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Lifestyle Update | UnBias Supplement Tasting

I know that have been missing in action for extremely too long on my YouTube channel, Simply Eric Vlogs. I am here to catch things up with my life and the lifestyle changes that I have been making and have been posting on my social media platforms; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages. Follow my Lifestyle Change on Social Facebook Page Instagram Twitter SnapChat Google+ Medium LinkedIn Spotify


Simply Eric Vlogs - An Introduction

Hello, my name is Eric Thurow and reside in San Jose, CA. This is my first vlog video on my new YouTube channel, This video explains for the most part of to expect from my vlogs here. Vlog Focus Points: 1. Health Education. 2. Improving my overall health. 3. Increase physical activity and exercise. 4. Maintain and/or improve my stress levels. 5. Improve on my personal financial management. 6. BONUS FOOTAGE: Videos of my other video activities as behind the scenes and trips...


doTerra Essential Oils Review

**Not a Sponsor**. This video is a video of doTerra Essential Oils and how I utilize them. I start off by reviewing briefly last week’s video of the 1up Nutrition unboxing and product review. This week I continue my lifestyle change in effort of improving my overall personal health and wellness. An important part of this is sleep. To aid in my sleep improvement and lowering of stress levels, I decided to purchase a smart oil diffuser and two essential oils. I purchased the oils from a...


1up Nutrition Live Unboxing Along with Product Reviews

**Not a Paid Sponsor** Opinions in this video are unbiased and of my own thoughts. Here is the replay of my 1up Nutrition live unboxing. The unboxing was for a package I received the day prior to this streaming. It was a 1up Nutrition workout bag. I go over briefly my thoughts on its design qualities. The remainder of the stream I review the products that I had ordered from 1up Nutrition after using them for approximately two weeks. Reminder that the thoughts expressed in this stream were...


1up Nutrition Unpacking - Replay

Here is my audio version of the replay of the 1up Nutrition unpacking live stream video I did. I briefly go over the items that 1up Nutrition sent over which included Whey Protein, BCAAs, Pre-workout packages and a sample of their Pro Ripped Max fat burner capsules. 1up Nutrition gave me a link that allows them to send you a 20% off coupon on top of any web site sale they may already be having. My link to get your 20% off coupon emailed directly to you. – If you...