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WOOO!!! this is awesome!!!

WOOO!!! this is awesome!!!
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WOOO!!! this is awesome!!!




SFR 279: OfferMind Event Walkthrough

Here's a sneak peek of the event hall, the week before OfferMind. I walk through some of the event psychology… I’m about to take you back in time to four days before my 2019 OfferMInd Event… So I can reveal to you… The secret sauce ofhowI set up an event WhyI think that is that the last few years have evolved the way they have…‘cause it's NOT normal. Why OfferMind is NOT a funnel event(and what type of event it is). Why I HATE bad swag(and where I get my haircut😉)! The...


SFR 278: Do I Have Too Much Follow-Up?

I'm frequently asked how you know when you’re following-up too often? Here's my answer, some stats, and a few guidelines to consider… "Steven, how much is too much emailing? How much is too often to follow-up with somebody after I try to sell them?" (Those of you who are experienced might be chuckling just a little bit here…) But or those of you who are brand new at this game or haven't had success yet - this follow-up question is pretty common for me to get asked! And funnily...


SFR 277: How I Prepare To Speak

Here's a snapshot of the mental stuff I do to stay in the game before I speak on any stage... It seems like questions often come in themes and in waves. I don't know if it's just 'cause I have my ear to the ground listening to what people are asking me… But it seems like the recent wave of questions are all about, “How do you prepare before you go on stage?” By the time you read this, OfferMind 2019 will be over, and so I thought it would be the perfect time to share how a guy...


SFR 276: Making Peace With The Past

Anyone can make extra money on the side. But the moment you get serious about having a big impact on others, you'll be forced to deal with a lot of your own skeletons in the closet… I love my childhood, but just like anybody, there's a lot of garbage which can come from things that were even unintentional. So this episode’s a little bit different. Recently, I took a five-mile walk around where I grew up, I wanted to face some skeletons in the closet to help me move...


SFR 275: What Content Goes Where

You can publish the exact same content on multiple platforms and get completely different reactions from your audience. Why?! I really don't read that many books! I have a different method of learning - that’s kinda controversial… and a few people have gotten a little fussy with me about it. Here’s what went down... (and it’s kinda funny!) A little while ago, I was talking about a book that I had consumed. I was like, "Hey, I read this book." What I meant was that I’d...


SFR 274: A Marketers Role

When you get down to the core of it, the list of roles Marketing owns is actually quite small. Powerful, but short. Recently my revenue took another BIG jump, but funnily enough, I'm doing less of the things that MOST people spend ALL their time doing (e.g. funnel building and posting on social media)... So I started thinking about why this happened? And it all came down to a very interesting principle that enabled me to come 2nd in an affiliate competition (that I didn’t even know...


SFR 273: Simple Marketing Math

After the basic marketing principles are learned, tracking effectiveness really just comes down to simple numbers… One of the BIGGEST reasons why people don't move forward in this game is that they feel that they’re unqualified for what they're being taught. Meaning, they say: "That’s awesome, but it will NOT work in my situation." Besides doubt itself, that attitude has killed more dreams than almost anything else The belief that what they're learning doesn't actually apply...


SFR 272: 10 Common Product-Marketing Mistakes

Understanding some simple 'laws' around marketing greatly increases the chance of a successful product. It's not a linear scale. It's exponential. A small principle massively determines a product's outcome… I was just chatting with my crew, Colton, and Austin, I asked: "What are the most common issues you see when people are talking about their products?" You have to understand the unique position that we're in… I'm coaching like crazy, and they're here listening, hearing...


SFR 271: Fight For, Fight Against

One of the simplest ways to create the noise needed for large sales is to get public about what you're fighting *for* and *against*. You'll find the added polarity CAN carry your product faster and further than you could on your own... I’ve been making some people pretty livid recently… ...and it’s ALL because of ONE simple sentence! What if I could share this dangerous fill-in-the-blank sentence with you, (it has the power to totally revolutionize your business) - would you be...


SFR 270: Optins Vs Leads

Just cause you have a BIG list, doesn't mean you have BIG leads. Here's how I turn optins into leads… There’s a HUGE difference between optins and leads! A lot of people are super impressed by list size… However, #TruthNuke, just because you have a BIG list, it doesn’t mean you have a ton of buyers. The whole reason why you want to build a list is to sell So I want to show you how to turn your optins into leads in the quickest MOST effective way possible. What I’m about to...


