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Magical Marketing - Jen Levitz - SCT #292

Old Will Shakespeare came up with an incantation that spelled trouble: “Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting, Lizard's leg, and owlet's wing,— For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble. Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble.” Scary, huh? What if someone came up with a tremendous group of marketing ingredients that spelled massive success in your business, though. That’d be pretty...


Investigative Selling - SCT Special Edition - Omar Periu

How would you like to go to sleep tonight and Wake Up Rich tomorrow morning? While it's unlikely that will happen overnight, you CAN experience that in a relatively short space of time, if you follow the advice of our special guest, Omar Periu. Omar is one of the successful men in the world, and he's sharing his knowledge, mentoring others to do the same! On this episode of Sales Chalk Talk, you'll hear about: • What makes you a great salesperson • The most important skill for you to develop...


Thriving In The Gig Economy - Marion McGovern - SCT #291

It’s entirely likely, whether you’re aware of it or not, that you are part of the Gig Economy. The Gig Economy includes any type of entrepreneurial activity where businesspeople contract directly with a client, rather than being employed by a company that provides the services. Examples might include coaches, consultants, Uber drivers, marketing providers and many more. If you do gigs for your clientele, there are some important facts that you need to know. Our very special guest on this...


Green Beret - Style Leadership - Jan Rutherford - SCT #290

In small business and sales there is often a shortage of good, qualified leaders. And it’s important in a business or on a sales team that everyone be leading in something in some way. On this episode of the Sales Chalk Talk Show, you’re in for a treat. Former Green Beret, business leader, adventure guide, author and speaker, Jan Rutherford, shares information that will make YOU a better leader and each member of your team better leaders as well, if Jan’s ideas and strategies are...


Long - Lasting Sales Success - Ben Gay III - SCT #289

If you want to have long-lasting success in selling, it’s important for you to have mentors who have done what you want to do. They can lead you to the success you’re seeking and get you there FAR more quickly than you can manage on your own. One such mentor is our very special guest on Sales Chalk Talk, The Living Legend, Ben Gay III. Ben is the last of the wonderful sales experts, authors and motivational speakers that include people like Zig Ziegler, Douglas Edwards, Og Mandino, Robert...


Get Found Online - Jack Jostes - SCT Special Edition

In order to be successful at selling, you have to have a steady stream of ideal prospects coming to talk with you. To achieve that is the purpose of marketing. Getting found online can be a difficult and time-consuming process, unless you know exactly how to do it. My guest on this special edition of Sales Chalk talk is marketing expert, Jack Jostes, who just wrote a brand new book titled “Get Found Online” Jack is a brilliant digital marketing genius, and what Jack discusses on this show...


Build An Awesome Website - Stephanie LaTorre - SCT #288

Unless you own a really unusual business, you need a website, and not just any old website. You need a website that attracts people, gets them to stay on longer than a few seconds and inspires the to call or email about working with you. Unfortunately, those websites are pretty few and far between. How would you like to be one of the few? Well, you’re in luck, because you can listen to a bona fide website expert, Stephanie LaTorre, on this episode of Sales Chalk Talk. What you’ll hear on the...


The Slow Sale -Brandon Bruce - SCT #287

One of the biggest challenges for salespeople and business owners in selling their products and services is losing potential clients because they try to move too fast in the sales process. The result is that the prospect feels pressured, gets nervous and doesn’t buy. Our very special guest on this episode of Sales Chalk Talk is Brandon Bruce, the author of “The Slow Sale”. What Brandon shares definitely works! He’s the co-founder of a company that has grown to $12 million in revenue and 58...


Achieve Inner Peace - Mary Allen - SCT #286

As businesspeople, our world is loaded with what seems like a gazillion stressors: overly full email inboxes, sales challenges, personnel issues, customer service goofs and financial concerns. Add to that some family or relationship troubles and the stuff that goes on in the world at large, like church and school shootings, the economy, the media, politics and more, and it can feel tremendously overwhelming! The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. It really is possible to find...


Building Leadership Skills - Susan Barber - SCT #250

Whether you know it or not, you are a leader! If you own a business or manage a team in a business, you certainly are a leader. You may also be a leader in your home, your church, your community, your job or your circle of friends. So, it’s not whether you’re a leader or not; it’s how good you are at it. On this episode of Sales Chalk Talk, leadership expert Susan Barber talks about how you can build your leadership skills and become truly effective at leading. You’ll find out how to become...


