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Sheventures is about women who pivot careers, take risks, and get shit done. Each interview-style episode will feature an inspirational, no holds barred story of the trials, pivots, and reality of being a trailblazing woman. Get ready to listen, be inspired, and take action.

Sheventures is about women who pivot careers, take risks, and get shit done. Each interview-style episode will feature an inspirational, no holds barred story of the trials, pivots, and reality of being a trailblazing woman. Get ready to listen, be inspired, and take action.


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Sheventures is about women who pivot careers, take risks, and get shit done. Each interview-style episode will feature an inspirational, no holds barred story of the trials, pivots, and reality of being a trailblazing woman. Get ready to listen, be inspired, and take action.






“Working Twice as Hard to Get Half the Credit” With Kimberly Ellison-Taylor

Kimberly Ellison-Taylor is an advocate for inclusive leadership, and what it means to create an equitable workplace environment. It’s not as simple as giving everyone the same opportunity — you need to meet people where they’re at. We are, unfortunately, not all created equal. The first Black woman and the youngest person to act as chairperson of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, on top of a career including roles at NASA, KPMG, and Motorola, Kimberly Ellison-Taylor is...


Overcoming Racial Trauma in Business With Makisha Boothe

Spoiler alert: If you want to eavesdrop on a candid conversation about being a black female entrepreneur, this is a must listen. Imagine being told repeatedly that no market or need for your business exists — yet your experience and social and financial acumen tell you otherwise. Makisha Boothe experienced this firsthand; now she helps other black women navigate their business lives. Raised by strong women who were adamant she wouldn’t get stuck in the “system,” Boothe has spent...


From Biz Dev Exec to Mentor and Investor With Sima Gandhi

As the daughter of first-generation immigrants, Sima Gandhi is no stranger to hard work. Her father encouraged her to succeed, and her desire and drive to take risks and break down barriers may come from her humble but stable early family life. Determined not to define female business acumen by the 90s pantsuit — Gandhi found her own direction. With an industrial engineering degree from Stanford University and a J.D. from NYU School of Law, Gandhi’s career has spanned from the U.S....


Fashioning a New Future With Ngozi Okaro

At the age of 6, Ngozi Okaro knew she was going to be a lawyer and change people’s lives. Growing up, Okaro’s clothes were mostly handmade by her mother to accommodate her towering 6-foot-tall figure. While she resented it at the time, it instilled an appreciation for design and inclusivity within her. Now, with a law degree from Georgetown and 14 years of experience in organizational development in NGOs under her belt, Okaro has pivoted back to design. Okaro is executive director of...


The Importance of Representation and Giving Back With Marcia Cole

For 25 years as a writer and editor for large magazines like Suede, Essence, and Latina to name a few, Marcia Cole embraced the editorial realm and conquered it. Now, as founder and CEO of Ivy Digital (a content, technology, and data-driven marketing agency) and as the founder of nonprofit organization Passion Meets Purpose (a service that empowers the homeless), Cole is constantly learning to better meet the needs of those her companies serve. And that’s not all: Cole is...


This Condition Affects 1 in 5 Women Yet No One Talks About It With Kaitlin Maier

From a young age, Kaitlin Maier’s parents were huge advocates for her pursuing a career in STEM, which still sees female participation at a paltry 28 percent of the workforce. A mechanical engineer, Maier wanted to do something in the often-overlooked field of women’s health. While in college, she stumbled upon pelvic organ prolapse (POP), a condition that affects 35 to 50 percent of women — of all ages. In severe cases of POP, the uterus can protrude from the vaginal opening. With such...


#QueerTheCensus and Affecting LGBTQ+ Change With Stacey Long Simmons

Advocacy runs in this woman’s blood. As the current director of advocacy and action for the National LGBTQ Task Force, Stacey Long Simmons has dedicated her life to helping others. The LQBTQ task force website reflects the current state of affairs in America. The homepage reads: “Stonewall was a riot. #BlackLivesMatter. We support and protest and revolutionary fighting for the dignity of black people.” A lawyer, political strategist, and civil rights lobbyist in Washington, DC, and a woman...


Greeking Out on Recipes With Kelly Salonica Staikopoulos and Joanne Staikopoulos-Marzella

Whether you’re an amateur cook or a master chef, we bet you’ve never thought of “Greek-ing” up your favorite dishes, right? Kelly Salonica Staikopoulos and Joanne Staikopoulos-Marzella, two sisters formerly in the editorial and accounting worlds respectively, are now cooking up a storm with an innovative twist: Using recipes largely gleaned from their Greek mother, Mary — aka Kukla (“doll” in Greek) — with their blog Kukla’s Kouzina. Well-known in NYC’s fashion district, Mary...


Developmental Difficulties in Kids? There’s an App for That With Carissa Tozzi

Almost 7 percent of children between the ages of 3 and 17 in the United States have a developmental disability, the CDC reports, and the community is still largely under-served. Carissa Tozzi is changing that. From an iconic New York City life as the entertainment editor of CosmoGirl and Seventeen to a publicist for social media influencers to the co-creator of an app for moms of children with special needs — Carissa Tozzi has done it all. Tozzi saw a gap in the market: a...


