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Welcome to Scaling, Failing and Prevailing, a podcast about helping startups and corporates learn from each other through great conversations. Your hosts are Adelina Chalmers and James Parton.

Welcome to Scaling, Failing and Prevailing, a podcast about helping startups and corporates learn from each other through great conversations. Your hosts are Adelina Chalmers and James Parton.
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Welcome to Scaling, Failing and Prevailing, a podcast about helping startups and corporates learn from each other through great conversations. Your hosts are Adelina Chalmers and James Parton.




Episode 10: Leaping over the wall of indifference with Edward Bass

In our first show focused on marketing we cover so much, including the wall of indifference - why should people care about your product, clarity on your audience, researching your market, feedback loops with customers, the language of tribes, identifying and engaging influencers, content marketing and establishing thought leadership.


Ep9: Open Innovation & Developer Engagement in Corporates with Caroline Lewko

Wireless Industry Partnership CEO Caroline Lewko joins Adelina and James to chat about her work with Corporates supporting their open innovation strategies and software developer engagements. We chat about what good looks like, common traps, and community building in both tech and the local neighbourhood.


Ep8: The role of University at the heart of the Cambridge phenomenon with Andy Neely

Episode 8 In a wide-ranging conversion, we learn about Andy's role as Pro-Vice Chancellor of Enterprise and Business Relations at Cambridge University, the local Cambridge ecosystem, the programs across the University to support Entrepreneurship and how it commercialises its research. If that was not enough, Andy highlights the work across the University that is exciting him, and we even get to cover Brexit and its predicted impact on the University.


Ep7: Artisanal engineers, and building great companies with Suranga Chandratillake

Episode 7 We are joined by Suranga Chandratillake, General Partner at Balderton Capital. We tap into his vast experience of building companies in the US and Europe to cover paying it forward, celebrating ambition and success, and being open about failure. We move on to talk about “The Boffin Fallacy”, the various paths open to start ups, Suranga’s personal challenges & learnings, and so much more.


Ep6: Rebooting Your Recruitment with Katherine Wiid

Episode 6 Hiring the right people, especially after fund raising, is one of the biggest challenges facing startup founders. You face Intense competition for great candidates and you are desperate to have more resource available immediately, but get it wrong and you could destroy the progress you have made. No pressure, then! We chat to recruitment expert Katherine Wiid about the pitfalls and best practice of writing compelling and inclusive job ads, interviewing and candidate assessment.


Ep5: Startups are from Venus, Corporates are from Mars: Anton Lokhmotov and Monika Biddulph

Episode 5 In this episode we try something a little bit different, hosting a live de-brief with startup founder Anton Lokhmotov who was seeking a break through meeting with ARM Exec Monika Biddulph as he was trying to sell to ARM a solution he knew they needed. We bring them together face to face for the first time and unpack the experience to discover their insights and learn the perspectives of both sides of buying from a startup and selling to a corporate.


Ep4: Peeking inside the £31 billion startup, with Jamie Urquhart, ARM co-founder

Episode 4 Jamie Urquhart joins Adelina and James to chat about ARM - one of Cambridge’s most famous technology companies. This fascinating conversation covers the ARM founding story, product development, market positioning, customer centricity, company culture, going public, Cambridge Black Hole thinking, and so much more!


Ep3: Sales lessons from Silicon Valley with Dimitar Stanimiroff

Episode 3 Adelina and James are joined by Dimitar Stanimiroff, founder of Heresy, and ex-Head of Europe for Stack Overflow. Dimitar runs us through when is the right time to hire your first salespeople, what a modern sales organisation looks like, and how to adopt a Silicon Valley style data-driven sales approach. You can listen to Dimitar’s Heresy Podcast here:


Ep2: De-coding how startups should sell into Corporates with Elly Hardwick

Episode 2 Adelina and James are joined by Elly Hardwick, Chief Digital Officer of UBS, to help us de-code how startups can effectively sell into Corporates. Elly has enjoyed an impressive career including founding a FinTech startup as well as holding senior executive roles in major banks. Therefore Elly has the perspective of sitting on both sides of the table in those sales discussions. The conversation includes "you had a great meeting, but then all you got is silence, what happened?", how...


Ep1: Introducing The Show & The Cambridge Start-up Billion Pound Scale-up Challenge

Episode 1: In the first episode Adelina and James chat about their motivation for launching the Podcast and about how it will develop over time. They then move on and discuss insights gathered from the recent Billion Pound Scale-up Challenge event organised by Adelina and hosted at The Bradfield Centre. The conversation includes diversity on conference panels, founders selling internally to their own employees, hiring corporate engineers into start up environments, politics & psychological...