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#96: Social Media Insider Talk | Lauren Teague

SHOW NOTES Lauren Teague has never written a business book, never given a keynote speech to thousands, and has never shot even par on the golf course (but she was one-under through 9 holes, once). She is an emoji queen (but likes Bitmoji better). She tweets, snaps, posts and "goes live” on the regular, mostly so she can help others do the same. She speaks Millennial, and can translate it too. When she's not on stage, or presenting workshops, or helping clients create social media...


#95: Contribution, Connection, Calling | Laura Gassner Otting

SHOW NOTES Laura Gassner Otting helps people get “unstuck” — and achieve extraordinary results. Through Limitless Possibility, Laura collaborates with change agents, entrepreneurs, investors, leaders, and donors to push past the doubt and indecision that consign great ideas to limbo. She delivers strategic thinking, well-honed wisdom, and catalytic perspective informed by decades of navigating change across the start-up, nonprofit, political, and philanthropic landscapes. Laura’s 25-year...


#94: Falling in Love with the Power of Connection | Phil Gerbyshak

SHOW NOTES Phil Gerbyshak (pronounced Phil Grr-buh-shack) has written 5 books and over 3000 articles. He began his career in the Navy, delivering email - by hand - for the National Security Agency. He is a former VP of Information Technology who started using social media even before it was called social media. Phil’s insights have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Daily Globe and Mail, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Investor’s Business Daily, and countless other media...


#93: What If Nothing Could Stop You? | Stacey Copas

SHOW NOTES Dubbed the “Queen of Resilience” by 7 times world surfing champion Layne Beachley, Stacey has not let a devastating accident that left her a quadriplegic and dependent on a wheelchair at 12 years old slow her down. Instead she has used her life experience and personal philosophies to help leaders shift the way they perceive and respond to change and adversity, working with large organisations such as Telstra, Holden and Flight Centre. Stacey is the author of “How To Be...


#92: What It Means To Be Inclusive | Robbie Samuels

SHOW NOTES Special Link for Shareable Listeners: 10 tips for conference connections Robbie Samuels is a keynote speaker and relationship-based business strategist who has been recognized as a “networking expert” by Harvard Business Review Ascend, Inc., and Lifehacker. He is the author of the best-selling business book Croissants vs. Bagels: Strategic, Effective, and Inclusive Networking at Conferences and has been profiled in the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Fast Company. His...


#91: Empathy and Love in Business | Dan Pontefract

The "human whisperer" Dan Pontefract is here, talking all things empathy and how it connects to the ways we run our businesses and our lives. How does it fit into our daily lives? Author of Love-Based Leadership, Dan is driven by the question: How do love and empathy fit into our businesses? Further, what allows a business to click? What values and motivations and obstacles come together to form each organization, and how does that organization run based on each combination? Dan shares...


#90: Fit Your Marketing Plan on a Single Page | Allan Dib

SHOW NOTES This week we are sitting down with Allan Dib, serial entrepreneur, rebellious marketer and technology expert. We're talking all things marketing can an efficient strategy in one page or less that encapsulates every necessity for our businesses? Allan speaks on his book, The One-Page Marketing Plan, which of course is the book he wishes he had at the time he was building his business. He walks us through all the stages of his marketing process, from effectively...


#89: Challenges in the Mission Economy | Caleb Gardner

SHOW NOTES Caleb Gardner is an insatiably curious strategy consultant with unique professional experience, from startups to nonprofits, from Fortune 100 clients to presidents. In addition to a career in the private sector at prestigious firms like Edelman and Bain & Company, Caleb was the lead digital strategist for President Obama's political advocacy group, bringing his unique leadership to one of the largest digital programs in existence. Now as the co-founder and managing partner of 18...


#88: The Social Media Ladder | Rachael Kay Albers Interviews Jeff Gibbard

During this interview, Rachael and Jeff are talking all things regarding the tech and marketing industry. They dive into the hierarchy within the social media professional ladder...should people call themselves social media gurus? How about social media ninjas? Jeff shares his thoughts on these questions and more. Further, Jeff hypes up some of his favorite professionals in the industry, sharing who inspires him and who he feels deserves more recognition. Jeff shares his thoughts on what is...


#87: The Power of Humor and Uncompromising Entrepreneurialism | Rachael Kay Albers

It's that time of week again. Today we are sitting down with Rachael Kay Albers, a self proclaimed marketing-hating marketer. As founder of RK Ink, she has helped entrepreneurs reach their dreams without compromising themselves in the process.And as host of Awkward Marketing, a business comedy show, Rachael sheds light on how to create epic brands online. Rachael is a pro at reverse-niching...which follows the notion that we can only know who we are and what we value by knowing who we are...


