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62 - Super Hot at 54: Tom interviews Becca Tebon

Becca Tebon is a serial entrepreneur. She's owned two advertising agencies. She's developed numerous brands and coached many other businesses. Becca's intentional mission has become to be a go giver through the and she aspires to help others evolve from adversities and circumstances. Becca is a lifestyle and content expert, speaker, author and coach. She's refining the landscape of sustainable healthy living at the corporate level as well as one on one or in groups around...


61 - Outsourcing on the Cheap: Tom talks Outsourcing

Why should you outsource? There are lots of reasons and one is the price. Also, getting out of payroll taxes and benefits. It also lets you keep you and your other employees focused on more productive things that only you and they can do. Depending where you are located, you could order work at the close of business in your time zone and it’s just the beginning of the day in your outsourcer’s time zone. So basically, you order some work and it’s waiting for you when you get to work the next...


60 - The Sexy Boss: Tom interviews Heather Havenwood

Heather Havenwood teaches coaches, experts, and service providers current online marketing and sales strategies to close the right clients any time they want. She's regarded as a top authority on digital marketing, sales coaching, and online publishing business strategies. She has been named the top 50 must follow women entrepreneurs by Huffington Post. She's also author of Amazon's best seller book Sexy Boss how female entrepreneurship is changing the rule book and beating the big boys.


59 - The "Blown Up Guy": Tom interviews Brian Fleming

Brian Fleming is an author, speaker, and Combat Wounded Veteran. He's the resilience trainer for the U.S. military and teaches people how to come back from setbacks as stronger, better people. He's a walking poster child for that for sure. He speaks for Fortune 500 companies and other organizations about how to stand firm when everything around you is blowing up.


58 - The Gold is in the List: Tom talks List Building

If you really want to grow your list rather than see it decline, your content needs to be great. If you don’t start there, you’re just wasting your time because people will not stay on your list and you will be always looking for the next sucker who briefly comes in and maybe spends some money, but quickly leaves because you don’t give great value. I’m going to introduce you to lots of ways to get people on a list. Each method has lots of details on how to implement them successfully.


57 - She chucked the corporate life: Tom interviews Carol McManus

Carol McManus is an author, speaker, radio host, and social media consultant. She is the CEO of CKC Global Media, a branding and marketing company that helps individuals and companies reach new markets by elevating their message and amplifying their voice. Her newest book, Choices, is about how real people share their stories of how they overcame challenges to design a better life. It's an international bestseller and a bronze award recipient from the Nonfiction Authors Association.


56 - Business Out of Adversity: Tom interviews Mike Domitrz

Leading organisations and educational institutions seek out Mike Domitrz's thought provoking programs to transform the culture in their organizations. He's the author of "Can I Kiss You?". He's also the founder of The Date Safe Project. He has been a featured expert on many media outlets, including Dateline NBC.


55 - Instant Products: Tom talks Private Label Rights

What is a private label information product? It’s a product produced by someone else and that person or company sells you the “rights” to sell the product under your name as if you created it. You will frequently see the abbreviation PLR which stands for Private Label Rights. These could be eBooks, audio or video but the great majority are eBooks.


54 - The Master Negotiator: Tom interviews Greg Williams

Greg Williams is the master negotiator and body language expert. He's also a TV News contributor. He's authored seven books on the topic of negotiation and reading body language and he's trained tens of thousands of people worldwide. Today he'll unlock some extremely important negotiation secrets that you can use to better your negotiation outcomes.


53 - She loves to climb mountains: Tom interviews Denise Wakeman

Denise Wakeman's motto is just say yes. After a life changing trek in the Andes mountains, she embraced her inner adventurer and ditched the black business suits for a knapsack and hiking boots. As long as there's Wi-Fi, Denise is a happy camper. She's an early adopter and active experimenter, and she loves helping authors and online entrepreneurs navigate the journey of growing their business on the web.


52 - Other people sell your stuff: Tom talks Affiliate Selling

Tom takes you through the world of Affiliate Selling, giving details of the different types and how to take advantage of this to boost your business and create new ones.


51 - Health and financial problems didn't stop him: Tom interviews Jim Edwards

Jim was one of the first to publish an e-book online back in 1997, the same year Microsoft Front Page came along and a mere mortal could make a web page. He's taught hundreds of thousands around the world about self publishing, sales copy, email marketing, membership sites, and a bunch more. And he's most famous for his online software wizards which make critical tasks, like writing ads sales letters and webinar scripts, push button simple.


50 - Sponsorship expert tells you how to get the money: Tom interviews Roberto Candelaria

Roberto Candelaria is the founder of Sponsorship Boot Camp and the international best selling author of Relationships Raise Money A Guide to Corporate Sponsorship and Sponsorship for Influencers Profitable Partnerships in Five Simple Steps. He's also the creator of the Sponsorship Roadmap, Sponsorship Crash Course, and Sponsorship 901. His strategies have transformed the way global influencers and organizations increase their bottom line by getting sponsored and leveraging their platforms...


49 - Recycle your knowledge for fun and profit: Tom talks Repurposing

I want you to maximize your sales from every piece of knowledge you own or that you can create or have somebody else create for you. I'm going to show you how to take your knowledge, and format and sell it many, many, many different ways. Let’s get this very clear. You have a piece of content. It could be an eBook, a video, an audio, a webinar or whatever. The point of this episode is to show you all the different formats you could convert that piece of content to so that you maximize the...


48 - Here's one happy guy: Tom interviews Joel Comm

Joel Comm is a New York Times best selling author, Blockchain enthusiast, professional keynote speaker, social media marketing strategist and live video expert. With over two decades of experience harnessing the power of the Web, publishing social media and mobile applications to expand reach and engage in active relationship marketing. Joel is a sought after public speaker who leaves his audience inspired entertained and armed with strategic tools to create highly effective new media...


47 - Secrets of commercial real estate: Tom interviews Dr. Howard Haller

Dr. Howard Haller, I call him Big Dog Ph.D., believes that with the right tools and training, anyone can build a full time income with part time effort because when you know how to find the right cash flowing commercial property, that's his expertise, it becomes easier to buy commercial real estate than it is to buy a house.


46 - Other people will spread your name everywhere: Tom talks Viral Marketing

I’m not talking about your crazy cat video that gets 3 million views overnight. I’m talking about specific tools and techniques now available to anyone. You don’t have to get 3 million views overnight to make millions of dollars in your business using low to no cost viral techniques. You now have enormous power at your fingertips and tons of examples in front of you every day. Any small business can afford to bring in thousands of leads and what we’re all looking for: Large increases in...


45 - She's not a stripper: Tom interviews Silver Rose

Silver Rose, and despite the name, she swears she is not a country western singer or a stripper. I don't know if that's the same order, but she is an expert in getting employees to bring their best to work each day. She's known for making audiences laugh wherever she speaks. She honed this ability doing hundreds of stand up comedy shows at clubs and conferences across the country.


44 - She's the Businesswoman of the Year: Tom interviews Patricia Drain

Patricia Noel Drain is the founder of the Case Academy. In the academy, she works with Coaches Authors Speakers and Entrepreneurs at the Case Academy to make the money they deserve with what they already know. Her newest event is The Year of the Woman is Now. Her book, with the same title, will be released soon and we'll have the exact date in the show notes for you.


43 - Ten cool ways to be great any time you speak

This episode is going to give you TEN of the things I always do to get the kind of results you want and need. A successful presentation is memorable and the people attending should leave motivated and inspired. You need to do everything you can to become a strong, likable, sympathetic, and trusted voice whenever you stand in front of a group.