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Covering the ins and outs of all things footwear, from sneakers to heels, loafers to slippers and every type of shoe in between. Brought to you by the FDRA and FFANY, the footwear industry’s associations focused on retail, trade, politics and fashion…helping create and enhance conversations on all things footwear.

Covering the ins and outs of all things footwear, from sneakers to heels, loafers to slippers and every type of shoe in between. Brought to you by the FDRA and FFANY, the footwear industry’s associations focused on retail, trade, politics and fashion…helping create and enhance conversations on all things footwear.
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Covering the ins and outs of all things footwear, from sneakers to heels, loafers to slippers and every type of shoe in between. Brought to you by the FDRA and FFANY, the footwear industry’s associations focused on retail, trade, politics and fashion…helping create and enhance conversations on all things footwear.




#166 An Interesting Discussion on Supply Chain Disruptions with Kerry Rassmussen of Farrow

Supply chains and trade are getting harder and harder, but there are new tips and tricks that can help. Our favorite Canadian Kerry Rassmussen of Farrow joins us on this episode to discuss successful strategies on navigating the new trade normal as well as insights into customs issues and how you could avoid a higher duty bill! Jasmine takes a second to highlight Rihanna's new luxury line with LVMH. Rihanna has had a lot of success with past footwear collaborations, Jasmine believes her...


#165 An Honest Discussion on Sustainability and Recyclability of Footwear Through the Lens of Adidas’ Futurecraft Loop Sneaker

In this episode, we dive into some key issues for the footwear industry around sustainability and the ability - or not! - to recycle old shoes. Joining us is the ever-insightful Nicoline van Enter of the Footwearists.


#164 Innovations and Insights on How the Port of Long Beach Gets Shoes From a Ship to Warehouses Faster and More Efficiently than Ever!

Ports are critical supply chain hubs for footwear companies. Dr. Hacegaba from the Port of Long Beach joins us on this episode to explain port activities, innovations and sustainability as the number of goods shipped into the U.S. keeps increasing. Jasmine also leads our famous "Whatcha got - whatcha gettin'?" segment that made us say wow at Dr. Hacegaba's style!


#163 A Rowdy Discussion on the Politics, Policy and Impact of Shoe Tariffs on Shoe Consumers and Brands

Team FDRA takes off the gloves and gives an open and impassioned discussion on the current state of politics around President Trump's proposed tariff increases on shoes. This covers the impact on prices at retail to how businesses are trying to adapt. A must-listen show for everyone working in the footwear industry!


#162 Consumer Retail Experience Transformation—Increasing Foot Traffic and Conversion Rates

Join Matt as he discusses the current state of footwear retail with a panel of experts at FDRA's 2019 Footwear Executive Summit. Tackling the questions if brick and mortar retail is dead and ways to enhance experiences and drive foot traffic, Ed Rosenfeld of Steve Madden, Mitch Harvey of Deckers, Carren Morris of LaunchPad Services, and Moritz Schiebold from Volumental all bring their unique perspectives to the conversation.


#161 Critical Thoughts on the Current Trade Environment with Ambassador Michael Froman

Ambassador Mike Froman, former United States Trade Representative in the Obama Administration, is back with his thoughts on the current trade environment, with an insider's view on the Trump Administration's strategies as they relate to China and global trade. Some of his answers might surprise you!


#160 Corporate Evolution 140 Years in the Making—a Conversation with Caleres’ Fearless Leader

Direct from FDRA's 2019 Footwear Executive Summit, Matt catches up with Diane Sullivan, CEO, President and Chairman of the Board at Caleres, to explore the many ways she has transformed the iconic footwear company through thoughtful acquisitions and strategic decisions.


#159 Girls Take Over Shoe-In!

Jasmine takes over the show with the help of teenagers Madalyn Priest and Molly Downey to discuss footwear (of course) and grill Matt and Andy on their own shoe stories. Footwear fun is had by all!


#158 Transformative Leadership in These Monumental Times—a conversation with Columbia Sportswear’s Chief Advocate

Straight from FDRA's 2019 Footwear Executive Summit, listen in as Matt speaks with Tim Boyle, President and CEO of Columbia Sportswear, on his values, the importance of advocacy and engagement, and his plans to grow Columbia's footwear business in the coming years.


