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Califlorida Dreaming

Highlights from this episode Why is Ed in California? - (1:51) What a mountain is...for people who have never left Florida. - (3:40) It's 20 dollar burger day in California...AWESOME! - (5:30) California is nice, but Florida is better! - (6:10) Cue LL Cool J! (Please don't sue us - we love you James!) - (6:38) Shelley will never ever ever ever (never) ever never ever ever ever. -(11:12) A "Mister Ed" joke / reference. It was bound to happen eventually. - (14:27) Stay classy...


Diners, Drinks, and Del Webb

Highlights from this episode Martini's as research? - (0:02) Where can you find your mermaid? - (5:37) Mermaids on Discovery Channel? - (7:47) Two words - Strawberry butter! - (15:29) Magic shows at Del Webb? - (22:31) Ed takes a nap in a model home while Shelley works. - (27:40) Update: Mermaid Vodka - (2:47) Podcasting can present many opportunities and we have had many since starting Selling Sarasota Podcast. A recent opportunity presented by this show is a new job for Ed in...


Updates vs Upgrades

Highlights from this episode That's not improv! - (00:10) Two segments of The Local Flavor? The truth comes out! - (1:51) Christine Alexander's ego boost in 3...2...1 - (2:51) Time to upgrade dinner! - (20:26) "What if some woman wants me to do it to her and I don't know what it is?" - (25:49) Shelley pictures the staff at Easter Seals in gang colors taking over the streets. - (41:25) Updates vs Upgrades - (6:57) What is the difference between an update and an upgrade when it comes...


Easter Seals and the Giving Challenge

Highlights from this episode Ed loves pugs and pug paintings. - (0:13) Nobody puts baby in the corner! - (1:06) Just for the record, Tom has not gone swimming with the manatees. - (4:21) What is Easter Seals? Tom gives an excellent answer! - (5:10) Spoiler Alert! Tom Waters is Captain America. - (16:11) Woof Wednesday saves lives! - (16:25) All of the many ways YOU can help Easter Seals today! - (18:15) What is The Giving Challenge? - (20:30) Quite possibly the best answer to any...


Golf and Taxes in Florida

Highlights from this episode How golf and taxes are alike. -(0:01) Sarasota is the BEST place to retire! - (2:59) How to not treat Ed like a savage. - (4:44) What the heck is FIRPTA? - (9:10) Why interviewing Jo Ann Koontz is GOLD baby! Just GOLD! - (15:48) How you can let Koontz & Associates be your shock absorber. - (31:00) Ed returns to the golf course for the first time in 3 years! - (34:00) Interview with Jo Ann Koontz of Koontz and Associates - (4:30) Today attorney Jo Ann...


Best Beaches Ever

Highlights from this episode Why is Ed whispering? - (1:15) Shelley interviews her family. - (3:24) Ed has a new gig! - (4:23) Why we bought our car at Sarasota Ford. - (4:50) You don't have to shovel sunshine! - (9:25) What if Mickey Mouse is on page 5? - (11:06) High quality sound effects. (37:30) So is it cay or key? - (42:13) Ed's been to all 10 and he's bragging about it. - (45:45) Interview with Jennifer Martinez - (6:44) In our second interview with Jennifer Martinez (the...


Tacos, Pirates, and Marshmallow Steaks

Highlights from this episode Interview with Gunner Davis - (2:49) In our second interview with Gunner Davis (Managing Partner of Century 21 Beggins in Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, and Longboat Key) we discuss the best practices for selling your home in Sarasota. With over 13 years experience and over 500 homes sold he offers several great tips for home sellers. The Local Flavor - Surf Shack - (26:44) One of our favorite local spots for a late lunch or early dinner after relaxing at Lido...


Gators in Myakka

Highlights from this episode Cocktails with Customers - (2:23) Today we enjoy exceptionally smooth Mermaid Vodka with Andy and Marci Kaye at their new home in Del Webb - Lakewood Ranch! The Local Flavor - (13:28) After living in Sarasota for four years we FINALLY make time to visit beautiful Myakka State Park which is surprisingly only a 20 to 30 minute drive east of Sarasota! Also we have our first installment of Fun Facts with Ed. This week it is appropriately about...


Mermaids and manatees

Highlights from this episode The Local Flavor - extended edition - (2:09) This week in The Local Flavor we are focusing on all things MERMAID (and that includes manatees)! Interview with Carol Strickland, Chief Executive Mermaid of Mermaid Vodka - (2:49) We had the good fortune of being one of the first customers to order Mermaid Vodka the day it was first sold at Crescent Club and we were hooked from the very first sip! From then on we started following the mermaids on social media and...


Century 21 defying mediocrity with Nick Bailey!

