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Secrets Top Selling Agents™ webinars are FREE, online seminars with Top Selling Agents™ and the industry’s top educators. This podcast makes favorite episodes available for review on demand and on the go!

Secrets Top Selling Agents™ webinars are FREE, online seminars with Top Selling Agents™ and the industry’s top educators. This podcast makes favorite episodes available for review on demand and on the go!


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Secrets Top Selling Agents™ webinars are FREE, online seminars with Top Selling Agents™ and the industry’s top educators. This podcast makes favorite episodes available for review on demand and on the go!








Anne Jones & Marguerite Martin | Invest in Your Community and They Will Invest in You [rebroadcast]

How about finding inventory by attracting great clients because you are an active participant in your community? Learn how Anne and Marguerite turn video, blogging, listing promotion, and difficult community conversations into raving fans and more business in this January 2017 presentation.


Interviews | Stacie Staub | First 2 Years as a Broker [rebroadcast]

4 years ago Stacie Staub had just left another brokerage to start one of her own. By 2019, when this interview occurred, she had expanded to 3 offices with over 100 agents. Catch her live in webinar next week April 14, Find Inventory NOW: 3 Strategies That...


Ishay Grinberg | Ready, Set, Rent! How Top Agents Are Closing Rentals Right Now

In the midst of April 2020 lockdown Ishay was opening agents eyes to the lucrative rental market. Hitting your head against the wall with lack of inventory to sell? Rental clients become homebuyers down the line. Fill up your pipeline now!


Tom Ferry | Create Your Best Year Ever [rebroadcast]

Plan your next year with master trainer and best-selling author of Life! By Design Tom Ferry in this December 2016 webinar. Just because you didn’t do it in 2017 doesn’t mean you can’t do it in 2021!


Mark Kohler | 5 Tax Tips

This is a challenging tax season if you received PPP money in 2020. Don’t risk penalties or jail time because you didn’t know how to navigate these rough waters ! Mark Kohler will help you steer clear of trouble! He has 5 real estate tax strategies you...


Michele Bellisari | Facebook Highlights | Clubhouse

What is Clubhouse? Should you be using it? How? Early adopter Michele Bellisari has the scoop. And it’s still early, so get educated about this new social audio app now before your circle does!


David Mink | Facebook Highlights | Adapting to the Digital Market

Operations Manager at State Listings MLS shared tips during lockdown that still apply as we go more digital every day… lockdown or no. From our private Facebook group April 2020.


Papasan, Adler, Lemons and King | Woman in Real Estate

“Taking so much more from this than I ever expected! Wow!” said one attendee, and indeed it was like 4 webinars compressed into in one. Industry giants Sue Adler, Wendy Papasan, Marki Lemons Ryhal, and Shannon W. King worked magic in celebration of International Women’s Day. Tips...


Sue Adler | Giving the Consumer What the Consumer Wants

Consumers didn’t want to be thought of as just a transaction in 2012 when this first aired, and they don’t in 2021! Give them what they are looking for. Also be sure to catch Sue with Marki Lemons Ryhal, Shannon W. King and Wendy Papasan this Wed...


Dirk Zeller | Facebook Highlights | Stay in it to Win it, with Market Data and Facts

Another gem from our private Facebook group. Have you joined yet? You’ll want Dirk’s accompanying workbook:


Charlie Oppler | What Do Your NAR Dues Pay for? Ask NAR’s New President!

Charlie is interviewed by Michael Hern, a successful New Jersey agent. Topics include: NAR’s AntiTrust Lawsuit, beneficial initiatives (like 2nd Century), NAR’s latest research and development initiatives, effects the new administration may have on real estate.


Katie Lance | Get Social Smart [rebroadcast]

Katie Lance brings her 2017 book to life in this June ’17 webinar with point-by-point Social Media plans, content ideas and implementation strategies. Get Social Smart now with Katie’s great coaching! … and get zip code smart with’s 4 for 3 advertising special. Text SECRETSPOD to...


Michael LaFido | How to Break Into the Luxury Market Today

The author of “Luxury Listing Specialist”, “Outside The Box”, and “Marketing Luxury” gets you into shape to increase your average sale price and conversion stats. Ready to work? Let Coach LaFido guide you.


Steve Haren | Strategies for Converting Social Media Into Cold Hard Cash

Go beyond the basics and learn how to effectively use social media to make a difference in your real estate career. Catch this class live: or get the Social Fuel deal text 484848 with “SOCIAL”.


Alan T. Thompson | Facebook Highlights | Lockdown Time or Anytime: Sharpen The Saw!

20 tips you can employ anytime you have downtime, including our favorite: listen to more podcasts! Another April ’20 Facebook Live from our private Facebook group.


Interviews | Michael LaFido | Luxury Listing Specialist [rebroadcast]

Deb chats with upcoming webinar guest Michael La Fido, author of “Luxury Listing Specialist” and “Marketing Luxury. ” Join us Feb 17 2021 when we host this creator of the nationally recognized luxury certification: Luxury Listing Specialist (LUXE.) Sign up for How to Break into the Luxury...


Garry Creath and Chris Scott | Facebook Leads? [re-broadcast]

Garry Creath and Chris Scott from The Paperless Agent visited March 2019 and shared 5 Facebook campaigns that generated nearly $300 thousand dollars in commissions! New: Text “secretspod” to 484848 to get the February deal!


Marki Lemons Ryhal | Emerge From Quarantine a Video Master [Day 5 Finale]

When is the best time to produce video? Every.Single.Day. Marki has prepared you in these 5 episodes, now it’s your turn to take up her challenge! PS Sign up to hear Marki in March live in webinar:


Mitch Ribak | How to Make 100K a Year Working 4 Hours a Day

Master Open Houses + Circle of Influence Lead Generation = Success! (without working yourself to death.) 2 presentations in one plus a Facebook Live encore with more tips. “Wicked Awesome!”


Marki Lemons Ryhal | Emerge From Quarantine a Video Master [Day 4 -QA]

The gracious Marki Lemons Ryhal stuck around for another 45 minutes after her April 2019 Instagram-IGTV webinar and answered questions in our private facebook group. to watch.