#157 Footwear Tech Potpourri

At the 2019 FDRA Executive Summit Andy welcomes a panel of footwear technology experts as they explore emerging technologies in the areas of 3D rendering, product integrity, workforce development and learning, and factory efficiencies. Guests include:


#156 How a 245-Year-Old Brand Can Thrive in a Modern Market with David Kahan of Birkenstock

Matt and Andy listen in on David Kahan's address at FDRA's 2019 Footwear Executive Summit as the Birkenstock Americas CEO takes us through the brand's long history and thriving relevance in today's marketplace. You'll get to hear David sing some Dylan as a bonus!


#155 Global Design Innovation and How to Protect It with NIKE

As the global footwear industry celebrates the importance of intellectual property protection this World Intellectual Property Day, Matt catches up with NIKE's Chief IP Officer, Margo Fowler, and Mark Smith, NIKE's VP of Innovation and Special Projects, to discuss the importance of protecting IP and strategies brands can adopt to successfully defend their trademarks, designs, patents, and IP.


#154 Shoe-In Show Live with Tiffany Beers!

FDRA's Footwear Innovation Advisor Tiffany Beers joins Shoe-In Show for this live edition as the crew discusses Foot Locker's recent innovative investments, the latest updates on renewable materials, and the rise of automation and its impact on the American workforce.


#153 Biblical Shoe References and Their Meanings with Dr. Eric Gilchrest

During this Holy Week, Matt, Andy and Jasmine welcome Dr. Eric Gilchrest, pastor at South Run Baptist Church, to explore the many Biblical references to footwear and their meaning. Curious to know the ancient cultural context for these shoe Scriptures? Make sure you listen to find out!


#152 Footwear Compliance Crash Course with Melissa Jones of Stoel Rives

Compliance attorney extraordinaire Melissa Jones of Stoel Rives drops by Shoe-In to catch the crew up on all the latest chemical and safety compliance trends impacting footwear. Need a crash course on footwear safety? Make sure you listen. Jasmine joins in with her Fashion Footwear in Focus segment to discuss graffiti print heels and sneakers becoming trendy in high-end footwear. Does the graffiti make them less desirable or a must-have...we get Melissa's thoughts!


#151 The Next Great Female Designer is Here!

Miranda Woods, an upcoming footwear designer with a plan, drops by Shoe-In to talk about her journey from Washington, DC to the halls of Pensole, New Balance, Ghana and back! She is a rising female footwear designer, so make sure you get to know her now. Jasmine jumps in with her Fashion Footwear in Focus segment as she discusses the use of turf and other unique materials on footwear uppers.


#150 Shoe Brands Talk Design and Development Transformations Thanks to Material Exchange

Listen to a fun conversation of directors of materials and innovation at Wolverine Worldwide, Ariat and Deckers talk about current design and development challenges and how they are transforming internal processes thanks to the new Material Exchange platform. ME is helping brands increase speed-to-market, cut costs, and increase sustainability.


#149 Supply Chain Insights with Sarah Barnes-Humphrey

In what's sure to be the start of a podcast crossover event, Andy, Matt, and Jasmine welcome Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, host of the popular podcast Let's Talk Supply Chain, to discuss the latest innovations and challenges impacting the movement of goods. Sarah has her fingers on the pulse on all things supply chain and doesn't disappoint. Jasmine joins in the fun in her Fashion Footwear in Focus segment focused on shoe styles she wants to discard and those shoe types she can't live without.


#148 Shoe-In Live! (well it was...recorded at an earlier date)

For the first time ever Shoe-In was broadcast live to the masses as Andy, Jasmine, Thomas and Matt weighed in on a variety of issues from trade to the economy to the recent, highly successful African American Footwear Forum. Want Shoe-In live in a taped format? Well, it's your lucky day!


#147 Community Footwear Retail with the Owners of Shoes & Brews

Ever wanted to go to a place where you can pick up a pair of running shoes and then grab a cold frosty beer at the same time? You're in luck! Shoes & Brews is an American original in Longmont, Colorado helping to foster community over the love of running and beer. Colin, Ashlee and Jacob Anderson join Shoe-In to discuss their unique footwear retail concept and the importance of community when it comes to building a lasting presence. Jasmine unveils her interest in vegan shoes made from...