SFR 269: Dana Derricks Shares The Biggest 'Dream 100' Mistakes

I have a very special guest on today, a dear friend of mine, someone I look up to and learn from constantly… I’m very pumped about what he’s gonna share ‘cause it can really shift the dial on your business… In fact, Russell called what he teaches… The foundation of our entire company. #ClickFunnels You’ll know him as The Category King of The Dream 100. He’s also a… Goat FarmerNew Father Welcome to the show, Mr. Dana Derricks. How are you doing, man? Dana: What's up, man? Hey,...


SFR 268: Myron Golden Teaches WHAT Keeps Us Back...

He’s invited by some of the world's top salesmen to help them sell more. He’s incredible...and amazing at it - I’ve learned SO much from him. Every time he speaks, I take out a pen and paper... (Hint, hint...cue, everybody here!) Please take out a piece of paper and take notes! This is a man who’s likely to make MORE money arrive in your pocket just by listening to him... ;-) Mr. Myron Golden. Myron: Hey, Steve. How are you doing, man? Steve: Fantastic....


SFR 267: Brad Gibb Teaches Entrepreneur Cashflow Tactics...

Brad Gibb Teaches Entrepreneur Cashflow Tactics… I’m NOT a finance expert, and I can't teach you that stuff, 'cause it's NOT my thing… I am very interested to know what happens to my cash. I’ve watched and observed a lot of other entrepreneurs who make A LOT of cash… They're successful BIG names… (Yes, even Two Comma Club Winners)... However, behind the scenes, in their personal finances, they're broke. I was like, "That sucks. I don't wanna be that way.” I want to pay...


SFR 266: Types Of Entrepreneurs...

I can't stop my brain. For years, I tried to be like, "Okay, it's nighttime, I'm gonna go try to calm down and wind down." I don't do that anymore… Now, I just try and redirect my noggin... WHAT IS ENTREPRENEURSHIP??? So... I was on vacation, sitting in a hotel room... my wife had taken our kids on a little walk. I had stuff on my mind, so I decided to take an hour or two to write a post... … and it turned into this thing that was pretty awesome. BUT when I posted it...


SFR 265: My Typical Cart-Close Sequence...

Now, if you don't know… Cart closing is one of the most powerful things you can do for any product that you sell. I think one of the BIGGEST reasons why people don't sell as much as they should is that they are ALWAYS selling their product... If you just add in a cart open and cart close sequence you add a ton of urgency and scarcity… And something that may have left your potential customers feeling… “Hey, I can get it at any time...” … suddenly becomes even more valuable...


SFR 264: Paul And Stacey Martino Show How To Build A Solid Sense of 'Self'...

I think one of the hardest pieces of being an entrepreneur speed of evolution, right? I'm not even the same guy I was six months ago In fact, about a month ago, I was chatting with my wife, and she goes, "What's wrong? can tell something's wrong!" And I was like, “Uhh, I can just feel one of those phases coming up. I feel another major self-development phases is about to happen again, " and she's like, "Oh, okay." ...and she knows what that means. FINDING YOUR SENSE OF SELF! Being an...


SFR 263: Campaign Follow-Through...

A marketing campaign is nothing more than orchestrated noise around your product. Here's an example of how to keep a campaign going when everything is going well… A campaign is about creating orchestrated noise … that's my definition, but really that's all a campaign is. Running Facebook ads, that's NOT really a campaign. It can be part of a campaign, but it’s NOT a campaign on its own… Marketing campaigns are a dying art… which means MOST people are leaving money on the...


SFR 262: The 3 Day Design Challenge Winner...

In this interview, I get to chat with the winner of my 3-day design challenge, Sal Peer... AND review his funnel. He did an epic job in this challenge… Here’s the backstory… Recently, I reached out to a bunch of designers and said, “Hey, I really need to create some Facebook profile frames…” You know when there are these massive events or movements where people put frames over the top of their Facebook profiles... I thought, “Why don't I do that for my groups!” So I reached...


SFR 261: My 'Guru Tabs'...

I'm at Myron Golden's awesome speaker training and here's a few of the takeaways from the epic experience... I'm at a really interesting point right now in my business, and I'm trying desperately to ONLY listen to people for the skills that they're known for. Meaning, I'm looking around asking: How can I get better on stage? How can I get better at the act of selling? How can I get better at just -----? Then I learn from the one person who's known as being the best. So, that's...


SFR 260: Why The 'Capitalist Pig'?...

This is why I started calling myself the 'Capitalist Pig'... Besides, “Steve, will you look at my funnel...” the 2nd question I probably get asked the most is “Where do I get your shirt?” What's with the Capitalist Pig t-shirt? It's really fun to wear this shirt in malls, airports - you get a lot of scowls, and I totally get it… It's meant to be aggressive, it's meant to be abrasive. ATTRACT YOUR TRIBE I created it to both attract the right people, and repulse the wrong people… It's...