#86: Anthony Russo Interviews Jeff Gibbard

Mic swap time! This time, Jeff is on the other side of the mic, with Anthony Russo from #bethechange asking the questions. They are sitting down and talking about marketing and influence in today's world, in which technology exists within every sector of our lives. Some questions they hit on: What makes genuinely successful influencer marketing and what does that look like? And what responsibility do influencers have in being the change, no pun intended, they wish to see through what they...


#85: No Endgame. Just #BeTheChange | Anthony Russo

We're back this week with a conversation that just feels so timely for where we find ourselves today... individually and collectively. Anthony Russo sat down with us and honestly, it was like a breath of fresh air. Anthony is the founder of#bethechange, a movement thats message is simple: change all starts within in. It calls for self responsibility and accountability, with the underlying premise that we cannot show up for the world around us until we show up for ourselves. In today's...


#84: Should You Consider Brand Journalism or Native Advertising? | Melanie Deziel

Melanie Deziel is sitting down with us this week and man, is she a force to be reckoned with. She has combined her original love for journalism with her innovate eye for marketing to revolutionize the brand content of companies from Huffington Post to New York Times to TIME Inc. She is the founder of StoryFuel, which consults with brands looking to create, expand or optimize their branded content teams, processes and practices. Also a public speaker, Melanie travels the world giving keynotes...


#83: Anu Vora Interviews Jeff Gibbard

It's mic swap time! I sat down with Anu Vora. We talk about my experiences and lessons throughout my journey in finding my place within the the intersection of people and technology that by now, ya'll know I am very passionate about. I'm sharing my ideas on company culture and the many gray areas that can exist within it. Here's some questions we touch on: Are we talking the talk AND walking the walk? Do our employees genuinely feel heard, seen, and supported? How does empathy truly fit...


#82: College Admissions Scandal Proves the Need For Allies | Anu Vora

This week's episode may in fact be the most timely one we have ever had the pleasure of hosting. In the wake up of the recent college admission scandals, we are all being forced to confront the inequalities on all levels within our country's higher education system. The truth is, there were 56 families indicted in this current scandal, but the problem doesn't end there. The question remains, how massive really is this problem? There's few better people to talk about such an issue than Anu...


#81: Career Shifts and Aerial Inverts | Jane Wilson

This week we're sitting down with Jane Wilson, and wow is she giving us some amazing insights. All too often, we forget how powerful our individuality is. It can feel like we don't have a unique voice, especially in today's world. Jane reminds us of the power in our potential. She is an expert in helping women to feel strong, empowered and confident. She is the founder of PoleFit Nation - a pole dancing for fitness company. She is the creator of Reclaim Your Spark Podcast, as well as a...


#80: Foundations For Getting What We Want In Life | Jeanette Bronee

In today’s world, many things are changing. We are opening ourselves up to new ways of being mindful, being present, and being engaged in our own lives. This is translating in a million different ways in how we act in life and in work. One thing is for sure, we are waking up. This is exactly what has helped our next guest Jeanette Bronee get to where she is today. We’re talking mindfulness, self-care, and how technology fits into our lives and experiences. Jeanette is a Performance & Culture...


#79: The Secret To Being a Good Interviewer and Podcast Host | Jeff Gibbard

This is the first Solo episode of Shareable. In this episode, I (Jeff) go through what I think is the secret to being a great podcast host. This is the simple ingredient that I think allows me to conduct interviews regardless of whether or not I know my guest particularly well. If you've been thinking of starting a podcast, or just want to learn the skills of productive conversation and interviewing, don't miss this episode.


#78: Success Leaves Clues | Thom Singer

This week on Shareable, we're joined by Thom Singer. We're talking everything from technology, vulnerability, and success, hearing personal stories and experiences from Thom's own life. A lot of varying factors go into being "successful," and we're talking all that and more this week. And there's no better guest to learn from- Thom is a sales-and-marketing-pro-turned-leadership-speaker. He is the author of 12 books and also a fellow podcaster, as host of the "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do"...


#77: Exploring The Nature Of Go-Giving | Bob Burg

Jeff here; this week we're sitting down with Bob Burg, talking about giving and why it's so crucial to your life and business. Bob shares what being a go-giver means and how we can all embody it within ourselves. He explains where our focus should be and how to reach the "reward" we tend to focus on. Bob is a sought-after speaker at company leadership and sales conferences sharing the platform with everyone from today’s business leaders and broadcast personalities to even a former U.S....