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The smartest guys in marketing is the best show on the planet for client businesses to learn about traffic, funnels, sales, conversions, and marketing coolness. Chris and Taylor are the founders of Traffic and Funnels, a digital marketing consultancy helping you get paid clients from cold traffic, daily.

The smartest guys in marketing is the best show on the planet for client businesses to learn about traffic, funnels, sales, conversions, and marketing coolness. Chris and Taylor are the founders of Traffic and Funnels, a digital marketing consultancy helping you get paid clients from cold traffic, daily.
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The smartest guys in marketing is the best show on the planet for client businesses to learn about traffic, funnels, sales, conversions, and marketing coolness. Chris and Taylor are the founders of Traffic and Funnels, a digital marketing consultancy helping you get paid clients from cold traffic, daily.




#154: The Resolve of a CHAMPION!

What makes a true champion? It’s not a trophy. It’s not the talent, the salary, the fastest time, or the most records. It’s not even being the best of the best. Those are just some of the benefits of being a champion. You see, the real champions, the real winners in life are the people who have the courage to see the impossible. The people who overcome and ferociously persevere through ALL adversity. They learn from their setbacks, and no matter what, they never give up on their goals and...


#153: 100K ALL DAY!

People have a tendency to overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in ten years. That’s especially true for many business-building Entrepreneurs. Reaching a six-figure income can be the gold milestone. It can be your badge of honor, showing the world that you’ve claimed your fat slice of the American Dream. And while a $100K income might seem like a lot of money at first, believe it or not, getting to it is actually not an insurmountable task when you look...



Why is it that we are always so quick to blame other people or the environment we’re in when things don’t go according to plan? There is no shortage of excuses for failure. The key to your success is accepting responsibility for your actions. The truth is success takes more than just hard work. You might not want to admit it, but more often than not, the biggest obstacle to success is YOU. In this episode, we take a look at how to get out of your own way by spotting the hurdles we create...


#151: The Pyramid Scheme of Success

When it comes to achieving business success, there truly is a ’method to the madness.’ Read enough interviews, listen to enough Smartest Guys in Marketing ™ podcast episodes, hear enough leaders speak about their difficult journey up the mountain, and you’ll start to draw parallels. In this episode, we talk about the ‘Pyramid Scheme of Success’ and some of the biggest learning lessons we’ve embraced over the last 6 months that have propelled us forward - in all areas of our lives. Here...


#150: EXCLUSIVE (Nothing Held Back!) Live Q&A - PT 2

In this episode, we’re back answering your questions! Listeners wrote in and we recorded the questions they’ve always wanted to ask us - everything from wealth building strategies to forging mental fortitude. Join us for part two of our exclusive, nothing held back Q&A episode. Here Are The Show Highlights: - A smart strategy for weighing up investment opportunities or business partnerships (2:10) - The most dangerous and terrifying place you could ever be as an Entrepreneur...


#149: EXCLUSIVE (Nothing Held Back!) Live Q&A - PT 1

In this ‘informal’ episode of The Smartest Guys in Marketing ™ , we’re answering your questions about everything from wealth management, energy protection, and the main reason why people never respond to your marketing content. Here Are The Show Highlights: - Our greatest wealth and finance idols revealed - the people we’ve learned the most from when it comes to building real wealth (1:45) - The absolute best way to validate a product or service offer (4:00) - How to protect...


#148: Identity, Environment & Cold Hard Cash

There’s something disturbing about the rigidity of our human character. Although we are all anchored to distinct personalities, our environment drags us far from those anchors. It shapes who we really are, and has a large impact on our psychology and behavior. In today’s episode, it’s time to get clear on when it’s time to upgrade your environment and how to do it in a way that supports the identity you truly want. Here Are The Show Highlights: How to spot when it’s time to upgrade...


#147: *FIRE Q&A* (No Mercy Marketing, Clarity and Loving the Game)

In this episode, Chris recaps a recent live Q&A, covering everything from how to get prospects to actually take action, how to know where you are on the ‘momentum scale’ and the importance of learning to love the game. Here Are The Show Highlights: - No Mercy Marketing: The key ingredients for turning warm prospects into loyal clients (0:30) - The one thing you have to do to fix YOUR battery life and regain momentum (9:45) - The psychology of expectations...and how to know when...


#146: Who's Your Daddy?

There are many challenges and risk attached to growing any business. From the smallest, daily decisions to those faced by the biggest organizations looking to take it to the next level. The truth is if you want to experience exponential growth in your business, confronting, embracing AND using risk to your advantage is something you must do. Risk is something that ‘could’ harm your business. It ‘could’ backfire. But fortunately for you fellow Traffic and Funnels ™ listener, there is a...


