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One Mother 2 Another with Ericka Woods

Start up of a Non Profit Organization - 1Mother2Another


The Upcoming of a Career Coach

-Episode 14 - In this episode I am interviewing with Catherine McNeil, founding owner of CHBM Services and CHBM Services Development Programming. She is also the author of A Mother's Love! CHBM Services is an independent career development consultancy that specializes in providing affordable resume writing, cover letter and LinkedIn profile creation and coaching. Through its social media presence and community partnership it operates a 1,000 plus member Facebook group dedicated to sharing...


Get Yourself a PUR-Home

-Episode 13 - In this episode I am interviewing with Angela Richardson. Angela is the CEO of PUR Home and is the formulator and product developer. She is passionate about natural products and began her journey into eco-friendly living 5 years ago when she made her first ever natural bar of soap. She has been obsessed ever since. Angela’s love for ingredients and their function in products is what drives her to create natural household and skincare products. In this Episode You'll...


Consistency is Key to Entrepreneurship

-Episode 12- In this episode I am interviewing with Jacqueline Harris. Jacqueline Harris is born and raised a Georgia Peach. She is an alumnus of Valdosta State University 01. She earned her MBA in Human Resources from Strayer University. She is the owner of Jay L Harris Creative Werks, a firm specializing in Inspiring, Empowering, & Serving creatives worldwide. An all around creative person, Jay L Harris loves the creative process. She loves to create for herself as well as others....


Living Your Best Life with Terrell

-Episode 10 - In this episode I am interviewing with Terell Sarver, owner of BeMen, Inc. The mission of BeMen is to empower MEN to love God, be a leader in their homes, communities, local churches, careers and businesses and to be strong, courageous and live a life pleasing to God. In this Episode You'll Learn: How Terell survived a coma and decided to change his life through GodHow he came up with the name for BeMen, Inc.Terell's missions & goals for BeMen, Inc.Talks about his upcoming...


Mompreneur Life with Romona

-Episode 8 - In this episode I am interviewing with Romona Lee, owner of It's My Party Kids Boutique. In this Episode You'll Learn: How Romona got started and what inspired herHow her business has grown from the beginning til now. Her best advice for aspiring entrepreneursWhat she loves most about being an mompreneurHer best marketing platforms Quotes: ~ “If there was one thing I can pick to say I love the most I think it's the idea of building something for my children and my family"...


Make it Write with Tamika

-Episode 7 - In this episode I am interviewing with Tamika Sims, the owner of Ink Pen Diva a manuscript and critique service. Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Writing Coach, Builder and Dynamic influencer Tamika Sims is living proof that what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. A true survivor, Tamika is founder and creator of the Self-Assured Woman ™ Movement. In this Episode You'll Learn: How Tamkia got started and what inspired herWhat was the hardest part in starting her businessThe...


The Upcoming of a Relationship Coach

-Episode 5 - In this episode I am interviewing with Dani Spikes, is a professional certified relationship coach graduate from the University of Miami Professional Coaching Program with a background in Psychology. In this Episode You'll Learn: What inspired Dani to start her own businessWhat Dani was doing before starting her own businessLearn about her servicesTalks about her products Beloved Box Quotes: ~ "Every Opportunity is to be Maximize"...


"Less Toys More Books"

Episode 4. In this episode I am interviewing with Jaclyn Gary, owner of Mahogany Reads Children's Bookstore. An online based bookstore with books written by black authors and have children of color as main characters that cover a wide variety of topics. In this Episode You'll Learn: What inspired Jaclyn to start her own business.What it's like juggling work and being a motherThe advantages of being a woman in business Mahogany Reads Upcoming Events What drives Jaclyn's...


“Design is Intelligence Made Visible"

-Episode 3- In this episode I am interviewing with Denishia Macon, graphic designer and owner of Macon Designs. Macon Designs provides graphic design and marketing services for businesses and clients worldwide. In this Episode You'll Learn: What inspired Denishia to start her own business.Some mistakes to avoid becoming a graphic designer entrepreneur. Some of Denishia's goals for Macon Designs. What drives Denishia's business. Quotes: ~ "Sometimes BIG is simple" ~ ~ "You need to...


"Keep Calm and Be a Lawyer BAE"

-Episode 2- In this episode I am interviewing with Jessica Tehlirian, Esquire. Jessica is a criminal defense and personal injury attorney who is founder of a blog called Lawyer BAE for Legal Professionals dedicated to business and entrepreneurship. In this Episode You'll Learn: What inspired Jessica to become an AttorneyWhy Jessica moved to Florida from MichiganSome of Jessica's goals for herself and her blog "Lawyer BAE" Lawyer BAE's upcoming eventsAdvice for aspiring...


Intro: Who is Scarlett Effin' Baby?

In this episode I give you all an introduction of who I am. You get to hear a little about my background and what led me to start a podcast. Some of the things I discuss is my childhood, adoption, pregnancy, relationships and family. This is a touchy episode for me but I really wanted to give my listeners a feel of who I am.