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056 The One with The Building Engineers Perspective

056 The One with The Building Engineers Perspective Episode 56: Show Notes One of my philosophies is “teach what you know.” Which works out great for me because I have this podcast. I have always felt you know something better when you can teach it. As a teacher, you must be able to convey your point to who you are speaking with, anticipate their questions and make sure you increase the listening party's overall knowledge of the subject matter. Truth be told, this is how I sell. I sell by...


055 Pinks and Blues 1

055 Pinks and Blues 1 Episode 55: Show Notes On today’s Pinks and Blues episode we will be answering the following questions: Upcoming Seminars 2019 Technical Training (West) February 27 – March 2, 2019 Doubletree Mission Valley San Diego, CA 2019 Technical Training (East) March 27-30, 2019 Hotel Annapolis Annapolis, Maryland Key Points From This Episode: [0:00:50] [0:01:28] [0:2:03] [0:05:20] [0:07:16] 0:09:16] [0:11:24] [0:13:32] And much more! Tweetables: “Most...


054 Day 5 of Industrial Water Week (Careers)

054 Day 5 of Industrial Water Week (Careers) Episode 54: Show Notes What a week! Day1: Pretreatment, Day 2: Boilers, Day 3: Cooling, Day 4: Waste Water and the last day... Careers. Speaking for myself, I am so happy that I work in the Industrial Water Industry. After all, you most likely wouldn’t be listening to me right now if I didn’t. I am a Water Treater. And personally, there is no better job out there. Today we talk about careers in water treatment and I bring on my friend, Thomas...


053 Day 4 of Industrial Water Week (Waste Water)

053 Day 4 of Industrial Water Week (Waste Water) Episode 53: Show Notes Many of us in the Industrial Water Industry work in waste water. Today we are talking about what that means, and we get the following question answered: What are some tips to make sure a jar study mimics system conditions as closely as possible? A huge thank you to Kevin Cope. Kevin has 40 years in the waste water industry and it shows. I find it comforting that we all had a first day, even if it was 40 years ago, we...


052 Day 3 of Industrial Water Week (Cooling)

052 Day 3 of Industrial Water Week (Cooling) Episode 52: Show Notes It’s hard to believe, we are half way into Industrial Water Week. Today’s questions are all about cooling and we are joined by another mentor of mine, Jay Farmerie, CWT. The questions we will answer today are: Cycles of concentration in a cooling tower, if you can control your limiting factors, is there any reason to stop concentrating the water indefinitely?How do you weigh downtime against maximizing water...


051 Day 2 of Industrial Water Week (Boilers)

051 Day 2 of Industrial Water Week (Boilers) Episode 51: Show Notes Day 2 of Industrial Water Week is here! Today we celebrate by answering a few questions about boilers and I am joined by one of my mentors, Bruce Ketrick, CWT. Here are the questions we are answering today. What causing foaming in a boiler? David Foaming is primarily caused by high solids. As the boiler concentration increases, the boiling bubble cannot “pop” as quickly and they begin to build up on each other. Forming a...


050 Day 1 of Industrial Water Week (Pretreatment)

050 Day 1 of Industrial Water Week (Pretreatment) Episode 50: Show Notes Happy Pretreatment Monday! Today we will be starting off Industrial Water Week with Pretreatment questions for the Scaling UP! Nation! Here is the question I answer today: What can make a water softener pass hard water sooner than expected? Happy Industrial Water Week! Industry Water Week. Join me each and every day this week for a special themed episode. Key Points From This Episode:...


049 The One with James McDonald, Again

049 The One with James McDonald, Again Episode 49: Show Notes Scaling UP! Nation!, you know that I believe you get out of our industry what you put into our industry. This is my normal response to when someone asks me why I train others, why I volunteer for trade organizations and especially why I do this podcast. I truly believe that you should teach what you know. Educate yourself and you get smarter, teach what you know, and you get even smarter (because a teacher needs to know content...


