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Sheventures is about women who pivot careers, take risks, and get it done. Each interview-style episode will feature a woman who tells her story and provides actionable career and life tips. No mansplaining! Get ready to listen, be inspired, and take action.

Sheventures is about women who pivot careers, take risks, and get it done. Each interview-style episode will feature a woman who tells her story and provides actionable career and life tips. No mansplaining! Get ready to listen, be inspired, and take action.


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Sheventures is about women who pivot careers, take risks, and get it done. Each interview-style episode will feature a woman who tells her story and provides actionable career and life tips. No mansplaining! Get ready to listen, be inspired, and take action.






Season 3 Finale: Entrepreneurial Must-Haves With Startup Veteran Sharon Kan

Sharon Kan built and successfully exited four startups, acquired by names such as Microsoft, Barnes & Noble, and Oracle. Listen to her pragmatic approach to business and learn what she believes is the one quality all entrepreneurs should embrace. Raised in war-torn Israel, Kan reminisces: “You lived today because you weren’t sure what might happen tomorrow.” Nonetheless, Kan started her first business at 14, selling homemade cakes to local shops, served her mandatory two years in the...


An Immigrant Doctor Forced to Pivot With Noor Ali

Imagine what it’s like for any immigrant to embrace the culture and norms of a new nation. Then think about being a highly respected doctor, practicing for years in your native country. When you arrive in the United States, you learn that if you want to practice medicine, you’ll have to dust off your organic chemistry and anatomy books and pass a rigorous exam. That’s what happened to Noor Ali who skipped undergrad, going straight from the renowned Bronx High School of Science into six...


Will the Next Amazon Be Run by This Woman? With Kate Isler

She joined Microsoft when it was a startup, when it was not uncommon to run into Bill Gates in the hallway. She never envisioned a career where she would travel to 60 countries, while being a parent to three sons, a wife, and an executive. Though Kate Isler did not start her career with dreams of globe-trotting, she defied expectations with the help of a supportive husband, who was willing to move as her career thrived with their growing children in tow. Rather than view their lifestyle...


Why LGBTQ+ Distrusts Big Finance and What’s Next With Hadassah Damien

Twenty percent of LGBTQ+ people say they are “much worse off” financially because of the pandemic, compared with only 11 percent of the general population. Hadassah Damien, queer femme writer, digital technologist, and financial strategist joins us to provide actionable tips for the LGBTQ+ community to take control of their finances today. Damien grew up in a single-parent household where she experienced financial challenges. She entered adulthood believing money was unattainable. But as...


How to Implement Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace With Janet Ahn, Ph.D.

Six months before she was due to receive tenure (which is highly coveted in academia), in the midst of a pandemic, this psychology professor left it all behind. Janet Ahn, Ph.D., pivoted from academia and entrepreneurship to consulting for large companies such as Procter and Gamble, before joining MindGym (a behavior change company for organizations and corporations) as chief behavioral science officer. Now, she focuses on the science to support workplace diversity, equity, and...


Dole-ing Out Proper Nutrition to 1 Billion People With Lara Ramdin and Barbara Guerpillon

Nearly 2 billion people lack access to nutritious food — a staggering number likely to increase due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lara Ramdin, Ph.D., and Barbara Guerpillon are trying to change that. These two global female executives are playing integral roles toward Dole Food’s corporate initiative: the Dole Promise Sunshine for All, the goal of which is to make nutritious foods accessible to 1 billion people by 2030. Ramdin, chief innovation officer at Dole Packaged Foods, has built her...


Ask Not What The Moon Can Do For You with Ashley Cramer

What path leads you from NBA marketing exec to the mystic world of shamanism and moon circles? Ashley Cramer was a burned-out marketer, yearning for change. Becoming a shaman was the last thing on her mind, and even today she understands people may be skeptical of shamanism and what it entails. Cramer’s healing journey along with her appreciation of lunar cycles and all they involve inform her practice today. Shamanism is a term used for energy healers across many cultures worldwide,...


Her Pivot From Private Practice to Telemedicine to... With Kristin Miscall

COVID-19 required us to be mindful of our physical health like never before. What about our mental health? It’s time to talk to about it. Kristin Miscall is a psychotherapist with nearly two decades of helping others under her belt. She worked initially with homeless LGBTQIA+ youth before pivoting to private practice. Last year, she, like many in the mental health field, transitioned to telemedicine to meet the unprecedented need for her services in the midst of the pandemic. Miscall...


Championing Pro-Poor FinTech With Mae Watson Grote

What is pro-poor financial technology, and how is Mae Watson Grote’s company at the forefront of making a difference? Mae Watson Grote is dedicated to improving the lives of the under-served and under-banked in the United States. As founder and CEO of the Change Machine — a nonprofit dedicated to building financial security through technology — she is doing just that. The platform is available to all kinds of practitioners who work with women (financial advisors, social workers, coaches)...


