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CX Connoisseur, Steve Pappas, shares his insights on how to turn your customers into loyal brand ambassadors. Known for his relentless pursuit of all things 'customer', Steve knows how to help your business and create experiences that customers respond to. Listen to Steve's insights. Learn to grow and accelerate your business. Learn more:

CX Connoisseur, Steve Pappas, shares his insights on how to turn your customers into loyal brand ambassadors. Known for his relentless pursuit of all things 'customer', Steve knows how to help your business and create experiences that customers respond to. Listen to Steve's insights. Learn to grow and accelerate your business. Learn more:


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CX Connoisseur, Steve Pappas, shares his insights on how to turn your customers into loyal brand ambassadors. Known for his relentless pursuit of all things 'customer', Steve knows how to help your business and create experiences that customers respond to. Listen to Steve's insights. Learn to grow and accelerate your business. Learn more:




Dave Carruthers: Making CX Data Gathering More Effective with Video

Dave Carruthers is an entrepreneur specializing in high-growth tech businesses. He’s been involved in technology businesses for the last 10 years and has been behind a number of successful startups. As an entrepreneur with a passion for mobile technology he leads the VoxPopMe team. At Voxpopme, Carruthers works on video market research. Voxpopme's solution now helps leaders in every industry see the people behind the data, transforming the process of capturing and analyzing video...


Justin Varuzzo: Marketing and Service

Justin Varuzzo is a successful marketing professional with over twenty years of sales and marketing experience. He counts himself lucky to have had the incredible opportunity to blend his passion for music, technology, and visual storytelling into a revenue driving career in marketing. Justin’s passion and focus is at the intersection of marketing and customer service – it’s here where he believes organizations can build the strongest relationships with their clients and customers. Key...


Reynaldo Santana: Does It Make Sense to Setup a Not For Profit Too?

Reynaldo is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker and expert in business development, smart real estate and technologies. He enjoys using his tech background to increase value, revenue and create efficient processes. One of the things that blew up Reynaldo’s real estate businesses was getting access to an ad grant which In turn he has been able to do for all his clients and friends to help them obtain a $120,000/yr worth of free Adwords, as well as helping uplift their local communities...


Janine Hamner Holman - Unengaged Employees Lead to Very Poor CX

Janine Hamner Holman is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and expert on conscious leadership, organizational development, neurobiology, and what it takes to attract and retain world-class talent. As CEO of the J&J Consulting Group, she brings more than 30 years’ experience to her work where she uses scientifically validated strategies and tools to build high performance teams. She has worked with everything from Fortune 200 companies to local nonprofits and everything in...


Joe Welu: FinTech CX Leader Talks on How to Build a Total Solution

Joe Welu is the founder and CEO of Total Expert, the fintech software leader that launched the first customer experience platform purpose-built for modern financial institutions. Since 2015, Joe has led Total Expert's vision, culture and growth to nearly 300 employees today. The company powers RM, marketing and customer engagement for more than 150 companies-from leading community banks and credit unions, to 3 of the nation's top 10 banks, and 9 of the top 15 mortgage lenders. Total...


Bruno Pešec: Intuition + Insights + Data = Better Decisions

Bruno Pešec helps business leaders innovate profitably. He is the rare innovator who can claim that he's worked on a regulation-defying freight train and an award-winning board game. In addition to his corporate experience with brands like DNV, DNB, and Kongsberg Group, Bruno runs a community of entrepreneurs of several thousand members. He is currently undertaking a doctorate in organizational change, with a specific focus on the issues with innovation in large enterprises. Key...


Stormie Andrews: Lead Gen Challenges in a CX-Centric World

Stormie Andrews is the co-founder of Yokel Local, Nevada’s premier inbound marketing agency located in Las Vegas. Since 2010, Yokel Local has helped organizations generate hundreds of millions in revenue by implementing strategies and tactics that are supported by the exact concepts you will learn in today’s podcast. Stormie’s passion is to make it much easier for organizations to attract their ideal clients by understanding how their prospects think in order to experience what it’s like...


Terry Begue: You Have My Permission to Nit Pick

Terry Begue is the owner Begue Painting Inc. and the author of “Attract & Keep Customers for Life” As a business owner, International speaker and author, Terry is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small business owners who, more than anything, want to provide a great life for their families. Terry started his painting company when he was 18 and still hasn't found any job he loves more than taking care of his clients and teaching others how to do the same! This love for his...


Matt Ward: Is There Anything Better than Word of Mouth

In 2002 Matt began working with business owners through his digital marketing agency, inConcert Web Solutions, to improve their bottom line, gain more clients, and grow their respective businesses. He sold his agency in 2018 so that he could focus on helping businesses get more word of mouth referrals! Matt believes that creating deeper and more meaningful connections will result in more word of mouth referrals. He personally uses this philosophy in his own business. Since 2002 Matt has...


Ben Bressington: Unlock the Code to Personality & Influence

Benjamin Bressington is the CEO of Behavior Sales, a leading personality intelligence company. Benjamin is also a speaker and author of multiple books. With the latest book “People Ignorant: Unlocking Success, Confidence & Influence.” Ben has a Law & Criminology degree from Australia. He spent 10 years helping Fortune 1000 companies apply gamification principles to their sales and communication process. And now spends his time helping people improve their sales conversations. Specifically...


Glenn Rudin: Would You Do Business With You?

Do your potential customers know why they should be buying from your company? Is your Message crystal clear? Glenn has been working in the Sales and Marketing fields for more than 25 years. He specializes in Messaging and Personal Branding. Glenn helps his clients develop their Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and Message so that their company and products can stand out versus competitors. Key Takeaways. Connect with Glenn LinkedIn -...


Ravi Pratap: Brands Now Have a Simple Secret Weapon To Win at CX

Ravi Pratap is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Mobstac, a QR code generator and mobile marketing platform, where he is responsible for all technology strategy, product innovation, and engineering execution. Prior to starting MobStac, Ravi spent four years at a technology startup, Hillcrest Labs, where he was one of the earliest engineers on the team, and also served as an Associate in Morgan Stanley’s Technology group. Ravi went to undergrad at the Indian Institute of...


Heather Bennett: Better Qualified Connections Through Personal Branding

Heather H. Bennett is a marketing strategist and personal brand coach that lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. Drawing from over 20 years of experience in brand marketing, research & development and personal branding, Heather brings a unique spin to understanding how a personal brand can impact business and personal goals. Her social media strategy expertise has been used by professionals and entrepreneurs in areas as diversified as financial wealth management and law to non-profit and...


Will Haire: What Does Success Look Like as an Amazon Seller

Will is the Co-Founder and CEO of BellaVix. He has 8+ years of experience working in eCommerce. Will has also been fortunate to work with Seller Central, Vendor Central, Amazon Advertising Platform, and DSP. Will’s company, BellaVix works with established consumer brands and private labels in the strategic planning, implementation, and execution of their business plans for products across Amazon and other 3rd party marketplaces. Key Takeaways. Connect with Will LinkedIn -...


Peter Christian: Stories From a Great Career

Peter H. Christian was a founding partner and president of espi, a business consulting firm in Northeastern PA. Previously he was an Executive at Crayola Corporation. He has worked with 300+ clients in business development, profit improvement, operations, IS selection and implementation, and Project Management. Peter has 40+ years of experience in strategic and facility planning, CI, lean, and supply chain. He has helped companies to realize millions of dollars in cost reductions and...


Mike Hicks: Evolving Employee Engagement and Experience

Mike Hicks is a B2B software marketing veteran and recognized digital transformation thought leader with 20+ years’ experience leveraging technology to help global teams increase productivity and fuel innovation. As CMO of Beezy, Mike leads all marketing efforts, including bringing new products and services to market. Mike has led several tech companies through periods of significant transition, including mergers, acquisitions, and rapid growth. Key Takeaways. Connect with...


Michael Buzinksi: Rule of 26

Michael Buzinski is the Founder and CEO of Buzzbizz Media, an award-winning multimedia and marketing firm dedicated to the needs of small to medium-sized businesses, and nonprofits. He’s a USAF veteran and life-long entrepreneur. Dubbed a “visionary marketer” by the American Marketing Association for thought leadership in search marketing. He’s the author of The Rule of 26, a book where he shows readers the most direct approach to attaining your digital marketing objectives. Key...


Michael Unbroken: How to Think Unbroken

Michael’s journey is not dissimilar to that of millions of people around the world. He grew up in chaos. His mother was a drug addict and alcoholic, whilst his father abandoned him when he was barely 2 years old. Michael's step-father was hyper abusive, and the kind of guy that you pray never enters your life. By the time he was 11, Michael had been entirely stripped of his childhood. Between the beatings, belittlement, molestation, and homelessness he was ready to kill himself. Flash...


Howard Tiersky: Winning Digital Customers

Howard Tiersky is the author of the WSJ bestselling book Winning Digital Customers: The Antidote to Irrelevance. He is also the founder of digital transformation agency, FROM, which has won over 100 awards for user experience design, and helped to redesign the Avis app which is now ranked by JD Powers as #1 in the industry. In his 25 year career helping large enterprises win in the digital space, Howard has worked on projects for dozens of Fortune 1000 companies and has been named one of...


Dr. Lance Knaub: Patient Experience in a Healthcare Business

Dr. Lance Knaub, Best Selling author of The 4% Break-Thru, and founder of Denali Consulting helps entrepreneurs with 6 figure businesses to avoid overwhelm and burnout, and instead create the life they love while they are scaling by developing a leadership team and creating a self-sufficient business that is an asset. He especially enjoys helping entrepreneurs earn healthy double-digit profitability AFTER paying themselves commensurate for their roles! Key Takeaways. The business side of...