Create Massive Referrals - Brian Peters - SCT #285

If you’re constantly scrambling to create a stream of new prospective clients, using social media, email, cold calls, networking groups, etc., you’re probably overlooking the best, most available, most immediate source of new leads to which you have access. Referrals. Our very special guest on this episode of Sales Chalk Talk is Brian Peters, a former Mr. Universe from Wales in the UK, who is a tremendous sales coach and specializes in coaching people to success in gaining referrals. What...


Successful Selling - Tom Hopkins - SCT #284

Sales is the lifeblood of your business. Everything depends on it! It’s the difference between keeping your doors open or going out of business. It’s the difference between living the life you really want to live and settling for less. The thing is, the road to sales success is well traveled, and it’s available to you as well…if you know where to find it. Our very special guest on this episode of Sales Chalk Talk definitely knows where the road to sales success lies, and he’ll tell you all...


Close Deals Faster - John Asher - SCT #238

One of the most frustrating situations for business owners and salespeople occurs when prospective clients are on board right up until it’s time to make a commitment to buy, and then they procrastinate, delay, make excuses, give blow-off objections and don’t buy. Our very special guest on this episode of Sales Chalk Talk is John Asher, and he has some vital and sometimes surprising information about why that happens and how you can avoid it. In fact, he’s just written a book titled “Close...


Stop Selling Start Leading - Deb Calvert - SCT #282

Over the past 10 years, the selling profession has changed radically. Sales is no longer a process of trying to talk people into doing what you want them to do, thank goodness. It’s a process now of having conversations, asking great questions, listening carefully and helping people do what THEY want to do. My special guest on this episode of Sales Chalk Talk is Deb Calvert, who has been on the cutting edge of the massive changes in mindset and behavior in selling. What you’ll hear on this...


Participation Marketing - Norty Cohen - SCT #281

As in sales, there have been significant changes in marketing over the past few years. Old-style advertising, where companies simply use an “I’ll tell you about my business” model, is no longer as effective as it once was, in today’s relationship-centered business environment. On this episode of Sales Chalk Talk, you’ll learn about Participation Marketing from the man who wrote the book "The Participation Game", our very special guest, Norty Cohen. This is what you’ll hear on this show: •...


The Loyalist Team - Linda Adams SCT #280

For your business to flourish, you need for your team to be pulling together toward the company goals, supporting each other, holding one another accountable, enjoying fulfilling relationships and having fun. Our very special guest on the episode of Sales Chalk Talk is Linda Adams. Linda and her co-authors have written a book titled “The Loyalist Team” the explores the various types of team dynamics and gives you a blueprint for building an effective, productive, prosperous team that Linda...


The Compass Solution - Tim Cole - SCT #279

All of us who are still working, whether it’s working for someone else or owning our own businesses, want to experience success, fulfillment and prosperity in our careers. It would be awesome if the there was some kind of GPS, map or compass that could guide us to success…oh, wait there IS a compass. Our very special guest on this episode of Sales Chalk Talk, Author Tim Cole has written a book titled “The Compass Solution, A Guide to Winning Your Career”. Tim created an exceptionally...


Design Thinking - Ashley Welch & Justin Jones - SCT #278

Selling is a game, much like life, that’s played primarily in the 6 inches between your ears. It’s not just a matter of thinking; everyone does that. It’s a matter of WHAT you think and HOW you think that’s important! On this episode of Sales Chalk Talk, you get to listen to a couple of sales experts, Ashley Welch and Justin Jones, who have created a concept they call Design Thinking. This episode will give you ideas that will absolutely make your sales grow and your business flourish, if...


Doing Great Business - Chuck Bartok - SCT # 277

To be successful in your business and your life as quickly as possible, it takes more than simply reading the newest book or listening to the latest “guru” out there. You’ll want to get advice and counsel from people who have actually accomplished the things you want to, who have been where you want to go. Such a gentleman is our special guest on this episode of Sales Chalk Talk. Chuck Bartok is a tremendous salesman, a horse expert, coaches business owners in online selling, provides...


Mapping Motivation - James Sale - SCT #276

What motivates you most? What motivates you least? Money, recognition, relationship, control, helping others? Our very special guest on this episode of Sales Chalk Talk, James Sale, is a world-renowned expert on the subject of motivation. It’s quite likely that you don’t even realize what motivates YOU, let alone your family, your employees and your friends. So James has invented an incredible tool called a Motivational Map to discover what a person’s main motivators are, and what least...