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How Balaji Srinivasan of and a16z sets goals and manages teams

Balaji Srinivasan, CEO of and Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, talks about goal-setting, metrics, motivating a team, digital currency, and the future of Bitcoin.


Lessons from Pramod Dabir of West Agile Labs on minimizing technical debt while moving fast

Pramod Dabir, Co-Founder and CEO of West Agile Labs - a global digital design and development partner - shares what you can do early on for smooth growth, how to align a distributed team around a vision, how to build a sustainable MVP, and more. Listen to the full episode or read the highlights here: Here’s a quick company snapshot: - Founder experience: 6 years - Team size: 150 team members - Customers / Revenue: 40 clients - Company founded: December 2012 (5 years old)


How the CEO of Makers Academy built a culture based on trust, not fear

Evgeny Shadchnev Co-Founder and CEO of Makers Academy, Europe’s leading developer bootcamp, shares how they're building the company on pure trust, not fear. They use unusual tactics to do so, such as self-setting salaries. They also believe that everyone should have a job they love and do everything they can to ensure that’s true for their employees and the developers who graduate their program. Here’s a quick company snapshot: - Founder experience: 9 years - Team size: 24 team members -...


How Jon Crawford built and sold Storenvy: his tough lessons learned [Podcast]

In this episode, we spoke with Jonathan Crawford, founder and former CEO of Storenvy, an e-commerce marketplace for indie brands. Jon was with the company from day one for six years and learned some hard lessons along the way. He was kicked out of Y-Combinator on the first day. He built his first team only to let them go all at once. He heard many “no”s from investors. He learned about what’s important to him - what he wants to do as a founder and what he doesn’t. He learned what makes him...


How Ratio's CEO Marc Biles cascades OKRs and keeps them simple

For this episode, we spoke with Marc Biles, Founder and CEO of Ratio. Ratio is a software company dedicated to inventing smart products that help make people’s lives better and easier. They’ve made four customer-facing products: an AI tool, an underwear subscription club, a financial price comparison website, and the software that powers the comparison for other financial websites. A quick company overview: - Founder experience: 13.5 years - Team size: 19 team members - Traction: 18...


How Peter Reinhardt scaled Segment to 130 employees by focusing on the long game

In this episode of Secrets for Scaling, we chatted with Peter Reinhardt, Co-Founder and CEO of Segment. Segment is a SaaS company helping thousands of companies collect and leverage their customer data. Here’s a quick company overview: - Founder experience: 6 years - Team size: 130 team members - Traction: 4,000 customers - Stage: Series B - Company founded: 2012 (5 years old) Having dropped out of college his junior year to start Segment, then scaling the company to 130 team members in...


How FareHarbor scaled to 135 employees by staying true to their culture & hiring smart

For this episode of Secrets for Scaling, we spoke with Lawrence Hester, Cofounder and CEO of FareHarbor, an online booking platform for tours and activities. Here’s a quick company overview: - Founder experience: 4 years - Team size: 135+ team members - Customers / Revenue: 3,500+ clients and $3 billion in total ticket sales in 2017, $50MM+ in revenue - Company founded: 2013 (4 years old) It’s safe to say that FareHarbor has seen considerable success over the past four years, but it hasn’t...


Recruitee's CEO on how a pivot can lead to scaling

For this episode of Secrets for Scaling, we chatted with Perry Oostdam, Co-Founder and CEO of Recruitee - a SaaS product making it easier to hire a team and grow your business. Founded in August 2015, Recruitee now has over 2,000 SME customers using the software with a team of 15 and growing. Perry met his co-founder Paul on a site specifically for finding co-founders. They started out with a gaming company called GeoRun but they found themselves more interested in their side project,...


How Ghost built a profitable business with a Silicon Valley counterculture approach

For this episode of Secrets for Scaling, we spoke with John O’Nolan, the founder of Ghost. Ghost is a fully open source, hackable platform for building and running an online publication. The Ghost story is unique to most S4S episodes in that it’s not backed by venture capital, or even bootstrapped. Ghost is a nonprofit organization, which launched from a Kickstarter campaign that raised over £200,000 (8x its goal of £25k) in 2013. Today, they see $720,000 ARR (annual recurring revenue) for...


How Happy Socks Grew to 40 Million Pairs of Socks Sold in 90 Countries

For the latest in the Secrets for Scaling series, we talked to Mikael Söderlindh, Co-Founder and CEO of Happy Socks. Happy Socks has 12,000 retail accounts selling socks in 90 countries. On top of that, they have 30-something Happy Socks concept stores and are expecting to sell over 40 million pairs of socks in 2016! And, they’ve added underwear to their product line this year, which will also increase sales considerably. Hear more about their journey and lessons learned in this episode!


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