048 Industrial Water Week is Coming

Now we have a holiday dedicated just to us, The Industrial Water Treater! Join Scaling UP! H₂O as we celebrate Industrial Water Week October 1 -5. We will have a new episode each and every day. Industrial Water Week: Your Holiday [embed][/embed] October 1, 2018 Celebrate water softeners, reverse osmosis, demineralizers, dealkalizers, filters, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, cold lime softeners, hot lime softeners, clarifiers, deaerators,...


Ep 14.6: One Note

Several listeners have asked for help on how to use Microsoft's OneNote. Download it for free: OneNote For help, please view this video:


Ep 15: The One with Jack Walker

How The Water Treatment Industry is Evolving and the Changes That Come With It with Jack Walker. Episode 15: Show Notes. Our guest today is Jack Walker, CEO of WaterTech Specialties Incorporated. Jack is also one of the founders of The Association of Water Technologies. WaterTech is a family-owned and operated business. They pride themselves on the diversity of their customer base, from small family businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Truly, they are small enough to care and large enough to...


Ep 18: The AWT Convention Hall Opens

Join me as I take you inside the AWT 2017 Convention.


Ep 17: Day 1 of the 2017 AWT Convention

Day 1 of the 2017 AWT Convention. Unfortunately, I am traveling and not recording interviews as I had planned. Darn that Hurricane Irma!


Ep 19: A Walk Though the 2017 AWT Convention Hall

Join me as I virtually take you through the 2017 AWT Convention Hall. I speak with attendees and vendors to let you know what it is like to attend.


Ep 20: The Last Day at the 2017 AWT Convention

Join me for the final day at the 2017 AWT Convention as I take you though the exhibit hall taking to guests.


Ep 21: The One with James McDonald

Connecting Water Treaters Around The Globe and Why The Water Treatment Industry Should Continue To Learn, Share And Laugh With James McDonald. Episode 21: Show Notes. Our guest today is James McDonald. James has been in the water treatment industry since 1997 and is a Chemical Engineer by degree with a Master’s from the University of Louisville. After college, James worked for an environmental compliance company, doing environmental assessments for the likes of the FAA and various army...


Ep 22: The One with Tim Fulton

Running Small Businesses and Beginning To Know What You Don’t Know, With Tim Fulton. Episode 18: Show Notes. Our guest today is Tim Fulton, my Vistage coach. Tim is the Vistage Chair to some of the most successful CEOs in Atlanta. It’s why in 2013 he launched the Small Business Matters Conference, which has become an all-star, exclusive gathering that attracts some of the best small business owners in the state. And it’s why he’s a tireless advocate for small businesses, every single day....


Ep 23: The One That Could Save Your Life

Knowing what to do in an emergency situation with Lt. Rob Pendleton Episode 23: Show Notes. Our guest today is Lt. Rob Pendleton of the Snellville, GA Police Department. Snellville, GA is located about 35 miles north of Atlanta, GA. In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shootings, we are all asking ourselves what we can do. Many cannot think of a good answer to that question. It is my hope that we can take the information discussed in today’s episode and keep ourselves safer and more aware. Lt....


024 The One With All the Questions

It’s been a while since it was just the two of us on an episode. To fix that, I am only answering questions from the Scaling UP! Nation, for the whole episode. No guest, no rant from the host, just your questions. Truly, the show for you, by you. LSI, RSI, PSI Can you tell us more about LSI, RSI and PSI? (1:04) LSI, RSI and PSI are all scaling indices. Each tells us whether the water is scaling or non-scaling. Not if the water is scaling or corrosion. ALL water is corrosive. In 1936,...


025 The One On Insurance

The One On Insurance and Liability in the Water Treatment Industry and Why We Need It, with Mike Highum. Episode 25: Show Notes. Our guest today is Mike Highum, Vice President of McGowan Insurance Group. McGowan is a trusted provider of insurance and risk management products and services across the United States. McGowan Insurance Group just received the AWT Supplier of the Year for 2016. Specialty protection includes Primary and Excess Liability, Pollution Liability, Professional/E&O,...