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#17 Anna Sabino: Your Creative Career

Anna Sabino talks about her process of testing ideas and getting feedback for her products. She also shares her experience with getting a literary agent and publishing her book with a traditional publisher.


#16 Stephanie Pollock: Embracing Your Leadership Role in Your Business

Stephanie Pollock is a Leadership Coach fiercely devoted to helping women entrepreneurs develop the leadership and business skills needed to go PRO with their dreams. In this episode we discuss what it means to embrace a leadership role in your business, even as a solopreneur. Stephanie offers 3 powerful tips for new entrepreneurs that will save you time, money, and heartache.


#15 - Melissa Talago - Sharing the Story of Your Business & Utilizing Publicity to Build Credibility

Melissa Talago & I talk about getting clear about your business and sharing your story. Melissa shares her wisdom about building credibility, presence, and awareness for your business through consistent PR efforts. She teaches how to think like a journalist to get free press plus using Twitter to find press opportunities. This is an episode you won't want to miss!


#14 Andrea Jordan: Using Systems in Your Business & Blog to Create the Lifestyle You Crave

Andrea Jordan discusses her experience as a digital nomad and tips for using systems in your business and blog to create the lifestyle you desire. She shares tools for planning blog content and social media posts as well as how to get started as a digital nomad.


#13 Liz Geeslin: Combining Two Passions Under One Umbrella Business & Saving for the Future

Liz Geeslin has been an entrepreneur her whole life and is full of wisdom and grace. Liz shares her experience combining her two passions - being personal chef & Jeunesse health and wellness products - under one umbrella business, Better Lifestyle Solutions. Liz cares about helping her clients and providing them with options for living better. In this episode, Liz also provides tips for young entrepreneurs to start saving for the future.


#12 - Dannie Fountain - Telling Your Story with Purpose and Life as a Digital Nomad

Dannie Fountain, an experienced marketing and PR strategist for creative entrepreneurs talks about her process writing her books, The Side Hustle Gal and The Bucketlist Babe. She also discusses sharing your story with purpose and her personal journey with writing her third upcoming book, One Honest Woman, also releasing in 2017. Dannie gives us a behind the scenes look at what it's like to be a digital nomad and graciously shares tips and strategies for getting started as an entrepreneur.


#11 Toyin Ajayi: Behind-the-scenes look at developing a new fashion brand with Kickstarter

Behind-the-scenes look at developing a new fashion brand with Kickstarter with Toyin Ajayi, known as Da Vinci in the blogosphere as the founder of the lifestyle blog, Your Life After 25. Your Life After 25 is a blogazine that covers a wide variety of topics from fashion, health and cooking to entertainment, employment tips, finances - everything for living an awesome life after 25. Now Toyin has started her own fashion brand called Ife Medow, offering a line of sustainable bags and...


#10 Tali Thomason: Business Planning & Time Management

What goes in to a business plan and how do you create one if you hate spreadsheets? Tali Koziol Thomason, a Mindful-Life Coach, Marketing Maven, and Licensed Facilitator of the Right-Brain Business Plan® shares amazing strategies for planning and running your business, especially as a side hustler with young children. Tali has a passion for helping people co-create their big beautiful brilliant life using her intuition, love for listening, empathy, yogic learning, comfort in nature, and...


#9 Maggie Giele: How to stand out online and show your personality in your business

Maggie talks about her transition to a brand that truly reflects her personality and helps her business stand out online. Plus, she shares tools for finding your voice in your brand and staying consistent in your marketing copy.


#8 Lysa Greer: Fresh Take Productions

In this podcast episode, Lysa Greer shares her immense knowledge of what it takes to be an entrepreneur including how to price your services, the importance of self-care in your business, transitioning from a corporate background to an entrepreneurial mindset, and expanding from a one-on-one business model to a one-to-many model. There's so much to be learned from Lysa!


#7 Tors Grantham: Video Planning for New Business Owners

Tors Grantham discusses the importance of video as a business owner and how planning can make a difference. She provides tools for making video creation easier and reducing necessary editing time. Tors helps online business owners create video and audio content that aligns with their business goals and inspires, educates and grows their audience.


#6 Nicole Hoglund: Honestly Able - Showing Up Authentically in Your Small Business

In this podcast episode Nicole talks about being authentic in your business to build confidence and to create a business that you love. Also, we talk about redefining success as a small business owner in a way that's sustainable and encompasses much more than just money goals.


#5 Maura Chamness: Maura Chamness Photography

Maura shares her process about finally landing on her dream niche in her business. She also helps us understand the process of hiring a custom stock photographer and offers advice to new entrepreneurs.


#4 Christy Laurence: Plann - Instagram Strategy & App Building

Christy provides tested strategies for using Instagram for business and shares her experience building an app. She has an amazing story and is sure to make you laugh. Christy Laurence is the creative powerhouse behind Plann, an Instagram scheduling app that visually designs your feed in advance. She's recently given up her professional career in Advertising in Sydney to focus on what she is most passionate about - growing Plann to empower small businesses online. With no previous experience...


#3 Erica Lerman: Online Empire Building - SEO Tips for Beginners

In this episode Erica shares with us three things anybody can do to improve their website’s SEO. As a business coach and digital marketing strategist Erica Lerman empowers and teaches online entrepreneurs to grow their tribe, make an impact and monetize their passion.


#2 Krista Goral - Measuremake (Mindset and Creating a Positive Client Experience)

Krista tells us about starting her clothing business out of a personal frustration with fit after hearing from so many women who experience the same problem. I love how she dove in to solve a problem even without having any sewing skills before launching her business. Krista also shares her struggle with mindset and how she overcame it as well as her passion for giving her clients a positive shopping experience and a custom dress that fits.


#1 Pepper Makepeace - Intro to the Small Business Sisterhood and About the Podcast

Welcome to the Small Business Sisterhood Podcast. Join me as I talk a bit about the purpose behind the podcast, the Small Business Sisterhood, and my journey as an entrepreneur. xo