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Our shows website is and facebook page is and itunes page is Thank you.
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Our shows website is and facebook page is and itunes page is Thank you.








065 - Interview with Napa Valley Chris (Young) on His $6k Airbnb Settlement - P1

Michelle interviews Christopher Young, aka Napa Valley Chris, about what BNB hosts who scale their businesses can do to protect themselves in the Short Term Rental Business. One of Chris' properties got hit by a small group of criminals who did a number on his property: stealing the washer, dryer, television, and other small appliances while trashing the place and leaving drug paraphernalia out as well. Airbnb settled with Chris rather quickly and we think we know why. Chris tells his story...


064 - Seven Things You Can Do to Prevent Parties in Your Short Term Rental

In wake of the tragedy in California this Halloween, here are 7 things that you can do in order to prevent parties from being thrown inside your short term rentals. This is an important episode in states like Arizona, where Hosts are now responsible for their Guests' behavior and can pay heavy fines. Listen and take notes or go right to our website to easily download the Show Notes for this episode. Go to right now and you'll find links to the products...


063 - Why Now is the Best Time to Think About Retirement

Time stops for no one and it certainly isn't going to go back so we can begin to plan our retirement when we were younger. Therefore, as adults, we must begin saving for our retirement NOW. If we don't, we are robbing from our future selves. Michelle has some advice for retirement but reminds you that it's only her opinion. We have more about retirement on our website, . Feel free to go to this episode's page and follow all the links talked about in...


062 – Making Bank and Serving: the Fine Line Between the Two

People are always selling. Doctors sell health, religions sell an afterlife or salvation or the like, and businesses sell what businesses sell. There's always an agenda or something the seller is attempting to "get" out of selling. It could be greater self-worth or simply money. Whatever it is, there's a line they have to walk between value for the person selling and the value for the person being sold to. It's a fine line. We're talking about walking that line and serving and increasing...


061 - The VA Advantage© : Free Up Your Time & Take Back Your Life

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a Game Changer! No. It's a Life Changer! You are pretty much buying back your time and time is a precious commodity. We've got an amazing gift for you tucked inside this episode, so stick around until the end. We created this course just for you so you can live a life of design, not of reaction. Then, go to our website, and pick up your free 30-Day Quick Start Program available for you right now. There's another surprise...


060 - THE BEST OF "23 Things You MUST HAVE in Your STR (For Your Guests)"

Although it's a traveling week for Michelle, we've got a "Best of" episode with a Surprise Inside. Find the secret word and claim your free gift next week with it! What are the things that your Guests value the most? Which amenities do they really appreciate? We’ve listed them right here for you. Listen now and subscribe so you won’t miss an episode. Download our Show Notes on pdf by going to https://www.shorttermrentalrevenue.comnow. Support the show


059 - Addendums: What to Put in Them & Your Co-Hosting Contracts

Michelle explains why you need an addendum and what you might want to have inside your addendum. She also explains some of the definitions you may want to clarify within a Lease Addendum. If you do Rental Arbitrage or Co-Hosting, you don't want to miss this important episode. As always, this is for educational purposes only and you should always seek the legal advice of a good attorney in the state where you are doing business. Get more information by going to our website,...


058 - You're Doing It Wrong: The Biggest Mistake You May Be Making

What are you doing Right? What might you be doing Wrong? Why do you want to be detached and what does that even mean? More discussion on Real Estate LLCs, STR LLCs and how to use them together. Michelle goes over a few mistakes you may be making but can easily correct. Pick up some free gifts and find lots more information on our website at . Support the show


057 - Insurance: Why You Don't Wait for a Hurricane Before Buying It

While the hurricane season is in full swing, now is NOT the time to reach out looking for insurance for your short term rental along the coast. Too little, too late, is a saying we hope you don't get to experience. Michelle stresses the importance of insurance, again, but adds a few new twists. She also gives you some potential revenue-producing ideas when it comes to insurance - something that will benefit you and your guests. Download the pdf with several reputable STR Insurance companies...


056 – Part Two of You Can’t Fix Noise & Other Things to Avoid When Property Shopping

This is the second part of a two-part episode in which Michelle discussed the challenges that come with owning or renting a Noisy Property. You can’t fix Noise. In this half, Michelle goes on to give you her valuable List of What NOT to Buy in a Property or Things to Avoid When Property Shopping. You are going to want to listen to this and take notes. Better yet, download the Show Notes free by going to our website. We have great information and Award-Winning Blogs. Find out more and grab...


