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SLMA Radio offers interviews with industry leaders from B2B and B2C companies including CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing Software and Lead Generation experts.

SLMA Radio offers interviews with industry leaders from B2B and B2C companies including CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing Software and Lead Generation experts.


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SLMA Radio offers interviews with industry leaders from B2B and B2C companies including CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing Software and Lead Generation experts.






How to Become Unforgettable with Jeanne Bliss

Jeanne Bliss is a leadership and customer experience strategic advisor and keynote speaker who helps the worlds' most beloved companies become unforgettable; earning growth and admiration through their elevated business practices and the humanity of their people. In this episode, Jeanne shares how true customer experience transformation can and should lead to companies and brands becoming unforgettable. ___________________________________________ Revenue Rebels is hosted by Rhoan Morgan...


How to Fast Track Your Business with Organic Growth – Laura Patterson

Every company grows organically until it makes a decision to grow through acquisition, and that is the basis for this discussion about Laura Patterson's new book, Fast-Track Your Business: A Customer-Centric Approach to Accelerate Market This book, (which I have read,) is a practical guide for growing any business, and all the while doing it with better shareholder return and faster revenue growth. During this interview, we asked Laura to tell us about the book and then focus on two of her...


How Direct Mail and Digital Ads Work Together for Higher Results

Some say direct mail has been superseded by digital ads. Some say direct mail paired with digital ads brings results that exceed expectations for extraordinary results. To find out if this is true and how it works, our host Jim Obermayer interviews the founder of Taradel, Jim Fitzgerald. Taradel has a platform that uses the latest database disciplines for a defined target audience to bring higher results by using direct mail and digital communications. About Jim Fitzgerald Jim Fitzgerald...


What Separates CRM from Sales Lead Management Software?

There has been a steady drum-beat of an emerging category of software to manage sales leads. The category is Sales Lead Management. While Sales Lead Management is a big tent that encompasses many different disciplines and tools, if you search for the category of sales lead management software there are new entrants that say they aren’t CRM. Or are they? Are these “entrants” just CRM companies that separate themselves from a crowded field? Our guest today is Ani Chiuzan head of customer...


How to Create the Most Valuable Content that Contributes to Sales

Content starved marketing departments are constantly searching for content of whatever ilk to feed the ravenous public, be they prospects or customers. Salespeople are frustrated by content deliveries that don’t exactly pertain to the prospects need and is therefore useless. Even if the right content is created this month, it is often out of date within a short period of time and no one is pleased. In this program, Bethany Fagan, Content Marketing Manager at PandaDoc discusses how to satisfy...


Six Questions to ask Yourself Before you Start a Podcast

In this program, veteran Internet Radio Producer and Podcaster Paul Roberts and Jim Obermayer discuss the six questions you have to ask yourself before starting a podcast. Obermayer the chief podcast producer on the Funnel Radio Channel reviews the latest statistics on podcasting and answers the six questions that must be asked before starting a podcast.


Why Segmentation is Vital for a Go to Market Plan – Rebecca Kaufmann Podcast

This month on Revenue Rebels, Rhoan Morgan sits down with Rebecca Kaufman, Director, Strategic Marketing at Phreesia to discuss the importance of segmentation in marketing. You wouldn’t market to the CEO of a Fortune 100 company in the same way you’d market to an SMB marketing director. Why market to your customer and prospect audiences in the same way? When you prioritize segmentation, you enable your company to target the right audience with the right message at the right time, while...


How Sales Lead Management Software is Breaking from CRM

It was just a matter of time before CRM Software took another hit with the breakoff of Sales Lead Management as a separate platform. This program is offered as a replay from CRM Radio’s show of January 23, 2020, where CRM Host Paul Petersen and Sales Lead Management Association founder, Jim Obermayer, discuss the modern definition of Sales Lead Management, how some companies are separating themselves from being defined as just CRM solutions and what salespeople expect from marketing and...


133% Growth for LeadMD – Justin Gray Reveals Why

Program host, Jim Obermayer, read a recent press release from LeadMD and what caught his eye was the 133% growth figure for their year over year sales so far in 2019. “Why” is the question Obermayer asked the company. The answer prompted the interview for this program with Justin Gray the CEO of LeadMD. His response is both interesting and predictable for a company that counts several thousand companies as its clients. Justin Gray bio (Founder, CEO) Justin Gray is a serial entrepreneur who...


When Company Presidents Fail to Solve Bickering Between Sales & Marketing

I used to believe that conflicts between sales and marketing were so much trash talk between competing team mates. When confronted with the question of which blade of the scissors is most effective it is obvious that one can’t do the job without the other. Leadership has its responsibilities to minimize conflict within the company for the benefit of the investors and the bottom line. That the issue between sales and marketing has been allowed to fester can only be laid at the doorstep of...


How to Build an Invincible Brand

Brand invincibility isn’t something that happens instantaneously. It takes a culture that values crisis management on which this month’s guest is an expert. Melissa Agnes is a leading authority on crisis preparedness, reputation management, and brand protection. She sits down with host Rhoan Morgan, to discuss how companies can build an invincible brand that can withstand crisis in all forms. Here is the link to the free guide Melissa mentions in this episode:...


Are Marketers the Builders of Wealth? Darryl Praill Says it Depends

Of course, marketers control the lead generation budget and this contributes to sales, but does marketing really control the wealth goals of the company? Darryl Praill, CMO of VanillaSoft and host of the popular Inside Inside Sales podcast says, “it depends.” They have the talent and the skills, Darryl says, but whether they have the will to use these is another matter. Ultimately, he says they are the builders of wealth, pound for pound when measured against the employee count of marketing...


Why a “Failure to Communicate” Is a First Step to Going Out of Business

Knowledge, open communications, as well as procrastination are highly linked to business performance. Having hands-on and personal real-time knowledge of what’s going on in your business is a challenge; having the confidence and willingness to do something about what you’ve learned is another. In this radio program/podcast, we explore why business executives procrastinate in fixing the sales and marketing fundamentals necessary for growth. We’ll also explore the role authentic conversations...


Defining Modern PR in a Digital B2B World: Hint it has Changed

Add the SLMA Podcast skill to your Alexa capable device to play the most recent or choose from a list. No doubt about it, Public Relations (PR) has changed even more than traditional marketing in the modern digital world. Of course, marketing prides itself in its IT budget and the tools it uses, and while PR has some of those tools available, the actual function of PR has changed in different and more measurable ways than ever before. PR is now firmly connected to the word...


Why Marketing with Your Gut is Out and Marketing with Data is In – Ellie Mirman

The podcast version of this show from the live broadcast will be available by the EOB on Tuesday, Nov 26th. How Competitive Intelligence Drives Markets from a 20 Women to Watch Win er, Ellie Mirman of Crayon What started as an interview with Ellie Mirman, CMO of Crayon, named one of the 20 Women to Watch by the Sales Lead Management Association, which centered on women in leadership, this morphed into an interesting discussion about how competitive intelligence creates a competitive...


How to Engage Customers and Prospects with Tactile Marketing

This month’s guest helped create a new category of marketing – Tactile Marketing Automation (TMA) – and is helping marketers learn how to leverage this marketing tactic to engage with customers and prospects on a personalized level while overcoming digital clutter. Join us as Rhoan Morgan talks with Marne Reed, Chief Evangelist, VP Strategic Alliances at about direct mail, personas, and more. About Our Guest Marne Reed is the Chief Evangelist and a 17-year veteran at PFL. She is an...


If Marketing Owns the Pipeline is Management of the Sales Department Far Behind?

In recent years marketing has chipped away, usually unintentionally, at various steps of the sales pipeline to aid the salespeople. Most of this is made possible by marketing automation and telemarketing being managed by marketing. I respect, that the sales pipeline ownership has finally shifted from sales to marketing. Marketing in more sophisticated companies probably manages more than 50% of the pipeline steps now and to me, that means ownership has shifted. ----more---- In some...


Four + Common Mistakes Sales and Marketing People Make When Selling to IT

In this episode of SLMA Radio (525th weekly program), guest host Nick Lissette interviews Black Pearl CIO Mike Guggermos. They discuss the glaring mistakes sales and marketing people from technology companies make in trying to sell to IT. These, Mike says are the mistakes that contribute to lost sales such as: About Mike Guggermos: Mike Guggemos is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Black Pearl Mail. Mike brings extensive global experience to the role having served as a senior...


Who Creates the Most Wealth, Sales or Marketing?

Some might say there's an easy answer to this question, “it’s sales right?” And yet, when you delve into the many facets of marketing’s long and short-term initiatives with Mark Coronna, CMO for Chief Outsiders, he makes a strong case for marketing’s superior contributions. ----more---- Of course, marketing feeds the pipeline, manages the product lines and creates all of the marketing support and this is short term in nature. Beyond this, Mark points out the long term contributions of...


The Payoff When Customers are the Center of Everything for Marketing and Sales

Yep, we’ve heard from pundits in the past few years that the customer is why you are in business, why they are important and what we should do about it. Jocelyn Brown, SVP at Allocadia agrees with that, but she takes it much further in saying that its more than a concept, more than an idea that passes quickly as a conference keynote and disappears. It is a philosophy for doing business for Marketing and Salespeople in the most progressive (and profitable) companies. ----more---- About...