Highlights from this episode Interview with Nick Bailey, President & CEO of Century 21 Global - (1:35) "Century 21's new mission statement is "to defy mediocrity and deliver extraordinary experiences". Mediocre is when there is anxiety, stress, or it's not easy. When you remove these three things from the process it removes mediocrity. Everything we stand for is to defy mediocrity." About Nick Bailey* Nick Bailey was appointed president and chief executive officer for Century 21 Real...


Hitting it out of the park

Highlights from this episode Interview with Shannon Corr of Shannon Corr Photography - (3:55) A short discussion of the importance of great photography is important to the sale of a home. Shannon tells about how he got his start as a professional start taking photos documenting his experience as a drummer in a band in San Francisco. He then went to school and became an credentialed professional photographer. Beyond being a master of the technical aspects of photography (lighting,...


Tacos and Naughty Monks

Highlights from this episode The Local Flavor - (1:43) Tacos to Go 2773 Bee Ridge Rd Sarasota, FL 34239 Tacos to Go (Facebook Page) Naughty Monk Brewery 2507 Lakewood Ranch Blvd Bradenton, FL 34211 naughtymonkbrewery.com Interview with Diana Eibler CEO and one of the founders of Naughty Monk Brewery - (5:00) Shell & Tell - (26:02) If you would like to have your questions answered on an upcoming Shell & Tell please contact...


Sushi and Superheroes

Highlights from this episode The Local Flavor - (3:10) "Sushi and Superheroes" We started the evening with dinner at Hana Sushi Lounge. Our favorites were the Origami Roll and Kiss of the Dragon Roll. Ed enjoyed the blonde ale by Naughty Monk Brewery so much we will be visiting them very soon for an episode of The Local Flavor! After dinner we walked down the street to Lakewood Ranch Cinemas to see Black Panther (directed by Ryan Coogler not Ryan "Coogan") before we heard any of...


Interview with Gunner Davis of Century 21 Beggins and we chat about Podfest

Interview Gunner Davis Managing Partner at Century 21 Beggins Enterprises Lakewood Ranch In this interview with Gunner he tells us a bit about his background as a native Floridian and how he started his real estate career with his wife Melissa. He also shares his insights to the local real estate market along with how he lives in a state with hurricanes and alligators. Gunner Davis CENTURY 21 Beggins Enterprises 6800 Professional Parkway W. Lakewood Ranch, FL 34240 phone:...


The Final Walkthrough, The Local Flavor, and Shell and Tell

It's the Final Walk-through (Cue 80's music!) What's the point of a final walk-through after visiting the home several times and a home inspection? Repairs Condition of the Home Items That Convey How serious is the final walk-through? A sale isn't final until it is closed. Although there may be reprocussions, it can be canceled for almost any reason until the sale is completed at the closing, but typically this only happens with less than 3% of transactions. This being said,...


BONUS EPISODE - Because we LOVE podcasters!

Even though we just launched our show on Feb 9th at Podfest Mulitmedia Expo in Orlando and our episodes will be posting Tuesday mornings, we couldn't wait until next week to share this one! Plus - it's VALENTINE'S DAY and we LOVE podcasters! We thought it would be fun to interview other first year podcasters at Podfest to share our journeys together. Then we thought with all of these amazing podcasting veterans around us so Ed ran around on the last day of Podfest interviewing as many...


How to hire a mortgage lender with Jennifer Martinez of Guaranteed Rate - Mortgages

Our first interview guest is the Vice President of Lending at Guaranteed Rate Mortgage Jennifer Martinez. Jennifer has been in the mortgage lending industry for 17 years. She got involved early in her career because of her excellent math skills and her love of helping people achieve their goal of home ownership. The favorite part of her job is helping first time home buyers and veterans. Jennifer is also a physical fitness enthusiast and enjoys weekly bootcamp classes with her husband...


How to hire a realtor - tips from Shelley

In our first full episode Shelley breaks down her best tips for hiring a realtor to help you buy or sell a home in Sarasota. Many of the tips are applicable in other markets. The show opens with Ed enthusiastically sharing his newest obsession with having groceries delivered from Publix via a service called Shipt. There website describes their service as: "Through a user-friendly app and a local network of reliable shoppers, Shipt connects members to fresh groceries and everyday...


Get to know us - a quick introduction to Shelley and Ed

A quick introduction to get to know your host Shelley Panas and her producer Edward Panas and why they have created a podcast about buying and selling real estate in Sarasota, FL. Your host is Shelley Panas; a licensed real estate agent with CENTURY 21 Beggins Enterprises in Sarasota FL. She works anywhere from Lakewood Ranch, to Bradenton, Sarasota, and down through Venice. This Podcast is about residential real estate. It is for anyone interested in selling their home. Even though...


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