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Explore the world of businesses with an inside look at all things sales and marketing. Together, we'll explore the world of business life through the lens of everyday people doing extraordinary things to help their business and personal life flourish. Each episode will have practical how-to sales, marketing, or business advice for immediate application into your life or business.

Explore the world of businesses with an inside look at all things sales and marketing. Together, we'll explore the world of business life through the lens of everyday people doing extraordinary things to help their business and personal life flourish. Each episode will have practical how-to sales, marketing, or business advice for immediate application into your life or business.


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Explore the world of businesses with an inside look at all things sales and marketing. Together, we'll explore the world of business life through the lens of everyday people doing extraordinary things to help their business and personal life flourish. Each episode will have practical how-to sales, marketing, or business advice for immediate application into your life or business.








Small Business Digital Marketing - 2021 and beyond

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Marketing for Marketshare in 2021 - Inside look at a modern marketing department.

Modern marketing in 2021 is going to look different than at the beginning of any other decade. 2020 brought new challenges and ideas for marketing teams as businesses packed up and moved from the office to homes. This shift caused challenges to find and reaching your audience through normal outreach activities. What's a marketer to do? In this conversation with Chris Walker of Refine Labs, we discuss the state of marketing, go-to market models, outreach culture, and building a...


Practical SEO and Content Strategy 2021 and beyond

COVID hit small businesses hard across America. In states like California businesses were all but shut down by the stay at home and closure orders. All is not lost, especially if you listen to this episode on preparing your business to compete locally. It's been said to be an expert you need to be able to share knowledge effortlessly. In a world of SEO experts, Steve Wiideman stands apart and this episode he shares simple, quick, and free tips on how small businesses can survive and thrive...


4 Pillars of Great Conversion Rate Optimization

Marketing is simple and digital marketing is simpler. All you have to do in order to be successful is run some A/B tests and you'll know exactly what needs to be done to scale. Not so fast. Conversion rate optimization is a hot new trend for companies focused on growing their web revenue, making customers stickier, and scaling quickly. What may surprise you is CRO is more entailed than changing a button color, adding better sales copy, or changing photos - great conversion rate optimization...


Breaking Through Bottlenecks in Your Business

Taking a business from 1M to 10M is filled with common obstacles. All of these obstacles can be avoided, but only if you have the formula. Regardless of market dynamics if you're looking to break through and make this year your best, you'll never find more sound advice than what is being shared by Josh Long. Josh is the author of Bottleneck Breakthrough - The 6 Levers of Business Growth, and in this episode, he's sharing his strategy for helping businesses experience wild success. In this...


Using curiosity and creativity to find happiness in your life

The world is filled with stories that transform industries. The story of how 20 refugees transformed the nail industry will keep help you see what curiosity can do for your career, your team, and for an industry. TedX speaker Van DuMone shares her story and tips on how you can use curiosity and happiness to move into your life's work. About Van DuMone Van is the founder of worksmart. A progressive team development and leadership training consultancy that utilizes creativity, play, and...


Social Media and podcasting to build a marketing business

What do hot pockets and a hidden microphone have to do with creating a small business and survival during COVID? When you know your why, the motivation and dedication is easy. Techy Tony Jackson sits down with Kyle and they talk about how computer problems, social media, and home-based businesses can flourish with the right conversations. You'll love listening as Tony shares how his life adventure has created an income stream for his computer repair business and his podcast. Techy Tony...


Leadership is More Than a Buzzword

Being given a leadership position does not make you a leader, it makes you a manager. In most organizations, the term leader is represented by "the boss." What does it take to effectively lead when you aren't the boss? Chris Lin, a human capital professional with a passion for activating leadership from every corner of a company, sits down with Kyle and they discuss what leadership really is and how everyone inside an organization has a voice. Chris shares his leadership principles...


Connect and Sell on LinkedIn Without Spamming Your Audience

Outreach culture is in a fever pitch and everyone on LinkedIn knows there is value in using it as a sales tool, but what happens when outreach is lazy? Getting the most out of connections on LinkedIn isn't a spray and pray numbers game. It's about following a process. Michal Bohanes has a unique three-step process to help sales professionals connect and sell effectively on LinkedIn. Some might call this a relationship growth hack, but Michal take the mystery out of outreach and puts...


Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing Today

2020 was the year email was supposed to die, then COVID hit and every company reached back to 2005 and leaned into spray and pray. Why do so many companies get email marketing wrong? Find out in this episode with special guest Lauren Meyer. Sends are up, opens are up, but there is little change in the click rates - what does this mean and why are your customers expecting something different than what you are delivering? In this episode of The Summit Podcast Lauren and Kyle discuss: About...


