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The Weekly Podcast for Professionals Whose Job Depends on Disruptive Sales and Marketing

The Weekly Podcast for Professionals Whose Job Depends on Disruptive Sales and Marketing


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The Weekly Podcast for Professionals Whose Job Depends on Disruptive Sales and Marketing








Protecting Your Disruptive Intellectual Property with Angela Langlotz

Your intellectual property is meant to be protected. If you don't protect a valuable brand, it could be stolen away from you. Trademark attorney Angela Langlotz has been focusing on business, intellectual property, and trademarks with Angela throws some light on protecting our intellectual property and points out the biggest mistakes that companies and […]


Disruptive Marketing With Web Technology with Jason Kramer

Disruptive marketing means identifying the right customers, nurturing them to where they fall in love with you, and then converting them into paying customers. Jason Kramer, founder of Cultivize, says you got to strike when a prospect is showing interest. Somebody walking into a retail store is immediately showing interest because they've walked through the […]


Disrupting Sales With Differentiation with Lee Salz

Stop saying that you're the best when making a sales pitch. Stop saying that you're selling the best product, the best merchandise, or the best service because every salesperson in the world says that. Most sales conversation just lead down to price because the salesperson did not communicate meaningful differentiation. You need differentiation in sales, […]


Are You An Explainer Or A Persuader: How To Tell Disruptive Stories with Doug Stevenson

Storytelling is the fastest way to engage attention and implement change. It works in a very powerful way with the brain of the listener to engage attention. It activates all of the senses. It is logical and linear, but it is also creative and nonlinear. Doug Stevenson, founder and president of Story Theater International, a […]


Disruptive eMail Marketing Strategies with Doug Morneau

Marketing is undeniably the first step to finding more customers. However, with so many marketing strategies around, it becomes harder to find those that are effective. Someone with an interesting view on how best to reach out and find new customers is Doug Morneau, serial entrepreneur and expert marketer who believes in the power of […]


Designing Disruptive Products with Tracy Hazzard

The times are changing, and certain products made before do not fit anymore to what this world needs now. Talking about designing disruptive products is designer Tracy Hazzard who is known to help people create and launch this certain niche. Tracy believes that innovation does not necessarily have to be completely different; a few tweaks […]


Gain More Profits With Negative Churn with Shreesha Ramdas

Customers come and go; yet it is always a must for businesses to not lose them as much as possible. When customers churn, you would expect a drop from your sales. Shreesha Ramdas, CEO of Strikedeck, believes otherwise. For him, there is a possibility of creating that churn into a positive experience for your company. […]


The Disruptive Impact Of Gen Z: What You Must Know Now To Profit with Kathleen Hessert and Rani Mani

Statistically, it is said that there will be 2.56 billion Gen Zs by 2020. 40 percent of that will come for the US alone. In the global scale, 37 percent will be from the Generation Z. This data shows the enormous spending power this generation holds. If you are in business, this can only mean […]


How To Powerfully Connect With New Customers with Terry Pappy

It may come as a surprise, but most people don't know what their customers want. In one research experiment, 90% of the executives surveyed were shocked at what their customers found valuable when they did a poll of what their customers were buying. Our customers buy for their own reasons, not for our reasons. It's […]


Creating A Disruptive Brand Strategy with Sue Kirchner

A brand offers benefits not only to the organization to be able to sell to customers, but also a tremendous amount of value internally. To come up with a disruptive brand strategy, Sue Kirchner of Brand Strong Marketing says, first and foremost, you need to look inward and figure out what you stand for and […]


Disruption With IoT And Voice Command with Chris Voss

The Internet of Things, or IoT as kids call it these days, is so disruptive. We’ve got things now like Alexa, smart appliances, the Amazon Dash Button, and apps like Yummly that will prepare your meal for you. The IoT, as far as household appliances, is starting to reach a place where it really makes […]


Outsourcing To Grow And Disrupt with Evan Green

When your business is in growth mode, the path that you obviously have to take is outsourcing. It is part of the tenets of the executive strategy skills to create a business that scales with business cycles. Evan Green talks about how you create a scalable business so you can grow without disruption, at the […]


Getting Deals Done: Sales Management Strategy with John Boyens

John Boyens, sales productivity expert with 22 years of experience as a sales executive, shares his knowledge on sales management strategy to get deals done. Giving a peek of his book, Creating a Productive Selling Zone, you’ll find how it’s more than just the art of selling but the science of it. He talks about […]


Creating Your Disruptive Vision with Tony Durso

What is your long-term objective? Where do you see yourself going in two to three years? There are immediate goals and there are some great people that push that very heavily, but your whole life, your whole future does not revolve around a one, a two, or a three-month goal because the industry changes so […]


Executive Forecasting For Sustainable Growth with Dr. Paul J. Pavlik

Budgeting is a very important component of every business, yet it is often overlooked. Dr. Paul J. Pavlik has seen this problem as a businessman and an analyst of healthcare practices and other entrepreneurial businesses. Giving fresh insights, Dr. Pavlik talks about something that has never been discussed - the importance of financial acumen to […]


Executive Podcasting Power – How Podcasts Uniquely Amplify Your Brand and Message with Tom Hazzard

Executive podcasting is the modern media and the statistics will show you that. It amplifies not only your message but also your brand as a whole. If you’re an executive who’s not doing podcast now, then you’re missing out. We’ve got Tom Hazzard to talk about everything about podcasting and how it greatly impacts the […]


Gain 25% Effectiveness by Aligning Your Team Skills with Your Corporate Needs with Jamison West

The business is only as good as its people. The more your team fits the role they play in the company, the better they can perform. So it helps to know what their passions are in order to delegate them in areas where they are most effective. A believer of this is Jamison West, CEO […]


Dynamic Communication – Strategies to Standout in the Noise with Jill Schiefelbein

Communication is very essential to business. It is what binds clients and customers. Yet, many still don’t know how to move out of their dull communication practices, which often hurts the business’ potential. Jill Schiefelbein is a business communication expert, author, and keynote speaker. She discusses about the dynamic communication strategies that you would use […]


Executive Personal Branding: Top Of Mind, Top Of Market with Brian Basilico

When business owners think of brand, they immediately associate it with their businesses. However, as most people know, businesses do business with the people within it. Brian Basilico counteracts that. Brian believes that brands should be personal. As a marketing expert and founder of B2b Interactive Marketing, he breaks down how to do personal branding […]


Double Your Executive Impact with an Executive Assistant with Carmella Siravo

True success does not happen with just one person. It is partly because of the people behind them; for executives, it is their executive assistant. Executive assistants play a crucial role in being the gatekeeper of executives. They are the ones who keep it all organized in the midst of all the chaos. Carmella Siravo […]