055 – Part One of You Can’t Fix Noise & Other Things to Avoid When Property Shopping

We received some not-so-great reviews because of a neighbor’s dog and it was a nightmare. How can you avoid this situation? What other types of situations can you completely avoid when shopping for a new property? We've split this into two great episodes. Enjoy Part One now. Then go to our website and find out more. Plus, grab some free gifts on our website at . Support the show


054 – What is the Master Mind?

Everyone and their mother is using the buzzword “Mastermind.” But what is the Master Mind and where does it come from? Amazingly, the Source of our ideas, dreams, desires, and wishes have been known to us for centuries. Yet, even today, authors and speakers, inventors and businessmen know exactly where ideas and concepts come from and not much has changed. Michelle explains the value of finding the right Mastermind for you. Plus, only a few days to get into our membership before we close it...


053 – Knowledge Does NOT Equal Power

Because we think we know so much, right? We don’t. Knowledge does not equal power. Knowledge equals “potential” power. Understanding does not equal power. Understanding is only based on the Beliefs you have created and the experiences you’ve had. Those are the glasses in which you see the entire world. So what DOES equal power? Well, I guess you’ll have to listen to find out. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for August 16th because our membership reopens that day. Find out more and grab...


052 – Creating Family-Friendly Stays: How to do It and Why it Means More Money for You

Michelle continues last week’s talk about her family travels and how creating a Family-Friendly property can mean more money for you. She gives you tips and tricks to creating the perfect family environment: one where the parents can relax and enjoy their vacation just as much as the kids. Plus, if you do it right, you can have families join you year after year making your property a “family tradition!” Don’t forget, the Membership Site re-opens on August 16th, so mark your calendars and go...


051 – Outdoor Spaces That Create Repeat Guests

Michelle talks about the outdoor spaces she and her family have loved and embraced for years during their vacations. Whether you have a huge yard or only have a small patio, you can create a space your guests will LOVE. And, best of all, that space will keep them coming back to you year after year. Plus, Michelle reminds you that the Membership Site re-opens on August 16th, so mark your calendars and go to our site to get on the Wait List so you won’t miss out. You can also download the show...


050 – Safety Features Your Guests Will Love & Appreciate

There are a few inexpensive items you can buy to keep your property safe that your guests will appreciate. There are also some not-so-inexpensive items that may be worth the investment to secure your property, especially if you have gaps in bookings. Michelle goes over some great safety features in this week’s podcast. You can download the show notes and pick up some cool free gifts by going to . Support the show


049 – Youtube Shut Me Down, So I Called the President...

Episode 049 or as we like to call it, "Youtube Shut Me Down, So I Called the President and he set up a hearing with Ted Cruz… Nah, that was just a coincidence." When Michelle posted her podcast about the California Exodus, the more than 5 million people fleeing the state of California over the last several years, Youtube promptly shut her down. (Why I oughta…) But fear not. Michelle called Trump and he quickly got Ted Cruz on it who called a congressional hearing. Well, maybe it didn’t...


048 - How to Be a Good Neighbor and Why It's Important

I’m certain most of us have grown up with wonderful neighbors but that is becoming a thing of the past. More and more people move so often, they don’t even bother learning who their neighbors are. Michelle invites you to not only get to know your neighbors but to make them a part of your life. She’s been blessed with wonderful neighbors and she hopes you are, too. Here are 7 things you can do for your neighbors and 7 reasons you should get to know them better. Get our Show Notes on our...


047 – Lessons from the California Exodus

More than 5 million people have left the state of California in the last several years. What can we learn from this massive Exodus? About Housing? About Real Estate? About Government? About Ourselves? This week Michelle takes aim at this “touchy” subject and steps all the way out of the closet to do so. Get our Show Notes with all the numbers on our website by going to . Support the show


046 - Why You Shouldn't Treat Your Short Term Rental Like a Long Term Rental

Michelle gives you a math lesson in this episode of Short Term Rental Revenue. She will explain why you shouldn’t treat your Short Term Rental like a Long Term Rental. Giving weekly and monthly discounts can shoot yourself in the foot and decrease your bottom line by thousands! This week’s real-life example will show you what you can do instead. Be sure to get our Show Notes with all the math laid out for you along with some great free gifts. Just go to...