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[14] Startup Growth Done Right

Today we interview Ralph Leung Ralph is a proven senior executive with 20 years of diverse blue-chip leadership experience across strategic finance, corporate strategy, and operations at companies ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 100 companies globally. Over the past 7 years, he has also advised extensively high growth technology companies, helping them navigate through early-stage strategic and operational growth. Currently as the Chief Financial Officer at Jyve?” Throughout...


Sales Done Right, Best Advice for Startups

Phil Solk is a managing partner at Opero Partners. Providing strategic advice and hands-on implementation services to companies seeking to significantly enhance their growth trajectories. He is a seasoned executive (former C-level, VP and directors) with functional expertise in marketing, sales management, operations, product & technology development, finance strategy, funding & M&A. We interview him on Sales techniques, best practices, and advice for startups.


✔Sales Talk 101, What your start-up needs to know Ep12

Today on Silicon Valley Success we interview Whit Howland who is a sales consultant. He has worked with all stages of companies from around the world. We focus todays interview on early stage companies, startups, the problems they face, whether they are from they US or from overseas coming here. We talk: A startup sales strategy The complete Sales Cycle A startup first sale-idea to reality Why consumers buy a product Sales and Marketing and how they work together Pricing your product...


Korea Startups and Doing Business as a Startup

Today on Silicon Valley Success we interview Junhwah and Chris who help startup go to Korea or from Korea help them setup in other countries with focus on Silicon Valley. We talk about: Setting your company up form the US to Korea, or from Korea to the US Some of the areas that company fail in Startup fund matching with the Korean Government How to go about getting money from the Korean Government And More Junhwan Paul Kang Junhwan Paul Kangis the founder of Cosmic StatioN, an...


Diversity and Inclusion with Startups.

Today’s guests, Irma Zoepf and Cesar Teague, delve into the importance of having an open perspective. They discuss how it is imperative to be accepting towards input from many different sources at any stage in a company’s life, especially when it is just an early stage company with a very small team. We talk about both the problems and opportunities of culture and language training and the awareness of communicating with different groups of people around the world. These opportunities,...


✔Pivoting as a Startup with Jason and Sergio Ep 9

Sergio and Jason are Serial Entrepreneurs who have founded several companies. In their life journey, they have had some great successes but many failures. Based off their life experiences, we decided to focus on the aspect of “pivoting” in a company: what it means, why you should do it, when to do it, how it impacts the team and investors, and more. Sergio Smirnoff is a creative, out of the box positive thinker who has a background in both design and academics specialized in business. He...


Startup and office Spaces Ep 8

Carlos and Mary are top Commercial Real Estate Agents in Silicon Valley who have worked with companies at all stages to find them the perfect office space. We talk about the leases that startups typically enter and what startups should know when looking for a space. Some examples are where their employees live, ease of transportation, and proximity to companies for potentially new recruits. We also discuss about working with landlords and certain stipulations they might be flexible on. Make...


A Real Startup Founder Ep 7

Maya is a founder at, a company that uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to allow people to personalize their own songs in less than 5 minutes. This company managed to revolutionize the entire music industry! We talked about the transition from being an academia to the founder of a company including the surprises, the excitements, and the challenges. We also talked about finding investors, a company’s growth path, the importance of who you connect with, and the next...


Social Media and Startups Ep 6

Jock Breitwieser Jock Breiwiser is the Senior Director Marketing Communications and Public Relations at StorageCraft with over 20 years of international communications expertise from working in agencies. In addition, he founded SocialSellinator ( to help everyone leverage the power of social media for their business. Most recently, he was the lead for Corporate Communications at TriNet. Prior to that, Jock generated awareness for Dell SonicWall, Callidus Cloud,...



The Bay Area representative for Ukraine’s largest tech innovation park, UNIT.City, Matt Lewis, is a builder of bridges connecting Silicon Valley to Eastern Europe. He is an advisor for US firms seeking talented engineering teams in Ukraine. He also assists startups from Kiev and Moscow to set up in the Bay Area, secure customers, and attract venture capital. He has upwards of 15 years of experience investing in technology companies, including positions in equity research, private equity, and...


Startup Pitch and Presentation with Doris Pickering Ep4

Tune into this weeks episode to learn how you can enhance your communication style! After leaving the Silicon Valley high tech world working at Hewlett Packard, LSI Logic, and Philips Semiconductors, Doris launched Silicon Valley Speaks. This organization provides a platform for people in the process of creating and delivering Startup Pitches, Elevator Intros, Speeches, and TED Talks. Customized programs found on the website train professionals to deliver concise, compelling, and engaging...


Chamber of Commerce with Dawn Ep3

Today we talk with Dawn Maher, the VP of Engagement & Partnerships at the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce. The Mountain View Chamber is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley with members ranging from local startups to household names such as Google and LinkedIn. Silicon Valley Successes is a TV show based in Silicon Valley that interviews experts and entrepreneurs to give the world access to the knowledge and experience here in Silicon Valley. Our mission is to create opportunities for...


Startup Fundraising with Shahid Ep2

Today, we interview Shahid Chishty. He is a former investment banker at Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch. He has worked with companies at all stages though he currently finds himself focused on early stage startups, mentoring them on their funding and capital raising strategy.


Startup marketing with CJ Terral Silicon Valley Successes EP 1

For our first show, we interviewed CJ Terral, a marketing expert who has worked with several early stage startups to help them grow. We answered questions such as: What is Guerrilla marketing?When should a company think about a marketing plan? What is the difference between A to B to C or A to B to B marketing plan? What are the costs to build a brand? and much much more. Tune in for all the answers.