#145: How to have boundless energy & bundles of (marketing) joy

Successful people work hard, but you’d never even realize it. They make things look annoyingly effortless, have a zen-like calmness to their attitude and are always in control of their situation. So how do they do it? How do the world’s top performers make success seem second nature? Tune in to today’s Traffic and Funnel ™ show to discover a key rehearsal technique that’ll make success almost second nature for you. Here Are The Highlights: - Why you should STOP (just) reading marketing...


#144: 3 Keys to Staying TURNT

Staying Turnt: A state of wild, and just out right awesomeness that affects everyone’s energy in a positive way. That’s every Entrepreneur's dream; to have an unlimited supply of infectious energy. And believe it or not, right now you have - and have always had access to - this untapped supply of energy. It’s just a case of knowing how to access it and how to use it in an exhaustive amount...but to never allow yourself to become exhausted. In this episode, we dive into how to access your...


#143: PRIVATE - Leaked Sales Clinic From Private Client Group - PT 2

Part two of our leaked private sales call clinic. Taylor takes questions from clients on everything from aggressiveness on sales calls, eliminating risk for prospects, and how to fix the one thing that keeps the majority of people paralyzed underneath their income ceiling, unable to move forward with their business. Here Are The Show Highlights: - A closing sales tactic that makes prospects say “yes” (0:30) - How to effectively counter and eliminate your prospects’ perceived risk on a...


#142: PRIVATE - Leaked Sales Clinic From Private Client Group - PT 1

The difference between a good salesperson and a great one is staggering. A good salesperson will hit their targets...most of the time. But a great salesperson? A great salesperson has mastered the skill of earning their prospects’ trust and respect. A good salesperson can handle objections. A great salesperson preemptively surfaces those concerns...and makes them disappear. So if you want to get better at selling, this is going to be a must-listen episode for you. Tune in, be ‘the fly on...


#141: How we made $801,000 last month on $106,000 in sales

If you’re dissatisfied with any area of your life... ...and you want to know the secret for getting to a place where you can command the number of inbound opportunities that flow into your life...the same secret we used to generate $801,000 last month on $106,000 in sales...then this is for you. Today we’re going to share the cyclical ‘one-word’ answer for taking both your personal and professional life to the next level...and how to do it in a way that ever prevents you from getting to a...


#140:Mindset of a Millionaire

What’s the #1 key that separates the rich from the poor? Ask anybody who is financially free and they’ll all give you the same answer: Their mindset. Rich people have mastered one critical skill and that’s learning how to make their mind to work for them. Your mind wants to protect you. Its only job is to make sure you survive. It’ll put up a fight to keep you in the status quo. It sees anything outside your comfort zone as a threat - which is a huge problem as it holds you back from new...


#139: The Power of Poor

Imagine a life without self-constructed walls around you. A life where you’re not chained back by fear or being afraid of failure. You’re able to see that the obstacle IS the way, and as a result, you’re able to move in a direction to unleash your true potential. You have the ability to change yourself and your life - whether you choose to do so is up to you. Chances are, the most toxic thing in your life is all your untapped potential. Today, we’re going to show you a tool you can use as a...


#138: The Destructive Power of Vulnerability

Sick and tired of reading yet another one of those sugary-sweet quotes or vulnerability posts that so many people seem to be sharing? We are too… Everybody is telling you how you need to be more vulnerable. That you need to share your failures and that you need to be more open. But they’re not telling you the full story. It definitely can get you a bunch of likes but these so-called ‘experts’ are deliberately leaving out one part about vulnerability - and today, we’re going to expose...


#137: *LEAKED* Live Q&A with Chris Evans in Private Client Group (Marketing, Mindset, Family and More)

Are you looking to create a higher converting lead magnet to grow your email list faster? Do you want to know how to eliminate negative thought patterns once and for all? Or maybe you’re wondering how to balance family relationships while building your business? Today’s episode has it all. In this live Q&A session, Chris provides in-depth answers to his clients’ questions on a variety of topics ranging from marketing and mindset to family and much more. Grab your headphones, hit that play...


#136: Growth Happens When _________Growth Happens When _________

No matter what you do, growth in any form is impossible without this one factor. What’s the real secret to substantial growth as an individual, as an Entrepreneur, as a leader? What does it really take to get what you want? Is it some kind of hidden secret that only the few ‘chosen ones’ know about? In this episode, we’re going to expose the truth about where growth really comes from, and how you can start leveraging this one factor to immediately start taking your life to the next...


#1 Skill for Success - Regulation

Do you want to make 2019 infinitely better than 2018 and the years prior? Then listen up… Today’s episode is all about learning how to leverage a foundational skill that binds all other skills together. It’s called Regulation - and once you learn how to master it, you’ll be able to achieve any target you want to hit in 2019 and beyond... ...but without it, life is going to continue feeling like you’re trying to chop down a tree with a blunt baseball bat. So instead, tune into this episode,...