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Interviews executives about best practices in sales and marketing, sales lead management and sales lead generation. It has been broadcast since 2009.

Interviews executives about best practices in sales and marketing, sales lead management and sales lead generation. It has been broadcast since 2009.


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Interviews executives about best practices in sales and marketing, sales lead management and sales lead generation. It has been broadcast since 2009.






It's Not a Hobby, It's a Revenue Source - Stop Playing House.

Passion is not enough. As a revenue generator - deal closer service provider, Ledge tells us he doesn't need to be passionate about what you do. He needs to be passionate about closing deals for you and generating revenue for you. Then you will be able to channel more of the passion you have for your business. (20:31) "...sometimes folks will try to negotiate and say, well, if you're really passionate about it and you want to be involved in this, maybe you can cut your rates. And no, I'm not...


It isn’t a Matter of if AI will Replace Marketing People

This is part of a series of interviews with industry leaders about artificial intelligence’s impact on the marketing and sales departments' current and future headcount. We interview Paul Teshima, a former Eloqua executive and CEO of (acquired by Affinity in March 2020). The executives interviewed so far seem to believe that AI will create jobs while also changing the job description of those in both sales and marketing. Paul may have a different opinion. The host is Jim...


Is Sales Engagement the Most Important Platform in your Marketing Stack?

Lack of sales lead follow-up is a plague on B2B Companies. Maybe, just maybe, a Sales Engagement Platform will solve the sales lead follow-up nightmare. Marketing managers should listen to this podcast. ----more---- About the Josh Baez The Engagement Manager at Heinz Marketing Having worked with dozens of companies across multiple industries, Josh brings his creativity, expertise, and fresh perspectives to every situation. From go-to-market plans to ABM programs, Josh thrives on rolling...


Increase Sales 30% in 90 Days

Increasing sales this much is a bold statement and we asked Mike Hollison, CMO of how it can be done. Of course, following up all leads increases sales, but claims its self-learning engine drives predictive sales communications and engagement which combined with rep motivation results in dramatic sales increases. ----more---- Prime questions: How does the Neuralytics® program work? How soon can results REALLY be seen? What is the basis for the claim in...


Establishing Thought Leadership Through a Holistic Content Marketing Strategy

The importance of content marketing in the high-stakes world of wealth management is non-negotiable. How can you expect customers to let you handle their hard-earned cash when you haven’t proven your industry know-how? ----more---- Marketing automation can help you empower every client to feel like a smart, financially savvy investor. In this interview, David and Eric will dig into the different automation strategies you can employ to get the right content in front of the right person at...


Pipeline CRM: A Simple CRM Developed From a Salesperson’s View

CRM systems are seldom simple to use, and never created based on a salesperson’s preferences. During our interview with Ani Chiuzan head of customer marketing at Pipedrive we found a salesperson oriented tool that is both. Ani discusses the basics of a CRM system that salespeople like and what separates CRM from Sales Lead Management Software. ----more---- We discussed: About Pipedrive Founded in 2010, Pipedrive is the first CRM platform developed from the salesperson's point of view....


13 Lessons as an Interim Sales Manager

Most "interim sales managers" are hired in times of stress. These sales consultants are expected to swiftly “right-the-ship.” During this podcast, James Obermayer, who successfully increased sales, reshaped marketing departments, created SWOTs and Sales and Marketing Plans, for more than 50 high tech clients shares the 13 lessons he learned while at Sales Leakage Consulting. This session is for sales consultants and interim sales and marketing managers (Interim CMO's are also...


Overcoming the Resource Demand of Virtual Events

Measuring and managing virtual events is every marketer’s challenge. Sales are suffering as live event leads have dried up and pipelines are falling. In this program, Victor Kippes of Validar discusses how to track and measure virtual event attendees, content consumed, demos attended, attendee behavior and consequent pipeline contributions and sales made. Every marketer for virtual events should listen to this program. ----more---- About Victor Kippes Victor Kippes is CEO of Validar Inc.,...


What B2B Can Learn from B2C Customer Experience

In many ways, CX and Marketing are the key parts of the business tasked with thinking about the future of the business, and in particular, customer needs. Businesses that closely align these two functional areas can have a greater impact on the customer experience, and essentially a better business outcome. ----more----This month on Revenue Rebels, join us as Rhoan Morgan sits down with Stuart Gilchriest, Director of Customer Experience and CCXP at Hertz to explore: Revenue Rebels is...


Driving Attendance to Virtual Events: Achieving Growth in a Downturn Economy

Virtual Events are in, and everyone knows it, but getting people’s butts in seats, and staying engaged is a different matter. Some say virtual events have engagement promise, but growth in this economy is elusive. Sruthi Kumar from Sendoso is here to tell us how to achieve growth in a downturn economy. ----more---- About our Guest Sruthi Kumar is the Senior Marketing Manager at Sendoso, the leading Sending Platform. As the first marketing hire, she built the company’s marketing program...