Tips on How to Build a Hair-Care Brand With Lynn Power

After more than 25 years as CEO of advertising giant J. Walter Thompson’s American division, an alleged scandal involving her boss during the #MeToo movement began to monopolize Lynn Power’s time. As a result, she began wilting in her role, which was no longer about creativity, rather crisis. The pivot into starting her own strategic consulting firm, The HMS Beagle, was a natural one, but Power didn’t stop there. Masami, a premium vegan hair-care line, was born from 10 years of...


Embracing Islamic Law and the Quran to Win Human Rights Cases With Kimberley Motley

This woman was not only the first foreign lawyer to practice law in Afghani courts — but she also won the first-ever presidential pardon of a moral case in the country’s history from former President Hamid Karzai. Seriously. From standing up for her Korean mother on the streets of Milwaukee to fighting against human rights abuses in Afghanistan and other countries, Kimberley Motley is an unstoppable social justice force. A former U.S. beauty pageant winner turned international human...


$45K to Become an Urban Homeowner With Janelle Briggs

Feminist scholar turned real estate entrepreneur, Janelle Briggs wants to ensure the American Dream of homeownership is affordable and accessible to everyone. An idea that may sound far-fetched and futuristic — one that most architects have only dreamed of on paper — Briggs and her cofounder/partner are making a reality. Stackhouse, a real-estate development company, is creating building structures — called stackhouse towers — in which shipping container homes can be stacked one on top...


What It Takes to Be a ‘Vagipreneur’ With Rachel Braun Scherl

What makes a ‘Vagipreneur’ anyway? From working in public relations to earning an MBA at Stanford, Rachel Braun Scherl had an untraditional foray into the world of marketing, so it’s no surprise she later trademarked the word vagipreneur. Her start in PR led to her greatest lesson: the power of building business relationships. From there, Braun Scherl ventured into the world of female sexual health with her takeover of Semprae Labs. The idea behind her book Orgasmic Leadership came from a...


Get Paid to Save. For Real. With Leigh Phillips

Before COVID-19 forced everyone to take a microscopic look at their finances — Leigh Phillips was helping Americans save. As unemployment claims skyrocket, it’s clear just how fragile Americans’ personal finances are. Roughly 40 percent of Americans don’t have an emergency fund of even $400. So how can anyone think of retirement savings when the day-to-day budget is already a struggle? Enter Leigh Phillips and her nonprofit SaverLife. Starting in local government, Phillips served as...


From Sex Worker to Trans Activist With Cecilia Gentili

Oppressive dictator regime. Sexual abuse. Drugs. Sex work. Incarceration. Transitioning. Actress. Trans rights and sex worker rights advocate. Positivity embodied. Fighter. Cecilia Gentili grew up in an oppressive dictatorship in Argentina and fled to the United States in her 20s for a better quality of life. She’s battled drug addiction, imprisonment, and ICE; now Gentili is fighting another battle: trans and sex worker rights nationwide. Gentili founded Transgender Equity Consulting in...


Nixing Work-Life Anxiety for Good With MaryAnn Jones

Eleven million women or 28 percent of all caregivers provide unpaid help to an aging adult as well as to children, according to the National Alliance on Caregiving. MaryAnn Jones — a 20-year-veteran magazine art director — lived this struggle: balancing a high-powered career, a daughter with type 1 diabetes, and a mother with an ovarian cancer diagnosis. All this while grasping for the precious moments of self-care her life afforded her. It took a layoff in 2008 to provide a full-fledged...


Win Your Pitch & Fund Your Niche with Roshawnna Novellus, Ph.D.

Never tell Roshawnna Novellus, Ph.D. she can’t do something. At age 15, she raised $600,000 in scholarships to fund her education. And after being told by an educator she “couldn’t do math,” Novellus earned a doctorate in engineering with a minor in finance. So it’s no surprise that Novellus keeps breaking barriers today. Though she got her start in corporate America, Novellus realized her skills could be better utilized with underserved communities in Atlanta — and later in...


HR Tech Making Benefits Simple With Amanda Lannert

Amanda Lannert raised $20 million in venture capital for Jellyvision, a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that helps employees make financially sound choices about their benefits. Lannert gives smart tips for other women trying to make headway. Lannert managed global brands for global advertising giant Leo Burnett before becoming CEO of Jellyvision. She completely changed the direction of Jellyvision with her sharp instinct and talented team. Lannert’s pivots come from reading the...


Hamilton’s Anthony Ramos’ Career Catalyst Sara Steinweiss

She’s a former Brooklyn high school English and theater teacher who transitioned to founding a conflict resolution business. Who is this incredible woman? Sara Steinweiss takes center stage when she talks to SheVentures about how she coped with her father’s death, her debilitating anxiety disorder, bullying — and the importance of getting help. Steinweiss provides wisdom for meeting one’s teen where she or he is and discusses how the arts saves lives.


The System is Broken: Make Your Own With Vicki Saunders

What if you could receive a 0 percent small business loan from a group of SheEOs? It’s called #radicalgenerosity, created to focus on time-sensitive world issues through entrepreneurship. That’s what today’s guest, Vicki Saunders, has dedicated her life to by founding the transgressive SheEO. With a society more focused on the financial return of an investment than on its environmental or social return, Saunders has vowed to blow up the system and press the reset button. SheEO has rejected...