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The ‘Share Your Story’ podcast are interviews with small business owners. They begin by sharing their personal back story and their business growth journey, often sharing challenges along the way. Then we explore details of their current business offering and the tangible benefits they deliver to their clients. The purpose of the Podcast is to inspire start-ups and other business owners.

The ‘Share Your Story’ podcast are interviews with small business owners. They begin by sharing their personal back story and their business growth journey, often sharing challenges along the way. Then we explore details of their current business offering and the tangible benefits they deliver to their clients. The purpose of the Podcast is to inspire start-ups and other business owners.


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The ‘Share Your Story’ podcast are interviews with small business owners. They begin by sharing their personal back story and their business growth journey, often sharing challenges along the way. Then we explore details of their current business offering and the tangible benefits they deliver to their clients. The purpose of the Podcast is to inspire start-ups and other business owners.






Kate Strong - World Champion Triathlete, Plant-Based Adventurer, Coach and Consultant, Strong Voice Podcast

Kate Strong leads by example when it comes to peak performance whether that’s climbing Mont Blanc, developing a sustainable business with a global reach or breaking 3 cycling world records. She is a widely sought after coach, enabling individuals and teams to redefine what’s possible and introduce flow into their daily way of being. Kate has lived and travelled all over the globe, earning a double Masters in Engineering while living in France & Italy, She’s set up micro businesses in...


Ina Bakalova - Business Development Consultant and Content Accelerator Creator

Ina Bakalova is an Online Marketing Expert focused on organic content strategies and social media. Through her signature program, the Content Accelerator, Ina helps online business owners and educational creators to create and market a profitable consulting offer, and ultimately sign clients. After experimenting with different business ventures in her early twenties, Ina officially started her career as a property investor. She created the Content Accelerator after freelancing as a...


Andrew Miller - Business Enjoyment, Multiple Author and International Speaker

A qualified insolvency practitioner, Andrew spent 16 years in the Restructuring department of the global accountancy firm, KPMG, as well as being seconded to Barclays Bank's insolvency unit. Taking on leadership roles highlighted to Andrew a passion and flair for working with individuals and the issues that affect them at a personal level. Through working with company owners who were in the process of losing everything, he became acutely aware of the emotional connection that exists between...


Vicki Moore - Professional Coach, Entrepreneur, Expat-Explorer and Author

Vicki Moore spent most of her career as a corporate manager, leading diverse teams in both the US and Europe. For more than 15 years , she helped teams efficiently implement strategic changes, improve performance and achieve big goals. After founding and running a successful business in Los Angeles for ten years, Vicki pursued her dream of living in Europe. Now, she combines her skills in strategy, management and coaching to help others turn bold ideas into actions and pursue their dreams...


Traci Neal - Writer, Speaker and Poet

Traci Neal lives in the United States as a performing poet and professional writer. She is featured in The New York Times, Storyberries, Sheen Magazine, and InspireMore to name a few. She is the third place 2022 poetry winner in the United Kingdom Thalassemia Society for their Global Arts and Poetry Competition, the 2022 poetry winner of Empowering Justice Foundation Poetry Contest, the third-place 2022 State Winner of the SCCDA Poetry and Art Contest, and the 2021 second-place winner of the...


Sam Mitchell - Podcaster, TEDx Speaker, Blogger, International Speaker

Envision yourself as a person who has a bright future, but then get diagnosed with autism at a young age, and you develop a lack of conversational skills when one of the requirements in society is discussing with someone. Now, I do not converse with any male or female easily because I have the tendency to talk about what I only want to, and it leads people the wrong way. I have never been able to figure out the reason, but at the end of the day, I brush the dust off, and I reclaim my...


John Leister - Self-Published Author and Creator of The JohnnyVerse

I'm fifty-six and I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. About three years ago, I hit emotional-bottom and reached out to God. Since then, my life has changed in the following ways: I'm no longer addicted to sugar. My weight has gone from 235 lbs. to 170 lbs. I work-out regularly: weight-lifting, yoga and daily, long walks. I post videos of myself working out on my Facebook page. I'm not shy. Most importantly, I've been pursuing my dream of becoming a professional writer of...


Faris Aranki - Strategy and Emotional Intelligence

Having spent over 20 years delivering strategic change for the corporate and non-corporate worlds, Faris has experienced first-hand the fine differences between strategic success and failure. His work has spanned numerous companies (from global behemoths to small start-ups), in numerous countries, across a range of sectors, supporting them all to unlock strategic success. He came to realise that often what hinders institutions from achieving their goals goes beyond the quality of their...


Michelle Jewsbury - Philanthropist, Speaker, Author and Coach

Michelle Jewsbury is an international philanthropic, speaker, author, and breakthrough coach. May 2014, she took her first humanitarian trip to Guatemala where she helped an orphanage on the Rio Dulce. Her next mission trip took her to Kenya, Africa withKizimani, a non profit that focuses on bringing hope and sustainable change to impoverished communities. In 2015, she embarked in a career as Vice President for Young Vision Africa, a non-profit organization that encourages young leaders in...