Without a Sales Engagement Platform CRM is Just a Database

Most sales managers believe that a CRM system is all they need to manage prospect leads. Sales engagement software, however, solves the salesperson’s human failings that hamper sales success. Sales and Marketing managers should listen to this program. ----more---- About Darryl Praill Darryl Praill is the Chief Revenue Officer at VanillaSoft, the industry’s most established Sales Engagement Platform. As an accomplished award-winning marketer, a Sales World Top 50 Keynote speaker, a 2020...


How To Leverage Video Marketing In Today's Environment

Being adaptable and relevant in today's market requires a powerful marketing strategy and incorporating video is a great place to begin. In this episode of Revenue Rebels, host Rhoan Morgan is joined by CEO of 522 Productions, Alisa Vossen to discuss how to effectively leverage video marketing. Alisa shares her team's latest "rebel act," how video improves the customer experience, and how to measure success and ROI. Revenue Rebels is hosted by Rhoan Morgan of DemandLab which is a program...


CMO Vacancy? Fill it With an Interim CMO Without Losing Momentum

CMO slots cannot be vacant, even for a few weeks. Learn how to keep up your momentum with a fractional/interim CMO which will gain momentum for you, not lose it. This program is for the C-Suite executive that has an open spot for a CMO. ----more---- To answer this need we interviewed Art Saxby, CEO of the largest Executive-as-a-Service firm providing outsourced Chief Marketing Officer services (fractional, interim, special project, and coaching). With over 100 hundred clients in any given...


Virtual Trade Shows are Missing the Booth Barker

Ever the optimist, Award-winning Magician, Scott Tokar, is looking forward to the irreplaceable trade shows he is a part of regularly. His corral of other performers know they can adjust and do online appearances, but nothing replaces the barker at a trade show driving people you never reached before to hear your message through entertainment. ----more---- This episode of SLMA Radio, Susan Finch interviews Scott to talk about adjusting, the value of performers to help carry the "hosting"...


How a Marketing Platform Drives Customer Experience

Marketing in B2B companies is divided into those companies that have a sophisticated marketing platform (aka marketing automation system) and those that don’t. Those without a marketing automation system or marketing platform don’t know what’s happening to their marketplace until their pipeline is evaporating before their eyes. While marketing automation software users revel in the revenue growth, the biggest benefit, says David Greenberg, is enhanced customer experience. Our program this...


Why Relationship Building Is Key To Driving Marketing Success During A Crisis

There are two pillars of marketing: success and engagement. Success is typically measured by revenue growth and business goal attainment. Engagement is focused on building relationships with your audience, proving value, and establishing lasting connections. This month’s guest, Joe Folan, shares how marketers can pivot from being selling-centered to relationship-centered to drive success. About Rhoan's guest: Today’s guest on the Revenue Rebels podcast is Joe Folan, the Vice President of...


Actions Sales Leader Need to Take in a Recession

There have been only three recessions in the last 30 years, 1990 2001 and 2007, prior to the current COVID Crisis.* This makes it difficult for more than half of all sales managers to know what to do because they’ve had limited experience managing during a recession. Steve Benson of Badger Maps tells sales managers what actions to take during this current recession. This program is for sales and marketing managers. ----more---- Some Tough Choices for Sales Management Fire non-performers?...


Building a Company Based on the Inner Athlete

Whether we were on a team requiring competent levels of motor skills, strength, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and endurance, or in a company or club where we work together, and make a personal sacrifice for the collective benefit of our friends or colleagues there are common themes to the success of the team. SquadLocker founder and CEO Gary Goldberg lives these values, encourages them within SquadLocker, but also in his daily life. He and our host, Susan Finch both admit...


Lead Conversion is a Process: Your Process Can Make a 100% Difference in Sales

Marketing knows that lead conversion is a process. The lead conversion process you choose, says Nicolas Vandenberghe CEO and Founder of Chili Piper, will make you a winner or loser. This program is for marketing management. Choose the right lead conversion process and you’re a winner. Choose wrongly and no one wins. ----more---- About our Guest Nicolas Vandenberghe: SaaS Entrepreneur Nicolas Vandenberghe CEO – Chili Piper, began his career...


Transforming Your Organization into a Revenue Marketing Powerhouse

This month's Revenue Rebel joining the podcast is Shannon Dougall, Head of Marketing at DevFacto and she's giving listeners insights on revenue marketing, organizational alignment, and more. Listen in as Shannon shares: ----more---- To learn from more Revenue Rebels like Shannon Dougall, listen to previous episodes here. Revenue Rebels is hosted by Rhoan Morgan of DemandLab which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel. DemandLab is the sponsor of Revenue Rebels