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SYB 19 | Building A Blue Collar Business - A-Ameri-Finn, Tim & Merja Lepre

When you live in South Florida, the economy is topsy-turvey. While the north is covered in snow and the economy slows down, winter in our paradise means working in shirtsleeves and accommodating the needs of our returning snowbirds who are ready to fix up their local nests. Meet Tim and Merja Lepre. A couple that has created a sucacessful small businesses in the maintenance industry, Tim and Merja started out doing carpet cleaning with a rented machine in the back of their family station...


SYB 18 | Follow Your Passion, Save The Environment - w/ Diane Buhler Leiberman

“All I wanted to do was clean beaches”, or so said Palm Beach entrepreneur Diane Buhler Lieberman, who a year ago founded a nonprofit organization, Friends of Palm Beach. This former New York investment banker, wife and mother of a 5 year old decided to put her energy to work gathering volunteers to help clean up PBC beaches. Our area beaches don’t become pristine by themselves, not even in tony Palm Beach. Penny cajoles Diane to share her stories about success, failure and launching a...


SYB 17 | How Conflict and Friendship Can Co-Exist - Dr Elinor Robin + Darwin Dornbush

Family, in-laws, friends, parties, politics, religion – yes, they are all a part of this wonderful Holiday season. And tagging along beside each encounter is potential for conflict and emotional exhaustion. How many more times can you listen to your employees or co-workers share their family Holiday misadventures or unfunny jokes? But there is a trick to surviving and even mastering the eggshell walking that seems to permeate Holiday gatherings. Conflict resolution is an attitude that you...


SYB 16 | Local Small Business Analytics from FPL (Free) - w/ Crystal Stiles

If you are in business, then you know that the year end Holidays bring many wonderful things, including a pat on the back for surviving, and hopefully prospering, another year. Very low on your list however is the need to plan for the new year and how to make it better than the last. Yes, it is definitely time to pull that dusty business plan off the shelf and see where you are and where you will be going in 2016. But how do you know if you are on the right track? Crystal Stiles introduces...


SYB 15 | Learn To Lower Your Taxes - Baron Sign Manufacturing, Sandie Foland

What’s a small business owner to do when the blessing of a recovering economy creates a year end income tax nightmare? Believe it or not, there are lots of very legal, very legitimate ways to mitigate or delay taxes for a small business owner – but you need to take action before the end of the year. January 1st is too late to do anything substantial for this year. Small business owner Sandie Foland, from Baron Sign Manufacturing is joined by CPA Donald Sherzi to share their insights about...


SYB 14 | Year End Bonus Planning for Your Business - Jim Peterson, Bill Kist, Bill Steinberg

Are you a small business owner that is starting to consider Holiday bonuses for your employees? Are you a manager or supervisor that is responsible for deciding who gets how much for year end or Holiday bonuses? What works to motivate employees to excel at their job? What doesn’t? Penny is joined by SCORE mentors Jim Peterson, Bill Steinberg and Bill Kist who share their tips for making sure good intentions are not misconstrued and have the opposite effect and kill productivity, or worse...


SYB 13 | Shop Small on Small Business Saturday - Beth Kigal, Laura King

As the biggest shopping weekend of the year is looming ahead, thoughts turn to the agony and ecstasy of Holiday gift buying. It’s fun to be swept up in the Holiday spirit, but those long check out lines at all the major stores can put a damper on anyone’s spirit. Take a break on Saturday, November 28th, and SHOP SMALL. Learn all about Palm Beach County’s Small Business Saturday promotions when Beth Kigal from the Northern Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce joins host Penny Pompei.


SYB 12 | Small Business Saturday for Your Business - Mary Lou Bedford

Small Business Saturday is a marketing phenomena that surprised even its creator - American Express back in 2010. Designed as a way to bring small businesses into the shopping frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday during the post-Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, it has morphed into the single biggest shopping day of the year for small businesses. Supported by local Chambers of Commerce, our guest Mary Lou Bedford is the CEO of the Central Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce and a strong...


SYB 11 | Marketing ROI: Knowing What Works - Paul Ramkissoon, Scott Large

Small business owners understand the need of marketing your business. The #1 question is always "Where can I get the best business marketing for the money"? Today business owners have options ranging from low tech newspaper and print ads; high tech websites, the complexity and nuance of social media; photo-sharing apps like Instagram ...oh my. Local public relations expert Paul Ramkissoon of Consult PR shares some of his favorite tips on how to find what marketing is best for your business...


SYB 10 | Community Banks: Regulators vs Small Business - Jay Shearouse, Jim Springer

Community banks used to be the lifeblood for small business owners. Having a personal relationship with your banker was a key to successful business management. Those days are fading into the sunset but not because bankers want it that way. In fact, they feel just the opposite. New legislation and burdensome regulations have created a morass for community bankers and they are fighting mad.


SYB 09 | Crowdfunding Your Business - Zachariah Evangelista

Have you ever thought about crowdfunding as a way to raise money for your business? No, it doesn’t take a psychic in a séance. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised by entrepreneurs who can’t raise money the old fashioned way, through a bank loan. Crowdfunding has become a viable option for small business owners and startups alike. Crowdfunding guru, Zachariah Evangelista talks.


SYB 07 | Do Banks Turn Their Backs On New Entrepreneurs? - Comerica Bank

Nothing frustrates small business owners more than trying to find affordable financing to start or grow their business. A good credit rating is just the beginning of what can be a long and tortuous journey to find the investment money needed. Long time small business banker Tana Boynton from Comerica Bank will review all of the loan options available.


SYB 04 | Finding Success: Shanon Materio, McMow Art Glass + Gabriel Goldstein, Anidea Engineering

Successful and well known area entrepreneurs, Shanon Materio, founder of McMow Art Glass, and Gabriel Goldstein, founder of Anidea Engineering, have had their share of entrepreneurial challenges. However they have survived and flourished creating substantial businesses and providing employment for dozens of people. One from the art world and one from the engineering field - yet starting and managing a business has common denominators. Joining Shanon and Gabriel will be Andre Varona of the...