, Jeanne Hopkins leads both the...


Why Sales is Surrendering the Pipeline to Marketing

The sales pipeline, aka the sales funnel is the long-standing measurement of the past, present and future for a company. In the not too distant past marketing dumped demand into the beginning (top) of the pipeline and sales took responsibility for the rest of the process. In recent years marketing has chipped away, usually unintentionally, at various steps of the sales pipeline to aid the salespeople. Most of this is made possible by marketing automation and telemarketing being managed by...


How to Measure Event Performance

Events, trade shows, corporate showcases, and user events have grown dramatically in the last five years. And yet, the need to measure event performance beyond the ego boost of having the event is often evasive. The C-suite wants to measure the ROI for events that are into the mid-to-high six figures and beyond. In the episode, Valdiar CEO Victor Kippes discusses how to measure event performance and the technology needed to make it easy. About Victor Kippes Victor Kippes is CEO of Validar...


Realistic, Effective Content Marketing tactics ANY Company Can Implement.

This is part 2 of an interview with Kristy DelMuto, VP of Strategic Marketing at LLR Partners. If you missed the first interview, we suggest you listen to it here. This continuation goes into specific tactics. Some of which your team can EASILY help you with - two tiny asks a month - really, it's not difficult to make great strides in your reach, but it's a group effort using the most accurate data and data analysis. About Our Guest: Kristy DelMuto, VP of Strategic Marketing As the leader...


How to Choose an Outbound Calling Company That Delivers

Mari Anne Vanella, the host of Outstanding Outbound and SLMA Radio commentator Paul Roberts, explores how to choose and create a successful relationship with an outbound calling company that will give you a 20% return. They discuss the sins of the industry and the benefits of working with a company that knows B2B enterprise relationship building. They touch upon: Mari Anne Vanella Mari Anne Vanella has 25+ years of sales and business management experience. As Founder/CEO of sales...


The Untapped Power of Quora Ads with JD Prater

JD Prater from Quora shares why you should consider marketing on Quora, and some of his best strategies for driving inexpensive, high-quality leads. Don't miss the chance to break through the clutter on a channel that your competitors haven't found yet. About AJ's guest: JD Prater is the Quora Evangelist and a regular speaker at conferences across the globe. He's the podcast host of Grow with Quora and The PPC Show. And in his spare time, JD is an avid cyclist, proud new father, and...


How to Avoid CRM Failure with Joe Scioscia of VAI

It depends on what report you read, but we know that CRM or sales automation installations are fraught with frustration and failure. It isn’t unusual that companies go through 2-3 CRM companies until it has a system that works for everyone. In this interview, host Jim Obermayer, asks Joe Scioscia, VP of Sales at VAI how to avoid common CRM installation failures. Joe Scioscia is a top flight expert on the subject and in 25 minutes he will guide us out of the corn patch maze known as CRM...


Why End of Life Conversation Makes Life Itself Easier

Choose Your Own Way: Why End of Life Conversation Makes Life Itself Easier – for you, your family and your medical team ----more---- In this interview with Larry Wildemuth, Minister, former Chaplain, and Chairman of the Board for Coda Alliance, a nonprofit that deals with end of life choice, NPIQ’s Ellen Rudy explores Why End of Life Conversation Makes Life Itself Easier – for you, your family and your medical team. Even though 80% of people, have as one of their wishes, the desire to...


Should You "Buy an Appointment” to Build Pipeline?

In this interview with Mari Anne Vanella, CEO of the Vanella Group, we discuss how an outside service can be effective in getting an appointment with the right person which leads to a sales pipeline boost. ----more---- When asked, salespeople will always, always say that what they need is a qualified lead. No one can deny that there is no better qualified lead than an appointment with the right person that is considering purchasing a product in their space. About our Guest Mari Anna...