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Ambition is Not a Dirty Word

Ambition is Not a Dirty Word


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Ambition is Not a Dirty Word




9: Personal Preventative Maintenance (AKA Self Care) and How To Get Over Your Excuses

I spoke about this topic for my interview on the Women Offshore Podcast, but I really wanted to touch on it for my listeners as well. You (hopefully) change the oil in your car when you’re supposed to, right? If not, I know that you charge your phone once a day. But when was the last time that you made time for yourself before you NEEDED it? Everyone talks about self care in terms of face masks and bath bombs, but there is so much more to it. It doesn’t have to be much, and there are so many...


8: Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market with Kristen Lemke

Kristen Lemke, founder of Beginner's Guide to the Stock Market is on today's show. She talks about why women should invest, how she got started, and how you can start today! We also discuss some terminology, rookie mistakes, and how to avoid scams. If you want to connect with Kristen, you can check out her Facebook Page, The Thrifty Cowgirl, connect with her on Instagram (@beginners_guide_to_stocks), or check out her course, Beginner's Guide to the Stock Market. Be sure to use code...


7: Liz [Possible] on Her Battle with Cancer and Vulnerability as a Superpower

Prepare to be inspired. We laughed, we cried, and we told stupid jokes. Liz shares her story of her battle with breast cancer, and coming out the other side. She is a dear friend of mine, a personal trainer, a Crossfit competitor, and a Spartan SGX Coach. Throughout her journey, she has always been SUCH a light and inspiration to those around her. We talk about that, the good, bad, and ugly of her journey, and so much more. The plot twist? Vulnerability is a superpower. Liz believes that...


6: How to Quit Procrastinating and Relying on Motivation

This episode is sponsored by LoveDay Reminders. Were you last minute Valentine’s Day Shopping last week? Never let that happen again with LoveDay Reminders. Getting started is easy: all you have to do is sign up, fill out the questionnaire with any dates you need to be reminded of (think birthdays, holidays, anniversaries), and choose when you want to be reminded. This service is PERFECT for busy professionals who hate last minute scrambling to find gifts for those they love. Today on Smash...


5: You Can’t Fear the Future

You would never know it but I recorded the first episode of Smash Your Damn Goals in New Orleans. I love that city. It has always been a source of fascination for me, I've . spent a fair bit of time there visiting. In 2013, 8 years after Katrina I made my way there for the first time onboard the TS Kennedy. The year started amazingly, I was 22 and had five months until I tested for my US Coast Guard 3rd engineers license and graduated college. I felt invincible. Sea is my favorite place to...


4: How to Build Strength, Even When You Feel Broken

If you're feeling broken, not where you want to be, or that your past is defining you, you need thisssssss. In this show, Jais discusses how every trial you have ever gone through has made you stronger, and why it's so important to not quit now. You're strong, you're a fighter, and you were given this life for a reason. You were given this load because you are strong enough to carry it, and in this episode, we discuss how to make that work for you. This show has clear, simple steps for...


3: Life is Too Short to Eat Out of Boring Bowls – What are You Waiting For?

If a Greek person finds out that you like something you are going to get it as a gift from there on out forever. My Thea Susan has gifted me a Bennington Pottery Collection over the years that I have never truly utilized. I made a big batch of my favorite soup the other day because it is cold and rainy in Htown this week. As I went digging through my cabinet in search of a bowl, I decided instead to use my gorgeous, baby blue and white heart shaped Bennington pottery bowl, because, why not?...


2: You are Meant for Bigger Things

Smash Your Damn Goals is a show for women who want to do big things, be high achievers, and be confident in themselves and their abilities! In this episode, Jais gives tips on playing big, both career and in life. So many women are focused on doing their job well, but do not show up fully for themselves. Your life is both your responsibility and your legacy, so if your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough! If you're looking for simple, strategic steps for success with no BS and are...


1: Introduction

Smash Your Damn Goals is a show for women who want to do big things, be high achievers, and be confident in themselves and their abilities! In this episode, Jais gives a brief history of her career from cleaning yachts to working on oil rigs. She graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy in 2013 with a degree in Marine Engineering, moved to Houston, and went to work in the oilfield post-grad. In 2018, she started Uplevely Wildly Coaching to help provide career advancement tips to...