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Interviews executives about best practices in sales and marketing, sales lead management and sales lead generation. It has been broadcast since 2009.

Interviews executives about best practices in sales and marketing, sales lead management and sales lead generation. It has been broadcast since 2009.


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Interviews executives about best practices in sales and marketing, sales lead management and sales lead generation. It has been broadcast since 2009.






Creating something beyond the pool of acceptable substitutes

This is the second part of the interview with Sean Doyle. We brought a couple of points back for context. We hope you take his points to heart regarding hiring a CMO, and the terminology used by Sales and Marketing - do they match? 4 Questions a CEO should know before hiring a CMO: You wouldn't hire your nephew out of high school to run your sales team, why do you do it to run your marketing team and campaigns? "Here's another simple litmus test to sales and marketing have a common...


Guess what - your prospect doesn‘t care about you.

So agencies keep creating awareness and awareness and awareness. It's not helping. Our guest, Sean Doyle's firm helps companies with what has become like breathing and very obvious to some, but not too many companies. The way FitzMartin is better is the application of science. Understanding that this prospect list didn't need more awareness. They needed a reason to consider taking that step to plan. He tells a story about a firm they were helping. They needed to understand why should I maybe...


Training for and Playing to Our Strengths to Plow by the Competition

Do you try new skills, and if you aren't great from the start lose interest? Or, do you take it as a challenge to succeed by finding an alternative path? There is no wrong answer here, but you need to know which you do and why. VisionEdge Marketing's President, Laura Patterson gives us a great illustration as she talks about training for triathlons, despite being a weak swimmer. Here how she applies this to our continuing conversation about changing patterns to break or prevent bad...


Changing patterns vs habits, and flipping the script because we can

In this episode Susan and Laura cover four actionable items to change patterns, versus changing habits. What can you control? Here are four ideas to take control and gain an edge in business and life. This was taken from a recent blog post by today's guest, Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing. She and Susan drive through this hard truth list. You either embrace it and expand your effectiveness, or freeze in place with no desire to change your approach. If that's you, you can now...


Find someone who has a love affair with numbers and data to set you straight

Digging into your company's data may seem like a task you can shove to the bottom of the priority list. Perhaps you delegate it to several people once a month to make sense of the numbers and put it into a story recap format with a bullet-point action list. They all use the same numbers, but are they all telling the full, accurate story? If not, you may not take the action that will either fix or continue the path to growth. Today, Susan welcomes Nick Amabile. His love of numbers,...


Storytelling and Social Media a Powerful, and Possibly Dangerous Combination

In Susan and Paul Furiga's penultimate episode in this series, Paul reminds us that for many organizations, the overwhelming volume and variety of social media seems to create one of the biggest storytelling roadblocks imaginable. And, it also creates some of the best opportunities even though social media is a double-edged sword. In this episode, guest Paul Furiga answers the question of what comes first, a story or social media. ----more---- About Susan's Guest: Paul Furiga is the...


B2B's Story Needs to Be Different from B2C's Story

Paul Furiga tells us to walk the toothpaste aisle of any large grocery store and you'll be confronted by a confusing reality asking yourself the question, "Aren't most of these toothpastes pretty much the same?" In this episode we learn how developing the story behind your story is the true secret sauce to power your business to new heights. But a consumer purchasing something is a completely different experience than an employee purchasing on behalf of the company they work for. The story...


Will One Bad Thing Bury All The Good You Do?

Here we are tackling chapter six of Paul Furiga's book, Finding Your Capital S Story." You need to know the answers to these questions before you can create your story. ----more---- Listen to this episode and catch the previous ones in this series: Storytelling isn’t crap, it’s biology.Carl, Joe, the Monomyth, and Déjà vuLearn How to Tell Stories From Wanamaker and The Three TenorsRegularly Adjust Your Company’s Story to Stay Relevant and InterestingWhen you stray from your archetype your...


When you stray from your archetype your story falls apart

In this fifth chapter, Paul explores experiences that led him to focus on storytelling for companies as a career and a passion. We're going to dig into the story of his own company, explore the application of the principles that drive your Capital S Story, and meet some common heroes that we're going to refer to as archetypes. Paul Furiga is our guest as we continue the series with him. He says, "In most organizations, you're a Capital S Story and your brand are lonely souls living separate...


Regularly Adjust Your Company's Story to Stay Relevant and Interesting

Susan's guest, Paul Furiga, author of Finding Your Capital S Story, opens this episode telling us, "In the old days before smartphones and Twitter, I would say that a small S story is something you read in the newspaper, and it's in the bottom of the birdcage tomorrow. Now we don't read newspapers that much anymore. What we do is we look at our Twitter feed and then we swipe that story away. So it's the same thing. The point is that the stories that we consume most of the time, don't rise to...


