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Welcome to Solution Nation Podcast! The ONLY global podcast that brings together public and private companies, venture capitalists, and lawyers to build a bigger and better nation while changing the world. Here at Solution Nation, we talk about investment and negotiation styles and techniques, due diligence performed, and how to structure investments. How much and in which industries to invest. This all comes down to company targets and their business plan for achieving their goals.


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Welcome to Solution Nation Podcast! The ONLY global podcast that brings together public and private companies, venture capitalists, and lawyers to build a bigger and better nation while changing the world. Here at Solution Nation, we talk about investment and negotiation styles and techniques, due diligence performed, and how to structure investments. How much and in which industries to invest. This all comes down to company targets and their business plan for achieving their goals.




An Introduction to the Israeli-American Civic Action Network

An Introduction to the Israeli-American Civic Action Network There are public interest groups for Mexican-Americans, Indian-Americans, Chinese-Americans and just about every other ethnic group besides Israeli-Americans. That is, until Dillon Hosier founded ICAN: Israeli-American Civic Action Network. ICAN, an extremely efficient organization, is active in educating, informing and lobbying city councils, state legislators and U.S. representatives on a wide array of issues that impact Israel. ICAN has worked tirelessly to remove antisemitic and anti-Israel libel in ethnic studies teaching materials. ICAN has taken the position that the BDS movement impedes Israelis of color of the right to make a living and violates the civil rights of Israeli-Americans. The groundbreaking organization has successfully lobbied against diluting Holocaust teaching in schools and has allied with the Persian expat community in explaining to legislators of the importance of restricting Iran’s ability to produce nuclear weapons. You won’t want to miss this session on breaking issues of importance to the Israeli-American community as well as to learn how a small organization can consistently make a profound difference.


Business Lessons from Jeff Hoffman

Jeff Hoffman is one of America’s greatest entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors. Most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders only excel in one industry. Jeff has had amazing success in online commerce, music, film, publishing and professional sports—to name just a few. When Jeff speaks, it pays to listen. During our unique podcast, Jeff Hoffman offers sage advice on issues such as: Allocating HR budgets to the best performers The importance of patenting inventions How much tolerance to have when portfolio companies pivot How to release tranches from escrow accounts when milestones are met Setting, dispersing and weighting milestones Whether to be a first mover or fast follower The importance of leverage and deadlines in negotiations Jeff Hoffman – Founder, & Co-Owner of the Miami Marlins Jeff Hoffman is one of the original creators of the now $80 billion company, (aka After Priceline, Jeff became a founding partner, Chairman, and CEO of Black Sky Entertainment, an independent production company in the film and music industries that produced the independent horror film “Cabin Fever,” a $1.3 million project that has grossed over $100 million to date. He also has produced concerts with Elton John, NSYNC, Beyonce, Brittany Spears & the Backstreet Boys. Jeff is the producer of a Grammy winning jazz album, an Executive Producer of an Emmy Award winning television show. He has founded several other successful companies including, another multibillion-dollar company. He is the co-author of the best-selling book SCALE. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame for Entrepreneurs by the International Association of College Entrepreneurs in 2010. Jeff built a sports company and bought the Miami Marlins with Derek Jeter. He is one of the founders of that has raised $5 billion.


International Patent Filing Strategies

Filing patent applications around the world isn’t easy or inexpensive. Patent applications have to be drafted. Prior art searches performed. Filing fees paid. Translations commissioned. Small and innocuous errors can be not only costly, but catastrophic in terms of enterprise value diminution. Don’t miss this critical podcast on International Filing Strategies. The following are among the issues discussed: Timelines for filing under the auspices of the Patent Cooperation Treaty and subsequent national phase filings Benefits of filing with the USPTO first versus under the PCT first Filing languages and required translations Quality of prior art searches and examiners at the USPTO versus through the PCT Ability to have interviews with examiners at the USPTO versus through the PCT How developed must provisional patent applications be in order to obtain early priority dates The extent to which NDAs extend grace periods for filing patent applications About Frederick Spaeth Frederick A. Spaeth has been serving clients for more than twenty years in the areas of intellectual property law and commercial transactions, including preparing and prosecuting patent, trademark and copyright applications in the U.S. and abroad, and advising clients on questions about validity and infringement. He provides counseling in connection with the formation of R&D-based joint ventures, intellectual property licensing, patent landscape studies, brand protection and enforcement of trademark rights, and a variety of commercial transactions and agreements. Fred has worked closely with in-house general counsel and intellectual property managers, and his experience spans a wide range of industries. He also has experience assisting in various aspects of intellectual property litigation. With an educational background that includes a BS degree in Chemistry, study in engineering, a JD degree and an MBA, Mr. Spaeth is well prepared to address a diverse range of legal, technological and business issues.


Architecting the Abraham Accords

Architecting the Abraham Accords Jason Greenblatt is one of the few individuals in the world who can be credited with bringing peace to the Middle East. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to listen to Jason discuss the brilliant negotiations leading up to the Abraham Accords as well as present day ramifications to those groundbreaking peace agreements. Why did new negotiating strategies have to be deployed? Why was it counterproductive to over-study the history of strife in the Middle East? Why was it better for the United States to act as a smart broker rather than an honest or fair broker? What was the key reason for moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem? Should the United States have pressured Israel for a related concession? What did the Abraham Accord negotiators propose to the Palestinian Authority in terms of access to holy sites in Jerusalem and control of Judea and Samaria? What were the consequences of peace with Muslim countries preceding achieving peace with the Palestinian Authority? What were the main motivators for Muslim countries to sign on to the Abraham Accords? Could the Abraham Accords have been achieved without Iranian belligerence? What is the Biden administration doing to jeopardize the Abraham Accords? Which countries could be the next (or last) signatories to the Abraham Accords? What should you know about proposed legislation to solidify and expand the Abraham Accords? Are China, Europe and Russia favorable, unfavorable or neutral on the Abraham Accords? About Jason Greenblatt Jason Greenblatt is a former White House Middle East Envoy. Jason was a Chief Architect of peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors. He is the Founder and CEO of Abraham Venture and is the author of In the Path of Abraham.


The Israeli Political Scene

This extremely thorough and extremely insightful podcast discusses Israel’s recent elections and presumptive incoming coalition government. Alex Traiman of the Jewish News Syndicate provides an overview of the composition of Israel’s ballots and Israel’s voting procedures. The Israeli Political Scene This extremely thorough and insightful podcast discusses Israel’s recent elections and presumptive incoming coalition government. Alex Traiman of the Jewish News Syndicate provides an overview of the composition of Israel’s ballots and Israel’s voting procedures. This podcast also provides a rare opportunity to learn about the composition of Israel’s Supreme Court, its interaction with Israel’s Knesset (parliament) and proposed reforms. Finally, the session covers Israel’s agreement with Lebanon for extracting natural gas from the nearby Mediterranean Ocean. Among the questions answered by this podcast include: Alex Traiman, CEO & Jerusalem Bureau Chief, The Jewish News Syndicate The Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) is the fastest-growing news agency covering Israel and the Jewish world. JNS provides briefs, news, features, opinions and analysis to as many as 100 print newspapers and digital publications on a daily basis.


Manufacturing in Asia

Over the past two decades, Jacob Rothman built a thriving manufacturing business in China. He has also established manufacturing presences in Cambodia, Vietnam and India. Jacob has researched opening factories in points as disparate as the Philippines, Turkey, Mexico and South America. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with manufacturing in every country. Many companies are now considering divesting from China. However, Jacob points out that one should think twice about uprooting manufacturing from China. China has first-class infrastructure, a dedicated workforce, a deep supply chain and the ability to scale. Also, when one invests in a new plant, thought should be directed to the ability to sell that factory if need be. Don’t miss this fascinating conversation that discusses the pros and cons of manufacturing in China, Cambodia, Vietnam, India and Turkey. Issues such as addressable markets, inflation and currency controls are broached with respect to many of the aforementioned countries. As a bonus, Jacob also shares a few insights into the history of Jews in China and Shanghai’s contemporary Jewish community. Jacob Rothman – Co-CEO, Velong Enterprises Jacob is largely responsible for growing Velong Enterprises into a leading manufacturer of innovative and sustainable grilling and kitchen products. Velong maintains 11 factories, introduces 500 new products each year and employees 1,600 people. Velong’s products are sold to the likes of Weber (the grill maker) and Walmart.


Israeli Smart Mobility

Israel is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Israel also has more than its share of traffic accidents: Israel’s police received 11,554 reports of traffic accidents resulting in casualties during 2021, a 6.6% increase from the previous year. As a result of its high incidence of traffic accidents and congested roads, Israel is making tremendous investments in smart mobility. This unique podcast covers the gamut of Israeli Smart Mobility. Listeners will learn about Israel’s shared mobility, scooters, light-rail initiatives, electric vehicle policies, autonomous vehicles, and connected cars. Among the specific issued addressed in the podcast are: What is the schedule for the roll-out of light rail services in Israel’s largest cities? How do Israeli scooter sharing companies balance the deposits and availability of scooters? Why is the availability of electrified bicycles especially important given the heat during Israeli summers? Why is charging of electric vehicles especially challenging given typical Israeli living situations? What incentives for the adoption of electric vehicles exist in terms of taxes on new vehicles and fuel? How do Israeli shared ride hailing services differ from those in the United States? What is the thinking behind launching autonomous driving with public transport? Which factors account for Israel so quickly becoming a hub of automotive innovation? What can be learned from the demise of Better Place? Daniel Zucker – Founder, Smart Mobility Consultancy Service Daniel Zucker was a leader for the Smart Mobility Initiative within the Office of the Prime Minister. Daniel formulated and orchestrated the Israeli national plan for smart mobility, a governmental resolution allocating 250 million NIS in order to make Israel a world leader both in R&D and implementation. He also led complex regulation and legislation processes regarding Electric Vehicles, Autonomous Vehicles and Ride and Car Sharing.


The Unfolding Food Crisis

Several hundred Israeli companies are developing food technology solutions in view of the unfolding food crisis. That is good because farmers, especially small farmers, are under siege. Consumers worldwide are feeling the pain too. Given the unavailability of food staples and skyrocketing prices of essential food, weekly visits to the supermarket have turned into traumatic events. COVID-19 can no longer be blamed for barren shelves. At the time of the production of this podcast, Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine was not restricting the export of that much of Ukraine’s harvest. More mendacious factors are at work. The genesis and potential severity of worldwide food insecurity are the subjects of this highly informative podcast. Topics discussed include: How are progressive policies resulting in soaring prices for diesel fuel, which farmers need to run their equipment and truckers need to deliver food to the stores? Why is the war on fertilizer a horrible development for sustainable food production? Why are rising levels of carbon dioxide a positive development for crops’ reliance on water? Why does the Orwellian named “Inflation Reduction Act” pay farmers not to farm? Why is the SEC telling private farmers to track their emissions? To what extent are banks withholding credit to farmers? How is the Biden administration withholding water from farmers by broadening the definition of “Waters of the United States?” To what extent is China instigating the war on America’s farmers? How was the deadly deprivation of baby formula a consequence of misguided liberal policy? What is the Right to Repair all about? Dr. Bonner R. Cohen, Senior Fellow, National Center for Public Policy Research Dr. Bonner concentrates on energy, natural resources, and international relations at the National Center for Public Policy Research, where he serves as a Senior Fellow. He also serves as a senior policy adviser with the Heartland Institute, senior policy analyst with the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, and as adjunct scholar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Articles by Dr. Cohen have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, New York Post, Washington Times, National Review, Philadelphia Inquirer, Detroit News, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Miami Herald, and dozens of other newspapers in the U.S. and Canada. He has been interviewed on Fox News, CNN, Fox Business Channel, BBC, BBC Worldwide Television, NBC, NPR, N 24 (German language news channel), Voice of Russia, and scores of radio stations in the U.S.


The Israel-Brazil Innovation Ecosystem

This is your opportunity to learn about the history of the Israel-Brazil relationship. You will also gain insight into the current diplomatic, economic, and research relationships that the two countries enjoy. The following are among the issues discussed during this fascinating podcast: Speaker: Marcia Zeitoune Janzen, Founder, Zeitoune Janzen Legal Mar-see-yah Zeye-tune Jan-sen Marcia Zeitoune Janzen is a senior business lawyer with a master's degree in Corporate Law from the University of Bonn. Marcia has more than 25 years of work experience in Brazil, Germany, and Israel in the areas of corporate, international commercial contracts, fintech, high-tech, finance and banking. She has worked in-house for banks and in the international department of law firms in the areas of industry such as High-Tech, Chemical, Insurance, Oil & Energy, Import-Export, Maritime, Engineering, Printing, and more.


