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We all have just 24 hours in a day, even though our to-do lists just keep getting longer. The Side Hustle Moms Podcast is here to help working moms with side hustles go from pooped to productive!

We all have just 24 hours in a day, even though our to-do lists just keep getting longer. The Side Hustle Moms Podcast is here to help working moms with side hustles go from pooped to productive!
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We all have just 24 hours in a day, even though our to-do lists just keep getting longer. The Side Hustle Moms Podcast is here to help working moms with side hustles go from pooped to productive!






Ep 52: How the Power of Guided Accountability Can Transform Your Business with Charlena Smith

Charlena has a double undergrad degree from Towson University in Mass Communications and Marketing with a double minor in Sociology and Psychology. She went on from there to earn my MBA from University of Maryland, and my Masters in International Affairs from UMUC. She worked as an event planner throughout college planning events that ranged from Beyonce's 21st birthday party to the Dalia Lama's Retreat on Death and Dying (yeah... they were, literally, in the same week). Then She went on...


Ep 51: How to Know When You Should Pivot in Your Business

Running a business is rarely a straight path. There are twists and turns and bumps in the road, sometimes huge boulders in the way. And while we're on this path, sometimes - often times, actually - we find that the lessons we learn while winding our way along lead us in a different direction than where we first thought we were heading. So how do you know when to follow that new direction, and when to stay the course you were already on? Well, today we're talking all about when to pivot in...


Ep 50: How to Be Mindful in Business and At Home with Hunter Clark-Fields

Hunter Clarke-Fields is a mindfulness mentor, coach, host of the Mindful Mama podcast, and creator of the Mindful Parenting course. She coaches moms on how to cultivate mindfulness in their daily lives. Hunter has over twenty years of experience in meditation and yoga practices and has taught mindfulness to thousands worldwide. She is also the mother of two active daughters, who challenge her everyday to hone her craft! Find out more about Hunter at Where to Find...


Ep 49: How to Do An Effective Year-End Review

Episode Summary What went well in your business this year? What didn't go so well?How are my finances? "If you're looking at next year without reflecting on this year, you're going to find yourself making the same mistakes." - Stacey Odgen Links Mentioned: Raising Your Biz with Dana MalstaffOverwhelmed to Overbooked with Micala Quinn Let’s Connect! The Busy Mom CollectiveThe Busy Mom Collective Facebook GroupFacebook Instagram


Ep 48: How to Effectively Repurpose Your Content with Jenny Melrose

Jenny is a former reading specialist who “retired” from her teaching career when her blogging income far exceeded her salary. Through hard work and dedication, her lifestyle blog, The Melrose Family, became regularly sought out by nationally recognized brands such as Neutrogena, Smuckers, Glad, Costco, Stanley Steamer, Sara Lee and many more. The unique pitching process she developed for working with brands, transformed an empty editorial calendar into one that was completely booked months...


Ep 47: [On-Air Coaching Call] Juggling Kids and Business with Carol Gavhane

Carol Gavhane is the co-founder of Asha Blooms, a husband and wife team whose business was born from their walk with secondary infertility. (For those who don't know what that is, it's not being able to achieve or sustain pregnancy the second time around.) Everything about their first child was fairly typical, but trying to add to their family afterwards was incredibly difficult. During those years, They have tried everything under the sun - clean eating, support groups, fertility yoga,...


Ep 46: How to Be a Leader People Want to Follow with Dana Malstaff

About The Guest: Dana is a mother, author, business & content strategist, coach, podcaster, and blind spot reducer. Dana is the author of Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro, and the founder of the Boss Mom Movement. She serves Boss Moms who yearn for more time and less guilt when it comes to building their business and raising their family, by providing the tools they need to get more out of their content and business, without sacrificing...


Ep 45: Should You Discount Your Services for the Holidays?

Episode Summary "There is that other benefit of discounting your services is that you reach and help more people!" - Stacey Ogden "Another option to discounting is you can provide services or products that you don't offer any other time of year!" - Stacey Ogden Let’s Connect! The Busy Mom CollectiveThe Busy Mom Collective Facebook GroupFacebook Instagram


Ep 44: How to Sell with Soul with Meredith Messenger

Episode Summary "We have to learn to manage that mindset that this is a huge obstacle and break it down to small obtainable milestone chunks that we can absorb and give us a little bit of grace!" - Meredith Messenger The 3 step process for low-stress revenue generation - it's like building a house:"Track the success of those leads!" - Meredith Messagner Grab Meredith's freebie just for Side Hustle Moms fans! Full show notes:


Ep 43: On-Air Coaching Call: Prioritizing your Tasks to Make the Most of Your Time

About the Guest: Alison grew up in a home where creativity flourished and spent many hours of her childhood drawing, painting, sculpting and creating. She spent weekends in the woods at her family cabin, running through ferns and using her imagination to the fullest. Academics were always important in her home too, so she pursued her career and stumbled upon her wonderful full-time job at a local non-profit (where she still work today). Alison's creative life was always there, on the...


Ep 42: How to Find and Book Speaking Gigs with Carrie Sharpe

About The Guest: Carrie Sharpe is a Communication Consultant, Speaker, and Co-Owner of He says, She says. She earned her degree in Political Science and Psychology from Lake Superior State University. A highly sought-after international speaker, Carrie develops courses and coaches clients in communication and public speaking skills. Carrie is a Huffington Post Contributor and has been quoted in a variety of publications including LiveStrong, Forbes, Business Insider, and Bustle. She...


Ep 41: What to Do When You Want To Quit Your Job?

Episode Summary "Having that income goal can also be a way for you to motivate yourself to build your business, stronger, better, and faster!" - Stacey Ogden Download your free exit strategy checklist! Let’s Connect! The Busy Mom CollectiveThe Busy Mom Collective Facebook GroupFacebook Instagram


Ep 40: Finding and Maintaining a Positive Mindset with Jaclyn Mellone

Jaclyn is sharing her tips on how to keep a positive mindset every single day! It starts with YOU and how you take care of yourself! Full Show notes:


Ep 39: What's the Difference Between all Those Personality Tests and Which one Should you Take?

Have you taken a personality test before? Ever felt lost in all of that information? Today, I am going through five different assessments and how they can help you in life and business! Full Shownotes:


Ep 38: How to Minimize Decision Fatigue with Yvonne Marcus

Currently based in Asheville, North Carolina Yvonne Marcus is a home systems strategist helping moms to end overwhelm in their #momlife so that they can be present with their families. Full Shownotes:


Ep 37: Completing the Picture of Your Ideal Client Avatar

Full Shownotes and freebie:


Ep 36: You Don't Need to Be Scared of Social Media with Felicia Wright

Felicia Wright is a social media fixer. She helps small business owners create a social media strategy that puts them in front of their ideal clients. After the birth of her second child, she wanted to spend more time with her children and stay home. So she started to explore online business models and eventually discovered her sweet spot as a social media manager. She recently made a plunge from full-time teacher to full-time freelancer! In her spare time, she hangs out with her amazing...


Ep 35: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Busy Mom Collective

Episode Summary Full Shownotes:


Ep 34: Growing Your Business by Sharing Your Story with Christina Tinker

Christina Tinker is a celebrated speaker, children's book author, and podcaster who has coupled her passion for inspiring individuals to live in an authentic and brave way with her extensive corporate and entrepreneurial experience. She encourages business owners to embrace both the grit of entrepreneurship with the skills that are needed to build community and relationships that don't feel 'transactional'. Most recently, she used her skills and talents to found Richmond Moms Blog, a...


Ep 33: How to Avoid the Biggest Time Wasters When Growing Your Business

Full Shownotes: