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Episode #14: Likert

Likert, named after psychologist Rensis Likert, is the most widely used scale in survey research. In this episode we share best practise in survey design. How to increase recruitment and completion rates by taking a participant first approach. And how an advanced understanding of cognitive bias will increase your survey’s accuracy and efficacy. The post Episode #14: Likert appeared first on Coin Research.


Episode #13: Keywords

Keywords is an invaluable approach to understanding culture. Created by Raymond Williams, the godfather of cultural studies, a keywords approach enables brands to analyse and understand culture at a deep and meaningful level. Qualitatively different from the traditional trends deck, it is a useful tool for any organisation that strives to be culturally connected. Here […] The post Episode #13: Keywords appeared first on Coin Research.


Episode #12: Journeys

In this episode we chat about the rise of customer journey mapping The post Episode #12: Journeys appeared first on Coin Research.


Episode #11: Immersion

From mobile ethnography to VR a wide range of opportunities now exist to immerse ourselves in customers’ lives. Immersive research provides a unique counterpoint to analytics and big data: when big data tells us what, immersive research can tell us how and why. Here we explore the digital developments that make immersive research more accessible. […] The post Episode #11: Immersion appeared first on Coin Research.


Episode #10: Humanities

The humanities are rarely mentioned explicitly in the context of business. Yet the study of history, literature and the arts is invaluable in the face of big data, automation and AI. These disciplines provide a diverse set of tools to help manage complexity in the modern world, and in this episode we explore some of these […] The post Episode #10: Humanities appeared first on Coin Research.


Episode #9: Millennial Research Methods

Discover how to authentically research Millennials and Gen-Z in this interview with award-winning youth trends consultant, Jessica Riches. Jessica was named British Interactive Media Association (BIMA 100) Rising Star in 2016. She has worked for brands including Nike, Toshiba, Universal Pictures and the Green Party and is regularly quoted in the media for her opinions […] The post Episode #9: Millennial Research Methods appeared first on Coin Research.


Episode #8: Generations

In this podcast we’re on to G for Generations and Generational theory: from Gen-Z to The Silent Generation via Baby Boomers, Gen-X and Millennials. Find out the defining characteristics of each generation, how their values are shaped, and why understanding generations plays such an important role in today’s research landscape. (Millennial Research Methods – an […] The post Episode #8: Generations appeared first on Coin Research.


Episode #7: Fun

Find out how game mechanics, epic meaning, virtual reality and other techniques, can be applied to fully unlock the potential of research. There are so many negatives that currently give research a bad name – poor response rates, poor participant experience, poor research uptake, to name a few. We’ve found that these can easily be resolved by applying […] The post Episode #7: Fun appeared first on Coin Research.


Episode #6: Ethics

Ethics in research. A topic we’re passionate about and have built into the business through our Participant Charter. Look no further than the GRIT CPR 2017 Report for evidence that the relationship between participants and researchers is now broken. A new way of connecting is needed, and a new language to support that relationship – please, no “consumers” […] The post Episode #6: Ethics appeared first on Coin Research.


Episode #5: Data

The driver of modern capitalism and the ‘creed of our age’. In this episode we tackle the immense topic of big data. From platforms to storytelling, dark data to ethics: we look at the different ways data is generated, how it can and is being used, the pitfalls to look out for and a bit […] The post Episode #5: Data appeared first on Coin Research.


Episode #4: Communities

Communities are the lifeblood of the internet. We’re still only starting to understand the power that both community dynamics and platforms can have on radically restructuring organisations. Which is why it’s the number one emerging research methodology. In this episode, we have a quick chat about the philosophy behind communities – and give you some […] The post Episode #4: Communities appeared first on Coin Research.


Episode #3: Bias

Theories and models of irrational human decision-making As any decent researcher can tell you, people are contradictory, irrational and terrible at reporting on their own behaviour. A good understanding of cognitive bias can therefore help decode qual fieldwork, as well as build strategies and communications that speak to us as humans at a deep and […] The post Episode #3: Bias appeared first on Coin Research.


Episode #2: Automation

AI, robots, and asking if we're all out of a job! The post Episode #2: Automation appeared first on Coin Research.


Episode #1: Introductions

From automation to zeitgeist - check out our first podcast episode! The post Episode #1: Introductions appeared first on Coin Research.