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Join us as we talk to thought leaders from around the globe about the art and science of sales and marketing, personal development and the mindset required to sell more everyday.

Join us as we talk to thought leaders from around the globe about the art and science of sales and marketing, personal development and the mindset required to sell more everyday.
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Join us as we talk to thought leaders from around the globe about the art and science of sales and marketing, personal development and the mindset required to sell more everyday.






Sales Enablement: Driving Success

This week Tamara Schenk joins the podcast. She is an author, keynote speaker and Sales Enablement Evangelist who has a strong belief in helping everyone to become the best salespeople they can be (yes…just like us!). This week we discuss some of the reports which Tamara has created and the impact her research will have on the world of sales. Places you can find Tamara:


Attitude: The secret weapon of sales

Attitude: The secret weapon of a sales professional One of a sales professional's most valuable tools is the attitude they bring to the table. Having a positive attitude and a buyer's mindset allows for you to sell more effectively, learn from your mistakes and move to the next level of selling while those around you cannot. This week Brandon Bornancin joins the podcast to discuss his career in sales. As the founder and CEO of 'Seamless.AI', Brandon has a love for helping people through the...


Jack’s guide to social selling

Jack's Guide to social selling In today’s sales industry, Social Selling has become a massive part of a sales professional’s career and yet so many people do not know how to use it effectively to enhance their sales ability. This week, the leading social expert for sales and marketing Jack Kosakowski joins the podcast to show you how you can use social to enhance your sales, extend your reach and increase your online presence. Some places you can go to find Jack:


Habits you need to drive Sales Success

Habits you need to drive Sales Success This week renowned author Carson Heady joins the podcast to discuss the habits a Sales Professional needs to be successful in the today’s world of sales. Working at Microsoft, one of the most prestigious companies in the world, Carson knows what drives success and from his experience he knows exactly what habits you need to develop to become a leading sales professional. Some places you can go to find Carson:


The Secret to successful outreach

The secret to successful outreach This week, Linkedin’s top voice of 2018 Morgan J Ingram joins the podcast to discuss SDR outreach and how to master calling your prospects and booking those meetings. Being both a keynote speaker and the host of the SDR Chronicles podcast, Morgan has spent a lot time learning the best ways to get through to his prospects and with the knowledge he shares we will be able to improve our outreach skills. Places you can find Morgan:...


Are you asking the right questions?

The first 7 – 8 seconds of your first call are so critical – they are the difference between opening the door to give you opportunity to start building a relationship or another lead dropping out of your pipeline. And once you’ve opened the door, if you are not building rapport and directly showing a prospect how you can provide value - they are not going to be interested in meeting you to further the conversation on what you can do for them.


Starting conversations with people you don’t know

Understanding your company’s target market is vital to a sales professional and the best way to do this is to create ideal buyer personas for your organisation. Knowing the personas is key to opening your funnel, increasing your pipelines flow and having a healthy relationship with both your prospects and clients.


The Sales Process: Empathize | Educate | Empower

The sales process that you use directly affects your ability to sell to people in your industry. So it is interesting to see how unnecessarily complicated companies make this process. This week the international speaker Victor Antonio joins the podcast and helps us break down this process into 3 easy to remember steps... EMPATHIZE ... EDUCATE... EMPOWER.


Tips to get your pipeline humming

Increasing your pipeline is the goal of ever Sales professional... but are you doing it the right way? This week we look back at some of the most important advice that each of our guest have given us so that we can push forward on our journey to becoming the best sales professionals we can be.


Relationship Selling: Nothing transactional here!

“The purpose of selling is to build profitable relationships. Without relationships there are only transactions and every day is just as hard as the one before it. With stronger sales relationships every day will be easier, more profitable and more fun!” - Jim Cathcart Relationships are a vital part in all aspects of life, whether it’s interactions with your family or gaining the trust of a new or potential client. To build lasting relationships where both parties receive value, we need to...


Sales Leadership: Are YOU a good leader?

“The best stories a sales manager can tell are stories where they messed up, not their success stories – it’s actually stories where they failed. Those build the strongest connection because we connect more with failure then we do success because most of us feel we are not where we want to be.” - Mareo McCraken Sales Leadership Leading a team takes more than just an understanding of the task at hand, it takes time, effort and an understanding of both your team and client’s needs. To be a...


Prospecting: How good is YOUR narrative?

“If you deliver the right message, what will they think as alerts ding away on their cell phone…. Go beyond social selling and think digital selling. Harness all the tools available combined with your own value narrative and Wile. E Coyote determination and cunning.” - Tony Hughes, Combo Prospecting, page 53-54 Prospecting Prospecting is a vital part of the sales process as it is essentially getting your foot in the door, but what happens when you are in that first meeting with a potential...


Closing: Nothing Nutty… Just ask!!

No matter what you are selling your customer will go through a buying process. As a sales professional, it is our job to understand this buying process and the ways in which we approach customers to ensure we are doing everything we can to successfully help them through this process. Joining us this week is Anthony Iannarino. Regarded as the number one thought leader globally in B2B sales and having written three best sellers, Anthony has shown he knows his stuff. Today he shares with us his...


Increasing conversions with social selling

As Daniel says, Social Selling is simply using social media to sell. With all the discussion around cold calling vs social selling, we need a better understanding of how to utilize social channels to engage with our prospects and provide value early in the relationship.


Authenticity is not optional!!

Larry Levine doesn’t just talk the talk, using his real-world experience in B2B sales and learning by trial and error how to maximise social platforms, Larry walks the walk and has a genuine aspiration to help sales people sell more. International best-selling author of Selling From the Heart and co-host of the Selling From the Heart Podcast, Larry joins us to share how authenticity is vital for a sales professional, setting you apart from the “empty suit sales person” and helping you...


Are we starting with the right prospects?

This week we speak to Mark Hunter, one of the key influencers within the sales industry about his views on prospecting. Being both an author and award-winning key note speaker, the Sales Hunter has both the experience and knowledge to help us as salespeople achieve more and strive to be the best sales professionals we can be.