Learn How to Tell Stories From Wanamaker and The Three Tenors

This is our third episode in the series of Paul Furiga going through his book, Finding Your Capital S Story. We get to go down the history of advertising and where it lost its way and how the founders of advertising from over a hundred years ago as a whole have almost been forgotten (Have you heard of John Wanamaker?) at least their original methods and thinking behind the use of stories to relate to their target audience. What we are facing today is not how it started, and we have lost our...


Carl, Joe, the Monomyth, and Déjà vu

The brain has been proven to be hardwired for storytelling - both telling and listening. Learn how across cultures, countries, languages the stories we tell are the same at their core. Paul Furiga is back to help guide us to identifying our Monomyth, or Heroe's Journey. We talk about Bridgette Jones, Yoda, and how our brains align when we hear those core stories told by others. Join us as we learn about Carl, Joe, the Monomyth, and Déjà vu from his new book, "Finding Your Capital S...


Storytelling isn't crap, it's biology.

This is a series about Finding Your Capital S Story - the new book by Paul Furiga. In this episode, we tackle the first chapter that I found fascinating - the science behind storytelling and how our brains are hardwired for storytelling. Paul will explain how well-known brands effectively employ storytelling for their success and what we can learn from them, without copying them. ----more---- About Susan's Guest: Paul Furiga is the president and chief storyteller at WordWrite, having...


Why business owners tend to hit plateaus and struggle to grow.

Kevin McCann of the Executive Strategy Group, gives actionable logical, simple, but wildly important tips in this episodes. Here's one to start, if we take something just as fundamental your website. Take the first, top five pages of your website. Look at your navigation. Print out those pages. Go grab a yellow and green highlighter. You'll have to listen to this episode for the insights and assessment you can do right now. Then, he praises one of his partners, HubSpot, but admits there is...


Our Special Sauce is What Makes Us Valuable

In this episode with Ledge, we talk about taking our secret sauce for granted. To many of us, what we do is a no-brainer, but to most others, it is not. It's awesome, inspiring, valuable. He explains the four values that everything does checks back to these four focus items Revenue, Integrity, Calm Confidence, Shared Abundance. When our success fades, or explodes, we can usually attribute it to how far we have or haven't strayed from the core values and concepts. Listen to this...


It's Not a Hobby, It's a Revenue Source - Stop Playing House.

Passion is not enough. As a revenue generator - deal closer service provider, Ledge tells us he doesn't need to be passionate about what you do. He needs to be passionate about closing deals for you and generating revenue for you. Then you will be able to channel more of the passion you have for your business. (20:31) "...sometimes folks will try to negotiate and say, well, if you're really passionate about it and you want to be involved in this, maybe you can cut your rates. And no, I'm not...


It isn’t a Matter of if AI will Replace Marketing People

This is part of a series of interviews with industry leaders about artificial intelligence’s impact on the marketing and sales departments' current and future headcount. We interview Paul Teshima, a former Eloqua executive and CEO of (acquired by Affinity in March 2020). The executives interviewed so far seem to believe that AI will create jobs while also changing the job description of those in both sales and marketing. Paul may have a different opinion. The host is Jim...


Is Sales Engagement the Most Important Platform in your Marketing Stack?

Lack of sales lead follow-up is a plague on B2B Companies. Maybe, just maybe, a Sales Engagement Platform will solve the sales lead follow-up nightmare. Marketing managers should listen to this podcast. ----more---- About the Josh Baez The Engagement Manager at Heinz Marketing Having worked with dozens of companies across multiple industries, Josh brings his creativity, expertise, and fresh perspectives to every situation. From go-to-market plans to ABM programs, Josh thrives on rolling...


Increase Sales 30% in 90 Days

Increasing sales this much is a bold statement and we asked Mike Hollison, CMO of how it can be done. Of course, following up all leads increases sales, but claims its self-learning engine drives predictive sales communications and engagement which combined with rep motivation results in dramatic sales increases. ----more---- Prime questions: How does the Neuralytics® program work? How soon can results REALLY be seen? What is the basis for the claim in...


Establishing Thought Leadership Through a Holistic Content Marketing Strategy

The importance of content marketing in the high-stakes world of wealth management is non-negotiable. How can you expect customers to let you handle their hard-earned cash when you haven’t proven your industry know-how? ----more---- Marketing automation can help you empower every client to feel like a smart, financially savvy investor. In this interview, David and Eric will dig into the different automation strategies you can employ to get the right content in front of the right person at...