Sales is a person, not a process

Sales isn't easy. If it was it wouldn't pay well, and everyone would do it. When companies hire sales people, too often they focus on putting them into a process and making sure it's followed to the letter. But what happens when a potential client doesn't respond well to the process? Should you just move on? If you ask Eddie Green, the number one problem with sales people today is they are focused on following a process and not on building a long term relationship with the human in the...


How marketing is changing for The Accidental Marketer

Did your career path place you in marketing by accident? Many marketers are converted from other career paths, and for those who find themselves in a situation where they aren't formally trained, there is a lot to learn. In this chat with author Tom Spitale we sit down and discuss the ever-changing dynamics of marketing. Tom shares his insights on: About Tom Spitale Tom Spitale is the co-author, along with Mary Abbazia, of The Accidental Marketer published by Wiley. He has spent the last...


Research and Personas - You're doing it wrong

No one has 2.3 kids, but most companies speak in generalities when building personas. Anyone who's ever built a persona or an ideal client profile knows targeting is key. Can you have too many personas? How does market research really work? In this episode Matt and Kyle sit down and discuss: About Matt Seltzer Matt Seltzer is the owner of S2 Research, a Las Vegas-based market research consulting firm that works with small to medium-sized advertising, marketing, digital and public...


Everything You Know about Agile Marketing is Wrong

When someone says Agile Marketing, too often it rooted in buzz words. Agile Marketing is a viable strategy for teams to perform faster and stay focused. But why does Agile Marketing work for some, and others fail miserably? The answer might surprise you. In this episode we sit down with Stephen Brent May, owner of One Foot Over, to discuss Agile Marketing. In this episode, Stephen and Kyle discuss: About Stephen Brent May Stephen is the owner and co-founder of One Foot Over, a digital...


Driving ROI isn't as hard as you think - The Golden Toilet

What happens when a sales guy turns into a marketer? They write a book about the best way to grow your business and call it "The Golden Toilet." Steve Brown sits down to talk about his book and practical ways businesses can implement simple changes to realize exponential growth. In this episode Steve and Kyle discuss: About Steve Brown Steve Brown has a passion for inspiring and empowering the entrepreneurs who power the American economy. An author, The Golden Toilet, and the founder of...


Never Surrender - Selling through COVID-19

Successful outside sales men and women thrive on interacting with people, excel by reading body language, and build relationships effortlessly. So what happens when COVID-19 takes away the natural selling avenues? They adapt or run the risk of becoming obsolete. Adapting to a stress-filled environment without what makes a rep great, while carrying a huge quota isn't easy. So how do you adapt? Jason Lee shares his experience on navigating restricted relationships, moving goalposts, missing...


Back to the Basics - Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Technology and COVID

In the world of technology, new ideas are boundless. For entrepreneurs, this means endless possibilities for a new SaaS offering or creative way to go to market. But what happens when billion-dollar unicorns start to fall flat? Or when the predictive outbound model begins to stall? What will companies do when faced with a pandemic? If you spend anytime chatting with Justin Gray, CEO of LeadMD, you'll quickly realize the answers are rooted in focus. In this episode, Justin shares his unique...


Shatter glass ceilings - Women leading in Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Marketing

Entrepreneurship isn't easy. For some, the idea is born out of technical aptitude. For others, it's about filling a market void. And for a rare few it's about disrupting a market. Tech entrepreneurs are predominately male, so what does that mean for women who have a great idea, product, or see a need in the market? In this episode, we dive into what entrepreneurs are missing in their approach and what female entrepreneurs need to succeed. Loralyn and Kyle discuss: About Loralyn...


Build a Million Person Social Media Following

Building a social media following and online presence is no easy task. Gaining followers on Twitter takes different skills than likes on Facebook or follows on Instagram. So how do you build a loyal following of like-minded people? It's not as hard as you might think, but the answer might surprise you. Join us as Darius Tan and Kyle Hamer discuss: About Darius Tan Darius was just another lost and confused entrepreneur who wanted to help people but didn’t know how to get what I do out...


Podcasting to Grow Your Business

Passive income is a myth. Or is it? Many people don't realize that podcasting is a growth market opportunity and if you ask Kristin Molenaar you can use podcasting to create a passive income stream for your business. What does that mean, affiliates, commission, paid ads? Nope, Kristin has a special formula on how you can use your expertise + podcasting to generate a steady stream of leads and market thought leadership. In this episode Kristin and Kyle discuss: About Kristin...