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Secrets Top Selling Agents™ webinars are FREE, online seminars with Top Selling Agents™ and the industry’s top educators. This podcast makes favorite episodes available for review on demand and on the go!

Secrets Top Selling Agents™ webinars are FREE, online seminars with Top Selling Agents™ and the industry’s top educators. This podcast makes favorite episodes available for review on demand and on the go!


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Secrets Top Selling Agents™ webinars are FREE, online seminars with Top Selling Agents™ and the industry’s top educators. This podcast makes favorite episodes available for review on demand and on the go!








Alexis Bolin | Dont Get Sued! [rebroadcast]

It’s not just new agents that need to be careful. Alexis Bolin shares what to watch out for in this June 2019 interview. Alexis will be live in webinar August 10, 2021. Sign up: Want a Secrets book? Get a Homesnap Pro+ Concierge demo! Text SECRETSPOD...


Russell Shaw | How to Prosper In A Low Inventory Market

He’s back! Its been 10 years since he has graced our live webinar series. Just in time, Russel has secrets to help you prosper….in any market. Get the links list: Sign up for a Homesnap Pro+ Concierge demo and get a free Secrets book: text SECRETSPOD...


Rick White and Timothy Toye | Leadership After A Natural Disaster [rebroadcast]

You may never know how much your community relies on you, until after a natural disaster. With floods fire, hurricanes and tornadoes in the news a lot lately, spend a little time with two agent-brokers who have been there. Forewarned is forearmed!


Jay Thompson | Facebook Highlights | Agent Safety

The post-webinar agent safety conversation continues in our private Facebook group. Grab Jay’s handout:


Jay Thompson | Tips For Agent Safety – Don’t Be A Statistic

Real estate agents are vulnerable. While crime statistics show most agents have long careers without a safety incident, many are not as fortunate. 19% of our webinar attendees said they have been in life threatening situations on the job. Jay Thompson has stories, resources and tips to...


Tracey Hawkins | Conducting Real Estate the Safe Way [rebroadcast]

She may be the world’s foremost expert on real estate agent safety. Here what she has to say about COVID era showings as well as her many tips to stay safe.


Todd Duncan & Michael J. Maher | A Taste of Sales Mastery

Get more business with fewer clients? Know exactly which prospects are ripe? Keep clients for life? Yes, yes, yes. Ready for your Masters degree in Sales? Professors Duncan and Maher deliver a one hour crash course in this classic from 2012. FYI … Jay Thompson July 14...


Anthony Lamacchia | Worried about iBuyers? Well, they aren’t going away! [rebroadcast]

Anthony Lamacchia has an interesting approach to the iBuyer phenomenon. Beat them at their own game before they even get a foothold in your market. Here’s how he’s done it. Recorded December 2019. PS… Register now for Tips for Agent Safety!


Michele Bellisari | The Summer of Lovin’ Podcasts | How to Use YouTube in Real Estate

Michele Bellisari hosts In The Hive With Michele Bee, a podcast you should know. It’s fun, it’s social and packed with insight, just like Michele. Today she interviews YouTuber/Agent Kristina Smallhorn. Follow-up this episode with episode 78 at and learn to take your YouTube videos viral!


Bob Burg | The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success

“Take focus off yourself and shift into being of value to other people. Seeds of goodwill will come back to you many, many times over.” The co-author of The Go-Giver and author of Endless Referrals joined us in webinar, 2012. These laws haven’t’ changed!


Kyle Whissel | How To Turn 1 Listing Into 5 Transactions

You’ve probably worked all 5 of these avenues, stemming from one listing, before. But have you made a system out of it? Kyle has – and his team sells thousands of homes because of it.


Marki Lemons Ryhal | The Summer of Lovin’ Podcasts | Own Your Story

Another podcast we love! Social Selling Made Simple. Today Marki recounts her journey, including the personal, professional and financial challenges, that this entrepreneur extraordinaire has turned into gold. Kim Tracy interviews. Find the second half of this interview at and all of Marki’s goodies at


Tom Ferry | The Rich and the Rest

The top 20% of agents or “The Rich” aren’t necessarily working harder than “The Rest”. However their reach is wider — they generate leads in all sorts of ways the average agent does not. Tom’s success secrets from 2015 resonate remarkably in 2021; market conditions were similar…and...


Tom Ferry | The Summer of Lovin’ Podcasts | Go ALL IN on Video

The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, one of the nation’s top business podcasts, has shared with us this chock-full-of video-ideas broadcast to present as the inaugural episode of The Summer of Lovin’ Podcasts — great real estate podcasters that we’ll feature here throughout the summer. Listen to the...


Ashton Gustafson | Time Management – Systems, Tools, and Disciplines [rebroadcast]

The youngest ever Star-Power Star joined us April 2016 to explain his daily planning, accountability, lead generation, and boundary setting regimen.


Jim Remley and Joe Sesso | Pre-Foreclosures Facebook QA

Jim and Joe stuck around post-webinar for your pre-foreclosure questions.


Veterans United | A New Niche Market [rebroadcast]

As we take time to honor fallen soldiers on this Memorial Day 2021, let’s get better at serving living soldiers, our veterans. This tight knit community of public servants not only deserves great service, they will spread the word if you are a veteran-friendly agent. We revisit...


Jim Remley and Joe Sesso | Mining Pre-Foreclosures For Listings and Investment Gold

Millions of homeowners are still in forbearance and 5% of mortgages are currently delinquent. Help homeowners cash-in on the current market, get them out of a tight spot and build your portfolio of listings … and maybe property too. Pre-foreclosures are gold.


Jim Remley | How to Price, Package, and Position Listings to Sell Quickly [rebroadcast]

Price-positioning, staging, seller scripts and a lot more. Jim models what a perfectly organized Listing presentation should be with this perfectly organized webinar: Merchandising Listings from June 2019. Catch Jim live May 26, 2021.


Jim Remley | FSBO Farming – Top Tips to Double Your Inventory

You’re sitting in your car outside a FSBO. You know you should call the number on the sign, or at least knock on the door, but what do you say? Double your inventory with these tips and scripts to farm FSBO listings successfully.