How to Create a Fashion Label With Zankhna Parekh

Five languages. Three continents. Three kids. Two careers. One foundation. Zankhna Parekh is a trailblazer. Born in India but raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Parekh always knew she would venture into medicine. With a 20-year successful career as a physical therapist under her belt, Parekh was keen to return to her career after having two children. But, Parekh noticed (as do many women who become mothers) that her pre-baby clothes didn’t fit the same way anymore. So she decided to make her own —...


Athletic Scholarships, Eating Disorders, and the Power of Community With Kristi Data

From an early age, Kristi Data knew she wanted to make an impact, and she used sports as her gateway. In the fourth grade, Data petitioned her school to allow girls to play basketball — and got it done the very next season. Data went on to receive a full athletic scholarship for volleyball — the pressures of which caused her to spiral into an eating disorder that lasted throughout college. Data discusses the reality of this situation that so many women and girls in sports face...


Insider Tips to Securing Venture Capital With Shelly Kapoor Collins

What maximizes your chances of receiving funds from a venture capitalist? Shelly Kapoor Collins knows firsthand. She’s a tech entrepreneur and public servant–turned– founder/CEO of Shatter Fund, a venture capital fund that invests almost exclusively in female entrepreneurs whose businesses stand to disrupt the tech landscape. With more than 20 years in the tech sector advocating for innovation and policy reform, Kapoor Collins was appointed to the National Women’s Business Council in the...


How to Beat Gender Bias When You Pitch With Dana Kanze

Did you know female founders face bias in how venture capitalists ask questions and are often negatively impacted when their products fall in a male-dominated industry? These are two separate findings of Dana Kanze, Ph.D., that add to a growing body of research that quantify gender discrimination in attracting investors. After all, women receive a paltry 2.3 percent of venture capital — women of color even less, according to the Harvard Business Review. A little-known fact about...


From Banker to FinLit Game(r) With Ashley Clark

Sometimes, the best business ideas are right in front of you. That was the case for Ashley Clark, who pivoted from being a banker to an entrepreneur and creator of old-school board games and flashcards that teach financial literacy — going against the current trend of online gaming with six-figure success during a pandemic. A decade as a banker underscored that too many people didn’t understand their own finances. Clark began to write down common customer questions — using this as her...


Actionable Tips to Manage Debt With Leslie Tayne

To begin Financial Literacy Month on SheVentures, who better than Leslie Tayne to discuss one of America’s biggest financial problems: debt, a $14.6T reality for American households. Leslie Tayne always knew she wanted to be a lawyer despite her father warning her when she started 20 years ago that it truly was a boys club. She tried many facets of the law before she pivoted to what became her passion — as in-house counsel to a debt company. Today, The Tayne Law Group is changing the face...


Championing Workplace Diversity With Diane Lifton

With more than 25 years in the life sciences, lawyer Diane Lifton is a huge proponent of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and communities. Witnessing how incredibly hard her mother worked to balance raising children with returning to law school, Lifton credits this experience to her own genesis of hard work and advocating for others. Lifton spent two decades as a partner in two top-tier East Coast law firms. She pivoted from partner to in-house counsel and today is senior vice...


Stop ‘Whitesplaining’ to Communities in Need With Caroline Whistler

Inspired by her lawyer grandfather, from a young age Caroline Whistler grappled with the question: What does it mean to serve others in a measurable and impactful way? To that end, Whistler co-founded San Francisco–based nonprofit Third Sector Capital - a consulting firm that has deployed $800 million in government resources and $40 million of private funding to help 40 U.S. communities. Whistler advises governments, community organizations, and private funders on how to help the public...


The Fitness Tracker for Your Vagina With Anna Lee

Anna Lee never wanted to be an entrepreneur, much less design and champion a data-driven sex toy. Graduating from University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in the male-dominated field of mechanical engineering, Lee — the daughter of conservative Korean immigrants — worked at corporate giant Amazon as the sole woman on the concept engineering team. Having fully realized the “American dream” for which her parents sacrificed, Lee still felt professionally unfulfilled. In time, Lee...


Nairobi Tragedy Survivor Creates Job Training for Kenyan Women - with Cynthia Coredo and Pamela Nathenson

Cynthia Coredo’s childhood was rife with loss. At age 6, her father was murdered. Coredo witnessed his lifeless body lying on the streets of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. As a teen, she lost her older sister to illness and her mother to suicide, the result of depression from joblessness. Coredo embraced the realization that she was responsible for raising her siblings and herself, and she knew that vocational training and education would be the pathway to self sufficiency. As a...


“Working Twice as Hard to Get Half the Credit” With Kimberly Ellison-Taylor

Kimberly Ellison-Taylor is an advocate for inclusive leadership, and what it means to create an equitable workplace environment. It’s not as simple as giving everyone the same opportunity — you need to meet people where they’re at. We are, unfortunately, not all created equal. The first Black woman and the youngest person to act as chairperson of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, on top of a career including roles at NASA, KPMG, and Motorola, Kimberly Ellison-Taylor is...