Solution Nation - The Book, The Movement by David Wanetick

Solution Nation contains fascinating and rigorously researched profiles of 62 of Israel's most promising companies. In addition to developing and commercializing cutting-edge technologies, all of the companies included in Solution Nation are dedicated to solving intractable challenges. Learn how the world's most disadvantaged and destitute people stand to benefit from Israeli ingenuity. Readers are introduced to Israeli companies that are detecting cervical cancer and heart failure, preventing amputations and auto accidents, helping the blind see, enabling the paralyzed to stand, purifying water in the wake of natural disasters, taming starvation, and rescuing people from burning buildings. DAVID WANETICK David Wanetick is the CEO of the Institute for Strategic Negotiations, which maintains the world’s largest library of negotiating courses. David teaches the Enhanced Negotiating Strategies courses offered through the Institute for Strategic Negotiations. Senior executives from all over the world attend these courses. David’s unique approach to negotiating encompasses his expertise in understanding clients’ business models and valuation issues. His clients include some of the largest Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups, universities and private equity firms. David is author of The Strategic Negotiator: A Manual for Negotiating at the Elite Level, the world’s most voluminous book dedicated to strategic negotiations.


Investing in Israeli Plant-Based FoodTech

This fascinating podcast discusses the pros and cons of plant-based alternative proteins compared to cell-cultivated protein replacements. Issues discussed include: Chanan Schneider also introduced us to promising Israeli foodtech companies such as Phytolon, SavorEat, TIPA, TripleW, ansa, and Egg’n’up.


Transforming African Agriculture with Israeli Innovation

Danielle Abraham discusses how Israeli know-how is being directed to boosting agricultural output in Africa. She discusses the state of African farming infrastructure, the role of extension officers and the magnitude of minimizing post-harvest losses. The podcast addresses the importance of government stability, involvement of China in Africa and Africa’s receptivity to Israeli knowledge transfer. Danielle Abraham is the Executive Director at Volcani International Partnerships. Danielle has spent her career in Israel dedicated to connecting Israeli expertise to needs in developing countries. She has previously served as a senior policy advisor in MASHAV, Israel’s agency for International Development Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and represented Israel as a guest speaker at the UN, OECD and the German Development Bank.


The Israeli Aquaculture Industry

Much of the solution to the world’s food insecurity can be found in fish. Fish are more efficient at converting feed to protein than any other animal. No other animal can be raised at a density even approaching that of fish. Unlike raising chicken, pigs and cows, no efforts need be undertaken to provision wild fish with water. Listen to this unique podcast and learn the answers to questions such as: Among the Israeli aquaculture companies discussed were Aquatech Fisheries, Pure Blue Fish, and AquaMaof. Roni Hochman Sussman is the AquaculTech Managing Director at the Israel Innovation Institute. Previously, Roni was a biology specialist at Algatechnologies and a project manager at Hazera Seeds.


Business Lessons with Jack McCauley

Listen to Oculus VR’s former Co-Founder and Chief Engineer talk about the Oculus story, from inception to exit. Jack McCauley discusses Oculus’s initial team, Kickstarter success, role of its venture capitalists, manufacturing in China, and sale to Facebook. Jack also shares his thoughts on the future of virtual reality, augmented reality and the metaverse. Jack McCauley has over three decades of experience with inventing and technical engineering. As an engineer at Activision, he designed the guitars and drums for the Guitar Hero video game series. Jack was the Co-Founder and Chief Engineer at Oculus VR which was sold to Facebook for $2 billion in 2014. Jack serves as a Board Trustee at University of California, Berkeley. Jack is now venturing into automotive technology, building cars at his private R&D facility and hardware incubator in Livermore, CA.


The Role of Maquiladoras in the International Supply Chain

Companies considering reshoring to Mexico really should realize that Mexico isn’t the same thing as China. Production can be completely outsourced to China. However, companies that contract with maquiladoras must provide their own management and secure their own supply chains. Chinese view gaps in the supply chain as an opportunity to profitably solve a problem while Mexicans view such a situation as an unacceptable risk. Listen to this unique and timely podcast to learn about the following: Andrew Hupert lives and works in Mexico where he helps international businesses get their supply chains under control. After over 20 years in Asia (Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, Saigon), Andrew decided to follow his own advice and move his operations closer to home. He is now based in Saltillo, Coahuila, the ‘Detroit of Mexico’, where he shows companies how to expand or adjust their supply chains.


