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Lifestyle and business podcast discussing the importance of a work/life balance.

Lifestyle and business podcast discussing the importance of a work/life balance.


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Lifestyle and business podcast discussing the importance of a work/life balance.






"So What Do I Do Now?"

The number one issue affecting the world right now is COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus. It's stopped the world in it's tracks, it threatens our health and wellbeing, and for those of us who run businesses, these are uncertain times. Understandably there is a lot of fear in the air, so on this episode I list a number of things we can do to stay positive and aim to move forward with our careers, our lives and find hope for the future.


"It's Not Always About The Money"

On this episode I talk to Dennis Gerald, an actor, presenter and model from Manchester in the north of England. We talk about how Dennis moved into a career that he enjoys, why he moved away from the usual 9-5 roles, and his inspirations that inspire him to work harder. For more information about Dennis, visit


"Change Isn't Happening Fast Enough!"

On this episode I speak to Nick Ahad, a writer, stand up comedian and radio presenter for Radio Leeds. He has also produced and directed short films and written scripts for the British soap Emmerdale. We talk about how he started working in radio and journalism, taking the step into stand up comedy and how race can have an effect on how you are perceived in the world.


"Money Isn't As Important As Time"

On this episode I speak to Ben Goodwin aka ExP, an MC and Recording Engineer of DubWhy Studios in Leeds. Ben is a successful hip-hop recording artist who has gained recognition across the UK for his unique brand of songwriting and approach to a wide range of topical issues. I've had the privilege of using his music studio over the years (and I highly recommend it). We talk about the birth of DubWhy Studios, creating a music label, the importance of doing the things you love, running a...


"You Have Got To Lead"

On this episode I talk to Tim Nelson, the International Development Director of Hope for Justice, a global charity fighting human trafficking and modern slavery. We talk about balancing a demanding role which takes him all over the world with family and personal time, running a business and a whole host of other topics. For more information about Hope For Justice, visit their website.


"Watching a Business Grow Excites Me!"

Today I speak to Philip Charles, Co-Director of PiPeLine Productions Academies Ltd, an alternative education provision based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. I've known Philip for 20 years and we worked together running music workshops for young people across the UK for several years. We talk about the growth of PiPeLine, how a hobby can turn into a business, and his love of salsa dancing and music. For more information about Pipeline Productions, visit their website at...


"If You Believe In Your Idea, Just Do It!"

On this episode I speak to Mike Edwards, the Director of the Northern Affinity, a new networking initiative based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We talk about starting a business in order to better your life, networking, why the Northern Affinity is important, and also touch on his football team Liverpool FC, a major rival of my own football team Manchester United! For more information about the Northern Affinity, visit the website at


"If I Can Make Millions For Someone Else Then What Could I Do Myself?"

On this episode I talk to Melanie Kirk, the Director of Architect Hair Extension Academy and the Creator of Easiring about moving away from the corporate world and getting started in business, becoming an inventor and juggling family with business. For more information about Architect Hair Extension Academy, visit the website below.


"Money Comes and Goes, Loved Ones Don't!"

On this first episode, I introduce the So This Works podcast, provide a little bit of background about how and why I started my own business, and the importance of a work/life balance. I hope this introduction inspires you and encourages you to listen to future podcast episodes!