Dr. Pat Boulogne - Why Are You Sick, Fat and Tired? - Coach and Mentor

I help you live Longer and Better by improving your Habits, Health and Happiness. I will help you when you cannot find help anyplace else. I’ve been delivering science-based solutions over 3 decades helping tens of thousands of people to stop adapting their lifestyle to pain and health problems that accelerate the aging process. I help people who are aging prematurely even though they are eating quality foods, exercising and thinking good thoughts and/or trying to avoid inherent diseases,...


Sarah Ross - Your Reason to Breathe

Sarah Ross, Founder of “Your Reason to Breathe”, helps stressed executives and entrepreneurs to beat the burnout cycle by finding their own “Reason to Breathe” and building their life around it. After burning out in the corporate world and planning to take her own life, a dying orphan in a Vietnamese orphanage showed Sarah that she had more to give by using her own story to help others. Her mission is to make sure that no-one who is burning out ever feels like ending their life is their only...


Clinton Young - Global Courage Speaker, Pickleball Coach, Pro Commentator, Founder of Pickleball 4 Life

As a Globally Renowned Courage Speaker and Mentor, Clinton’s work centers around inspiring and enabling the courage and confidence to unlock your God given potential. An experience of failure in 2008 shattered his confidence but awakened his soul. It set him on a spiritual path that led him to his purpose of “Re-Igniting the Human Spirit”. He’s recently spoken to over 50,000 people across North America and Europe, and was recognised by Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global as a “Top 12...


Tim Kellis - Happy Relationships

Finally, the breakthrough you have been looking for. In this groundbreaking book Wall Street analyst and author Tim Kellis takes you on a journey through time to not only help you discover yourself but understand how to build and keep a lifelong happy, healthy, harmonious, loving, affectionate, intimate marriage. Not only will you learn how to build a positive relationship, what turns that relationship negative but how to change the course of the negative relationship back to where you were...


David Chametzky - Peace, Love and Bring a Bat

David Chametzky who is also known as "Uncle Dave" is a highly authentic person who wears his heart on his sleeve because he has a special passion for empowering and serving people who are looking to level up and improve themselves in many ways. In life we go through a process which Uncle Dave trademarked called CLUBERTY™. Its a process where we learn to grow constantly by not only looking back at our obstacles in the past but learning how to avoid future obstacles. I'm just like you - just a...


Rex Sikes - IDEA Seminars - Mind Design™ - Author - Life on Your Terms

After a skydiving accident nearly robbed Rex Steven Sikes of his life and caused him to spiral down in negativity for a couple years, Rex locked himself in his apartment for 6 weeks to sort things through and develop the confidence to face the world again living happily and successfully again. During those weeks of deep introspection and meditation Sikes discovered the keys for transformation which he has shared around the world ever since. He discusses this in his book, Life On Your Terms:...


Olga Brooks - Quantum Energy Healer - The Return

The Return is a reminder for every woman to look, search into the deepest places with in herself and return/find/explore/fall in love with the wonderful creation she is. I am here to remind and guide you how to get in touch with your own self. I will lead you to finding and keeping that balance that will move you forward. To bring your light to shine. It doesn’t matter what circumstances you are in now. It is all about you. You, who is amazing, unique and real. You who brings happiness into...


Ron Stickler - Author: PRO$PERITY Personality Recognition

Multiple Sales Award winner, Ron Stickler, learned a sales technique he named "PRO$PERITY Personality Recognition" which quickly led to a dramatic $10 million dollars in sales for him over the following twelve years. Having been very successful in commission sales previously to his breakthrough realization of how successful the principles of Personality Recognition were, he thought, "I wish I had known this a long time ago!" It amazed him how few salespeople had ever been taught this...


Ryan Carruthers - The Membership Mastery and Betfair Trading Community

Ryan Carruthers is the CEO and Founder of The Membership Mastery, Betfair Trading Community and Carruthers. He has years of experience in the membership industry, digital products, community and software, implementing and coaching businesses to create an online community that drives sales and loyalty. ————————————————————————————— Hey, it’s Ryan Carruthers here from The Membership Mastery, & I help you build the membership site of your dreams. Do you want to build a membership website? Do...


Danielle Thornton-Walker - Self Love and Empowerment Life Coach

Hi! I’m Danielle. I live in Sheffield with my husband and my son. I am at my happiest when I am outdoors, in woods, parks, fields or on a beach! At the heart of everything I do are my values which are: Love, Personal growth, Making a difference, Family. I have a background in Higher Education focused on personal development. My passion has always been people driven and helping people grow and develop. In 2020 I felt drawn to follow my passion for coaching, to take it to the next level. In...


Gemma Perkins - Founder of The Self Leadership Initiative

Gemma is a personal transformation facilitator, providing bespoke and interactive learning experiences that inspire and empower people to be their best selves. Seven years ago Gemma started her own training company following nine years of experience in youth leadership development, a first-class degree in psychology and qualifying as a teacher. Her experience in teaching solidified her belief that education was missing out on the essential soft skills such as conflict resolution,...