The Israel-New Zealand Economic Ecosystem

Where else can you learn about New Zealand’s Jewish history? Where else can you learn about the special relationship between New Zealand’s indigenous tribes and Israel? Where else can you learn about New Zealand’s rocky diplomatic relationship with Israel? The following are among the issues discussed during this dynamic exchange with Josh Brown and Sheree Trotter: Josh Brown, Founder, New Zealand Israel Innovation Hub Sheree Trotter, Co-Founder, Holocaust & Antisemitism Foundation of New Zealand; Founder of the Indigenous Coalition for Israel


Arizona’s Anti-BDS Treasurer

As Arizona’s Treasurer, Kimberly Yee safeguards roughly $30 billion in assets and is the steward of Arizona’s $63 billion state budget. During her term, Treasurer Yee has conservatively managed the state’s assets while generating impressive investment returns. Kimberly Yee is a staunch and effective foe of the BDS campaign against Israel. She divested Arizona’s $143 million investment in Unilever when Ben & Jerry’s, its subsidiary, severed its ice cream sales in Judea and Samaria. Ms. Yee placed Morningstar on Arizona’s list of prohibitive investments due to that company’s subsidiary, Sustainalytics, using antisemitic sources to negatively rate companies transacting business in Israel. Under her watch, Arizona’s investments in Israel bonds surged three-fold. The following are among the other issues discussed during this dynamic exchange with Treasurer Yee: The Honorable Kimberly Yee, Arizona State Treasurer. Kimberly Yee is a graduate of Pepperdine University where she earned a bachelor's degree in political science and a bachelor's degree in English. She also holds a master's degree in public administration from Arizona State University's School of Public Affairs. She was elected to the Arizona House of Representatives for the 10th legislative district from 2011 to 2013 and the Arizona Senate for the 20th legislative district from 2013 until 2019. She was elected as Arizona’s Treasurer on November 6, 2018.


Investing in Israeli Femtech

FemTech is a broad field, encompassing everything from heart disease to reproductive treatment, from oncology to menopause, and from breast feeding to menstrual cycles. We learn that the two genders require different treatment regimens and demonstrate different symptoms for the onset of various diseases. This podcast discusses issues such as: Sharon Handelman-Gotlib is the Business Development Manager at the Sompo Digital Lab in Tel Aviv. Sharon is a member of the FemTech IL management team.


The Israel-Korea Innovation Ecosystem

Israel and Korea have a great deal in common. Both countries received their independence in 1948, have tensions along their borders, have compulsory military service and look after their diasporas. Israel is the largest consumer of Korean automobiles on a per capita basis and Israel looks to Korea as a testing ground for its newest innovations. Listen to this unique podcast and learn the answers to questions such as: Ben Weiss is a Venture Partner with SoftBank Ventures Asia and a Managing General Partner at CE Ventures. He is also the Chairman at Alicorn as well as a Director at Glassbox and Pliops.


Compensating Victims of Tragedy w/ The Honorable Kenneth Feinberg

Compensating business owners in the aftermath of a tragedy isn’t easy. Financial records must be confirmed and reviewed. Financial projections must be taken into account. Apportionment needs to be considered. Valuing lost or impaired human lives is an even more sensitive subject. This podcast presents a unique opportunity to listen to the world’s foremost compensation expert discuss related issues such as: The Honorable Kenneth Feinberg is a preeminent lawyer and mediator. Professor Feinberg served as Special Master for compensation in the wake of America’s most horrific tragedies. He served in this role in the aftermath of the Agent Orange case and British Petroleum’s Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Mr. Feinberg served as Special Master on a pro bono basis for the September 11 Victim Compensation Fund, the Virginia Tech Shooting and the Trouble Asset Relief Program. Professor Feinberg is a former chief of staff to Senator Edward M. Kennedy and member of two presidential commissions. He is also adjunct professor of law at Georgetown University, the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University and New York University.