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Every Thursday, Small Business Lifeline provides strategies and actionable insights for rebuilding your business and strengthening it for the future. It will feature interviews with business owners and policy makers who can offer practical tips and advice to stay ahead of the business world.


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Every Thursday, Small Business Lifeline provides strategies and actionable insights for rebuilding your business and strengthening it for the future. It will feature interviews with business owners and policy makers who can offer practical tips and advice to stay ahead of the business world.






Parting tips on what relief is still out there

For the last episode of Small Business Lifeline we are going to talk to two small business officials about what resources are out there for small business owners. Tips: Know that. Programs like EIDL are still lending money to busineses. Reach out to the SBA and local small business agencies for resources and referrals to legal and accounting services. Boost your chances of bringing in business by getting MWBE certified.


Tips on running your business outside as it gets colder

Tips: Make sure to invest in outdoor furniture that can withstand more wear and tear for long term outdoor use. Look to the apres ski businesses for tips on how to embrace heated flooring and heat lamps. Promote your great connectivity if you are trying to attract corporate clients for meetings. Experiment with new outdoor spaces like igloos, cabanas and other elaborate tents with details like chandeliers.


Tips on how to approach health insurance enrollment during Covid

Tips: * Work with an insurance broker to get your workers the best coverage and pricing especially with a potential next wave of Covid. * With the boom in telehealth, make sure your insurer lets workers go to their regular doctors for care. * Ask about lower deductible and copay options. * Ask insurers to kick in for services your small business may no longer be able to afford.


Tips on how to better manage business risks

Tips: As we head into a possible second wave, realize that workers comp does not cover most employees who get Covid. So do everything you can to keep your business environment safe. Mitigate cyber security issues with little tricks like adjusting workers’ screens so that they automatically log out of their computers more quickly than usual. Just because other businesses are doing things through Covid, weigh the liability risks before diving in like expanding delivery service, cutting...


Affordable tips to redesign your workplace for Covid

Small businesses are all in the throes of redesigning their spaces to make them more post Covid friendly. But in these cash strapped times, they don’t have much cash to spend. This episode offers some affordable suggestions as to how small businesses can make their offices safe and comfortable for workers - as well as their offices at home. Tips: · Tap into the current network of unemployed design professionals for help in making your offices more Covid friendly. · Try basic moves like...


Survival tips when there’s no sales in sight

For businesses that still can not bring in any money right now, this episode features interviews with experts in the travel industry on what they are doing to survive. Tips: · Apply for grants and expect that the applications tend to be shorter right now. · Remain engaged with your clients through newsletters, blogs and webcasts. · Encourage customers to keep their deposits with you with plans to travel in the future.


Balancing back to school uncertainty with work

As the school year begins with kids participating in all types of remote schooling, this episode explores how small business owners can work best with their employees juggling all of these stresses. Tips: Make sure your working parents feel safe and aren’t fearful they’re going to lose their job. Communicate constantly with workers about what their schedules are like. Bring in extra help if you need it for strategic projects. Be flexible with workers.


Using technology to help your business

This episode offers listeners specific tips on how they can use technology to reinvent their business through Covid or promote their existing products better. We talk to the head of a marketing firm who has helped small businesses use technology to reinvent themselves. We then talk to a business owner who has worked with companies like Google on specific ways small businesses can promote themselves online without spending alot of money. Tips: * Use your website to switch from a B2B to a...


Ways to reinvent your business

This episode offers specific tips on how to reinvent your business to make more money. I talk to a banker advising many small businesses as well as the owner of a running shop about what he has been doing. Tips: If a banker can’t help you with a loan, ask them to introduce you to someone who can. Try getting certified to take more government contracts. Change your product lines to meet your customers’ needs better. Think about reshaping your merchandise to what people really need versus...


Handling HR issues from home

As small businesses continue to navigate managing and motivating teams at while workers remain at home, this episode offers some specific tips on doing this. Tips: Cater your demands for workers to the specific challenges they are going through. As workers transition back to the office, be completely transparent about the counseling benefits they can access from the cost of copays to the fact that senior executives are taking advantage of these services. Judge workers on their pre-Covid...


How to save your business money and manage liabilities through Covid

As many small businesses struggle with every day cash flow problems and the threat of Covid lawsuits, this episode gives listeners specific advice on how to manage both. Tips: * Track better how much workers are filing for expenses and make sure they’re directly related to the work you’re doing. Cash flow is one of the biggest problems that small business owners face. * Create designated debit cards for specific vendors you use regularly so that you don’t lose money with the wrong vendors...


Tips on deciding whether to reopen or hold off entirely

Now that we are well into reopening, small businesses of all shapes and sizes are trying to figure out whether it still makes sense to reopen or if they should remain closed. We talk to one hotel owner who reopened . Tips: If you do reopen, weigh the realistic cost that you may have to close down again. Recognize that reopening in the summer months may be too costly when alot of people are on vacation and have not yet returned to work. Think about when you can get the most value out of...


What to do when your workers test positive for Covid and you must shut down.

This episode is devoted to a challenge that many small businesses are facing: what to do when workers test positive for Covid. We get specific advice from two businesses who have been dealing with this over the past few months about what they have learned. Takeaway tips: Keep testing. Don’t just trust if a worker has been cleared by a doctor that he or she does not test positive. Make sure to reward and recognize workers for coming to work. Look into buying your own cleaning equipment since...


Rethinking your business - from how you make money to how you reopen

Surviving as a small business right now requires constantly rethinking every aspect of it from how you make money to how you handle reopening. This episode offers specific tips on how small businesses are rethinking their businesses. It also looks at how small businesses that are reopening are already rethinking how they handle Covid policies going forward.


What small businesses have learned from their mistakes

Nearly four months into the Coronavirus pandemic, small businesses are getting the first moment to reflect on what mistakes they’ve made and what they’ve learned from those mistakes. This Small Business Lifeline episode shares practical tips on what we all can learn about running a business over the past few months and what has led businesses to succeed or fail.


Taking advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program before it ends

One of the biggest lifelines for small businesses in the past few months has been the Paycheck Protection Program and it ends on June 30th. This episode gives listeners tips who don’t have the loans on how they can still apply in the final days. It also gives advice to small businesses that received the loans what they should know about the changing rules on forgiveness. Takeaway Tips: If you still have not applied for a loan, the bank must submit your completed loan with all of its...


Navigating the confusion of reopening without going broke or crazy

As small business owners all struggle with how confusing it is to run a business right now, this episode tries to give some tips on how to avoid going broke. We talk to an accountant working with small businesses nationwide on what they’re doing to keep themselves going. And we talk to one small business owner in New York City focused on taking running his business one week at a time. Topline takeaways Proceed cautiously with everything you do: If you’re a restaurant reopening, add items...


Tips on what to do if you’ve been looted

As small businesses have been hard at work trying to reopen after COVID, many dealt with a new roadblock in recent days: looting. This episode of Small Business Lifeline transports listeners into the story of one small business owner navigating the aftermath of being looted on the heels of three months of financial losses. It then features an interview with an insurance company executive who offers specific tips for small businesses that have been looted and what they should do to build the...


What's working and not working when reopening

This week on Small Business Lifeline, we focus on what works and what does not work when you do reopen. We talk to a jewelry store owner in Brooklyn who recently reopened and then head to Chicago to talk to a serial entrepreneur.



This week on Small Business Lifeline, we are talking about dealing with insurers and helping you get some answers. We talk to one reporter in New York who has watched small businesses fight back. We then head to Austin, Texas where we talk to an analyst of the insurance industry who may offer other suggestions for what the industry may pay for.