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Spark This is a Spark's official podcast channel where we talk marketing, PR, and pretty much anything that's new in tech and communications.

Spark This is a Spark's official podcast channel where we talk marketing, PR, and pretty much anything that's new in tech and communications.
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Spark This is a Spark's official podcast channel where we talk marketing, PR, and pretty much anything that's new in tech and communications.








How To Podcast For Brands Advanced Tips

So, you’ve started your podcast—defined your topics, lined up your guests, recorded some episodes—and now you want to really make it stand out. We’re dropping advice to help you with how to podcast for brands in this stage of your podcasting journey. Check out the first episode in the series, called “How to Start Podcasting for Brands,” if you’re at the beginning stages of creating your podcast. This time, we are joined by someone with tons of broadcasting and podcasting experience:...


Developers Weigh In On The Future Of Gaming

What does the future of gaming hold, in terms of how we communicate with each other and how we interact with media? In this episode of Spark Talks, two video game developers give their take on how interactive media influences us at work, at play, and while learning about our world. Make sure to tweet us @sparkpr ( to ask them your questions and give us your take on the gaming industry. Learn more about the developers and the resources they reference here:...


Virtual Reality: Where We've Been, Where We're Going

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have hit the mainstream and are changing the way we experience things. But can you guess where the industry is headed? We tackle this idea in this episode of Spark Talks, along with many other—sometimes surprising—uses of VR and AR. Guests include Rosstin Murphy, VR Engineer at STRIVR and Toby Trevarthen, Chief Narrative Officer at Spark. Tweet us at @sparkpr with your questions and let us know what you want for the future of virtual reality and we'll...


The Future CEO is the CMO

Today we’re asking the question, “Does Marketing Have a Seat at the Table?” and by “table,” we mean at the top circle of C-suite executives in the running to be promoted to CEO of a company. Head of Strategy Marco Iannucci joins to explain where CEOs have come from in the past, what has changed in marketing, and why the future CEO is the CMO. Share your thoughts on who makes the best CEO and ask your questions by tweeting us @sparkpr.


Agile Narrative episode 4

Why should publishers care about the concept of company Narratives? How can companies become indispensable among their many competitors? How can entrepreneurs leverage their stories for marketing? Chief Narrative Officer Toby Trevarthen has the answers for both publishers and entrepreneurs in this episode of Agile Narrative. Share your entrepreneurial story and ask your questions about company Narratives by tweeting us @sparkpr.


How to Start Podcasting for Brands

Lots of companies have been wondering how to get started in podcasting for brands. What do I talk about? How do I talk to guests? How do I get followers? These are some of the questions we answer in this episode of Spark Talks. Mike Bloom, host of several podcast shows, joins us to advise you and your company on how to formulate a plan, execute, and promote your first podcast. Is there something else you'd like to learn? Do you have your own tips to share? Tweet us @sparkpr to join in the...


Am I A Brand? Where Personal & Company Branding Collide

Am I a brand? Are YOU a brand? That’s what we’re asking on this episode of Spark Talks. Head of Strategy Marco Iannucci explains why the answer goes far deeper than a simple "yes" and runs through the latest examples of CEOs blending their personal branding with their companies' brands, usually for the worse. Listen to all the fake news blunders, backtracking, and apologies below and make sure to tweet us @sparkpr with your own personal branding challenges, advice, and success!


Rise of the Los Angeles Tech Hub: Move Over, Silicon Valley!

We’re usually all about San Francisco and Silicon Valley in these Spark Talks podcasts but this time we’re putting the spotlight on Los Angeles, an exploding tech hub with tons of startups getting founded and big companies moving in. Antonio Hicks, Senior Account Manager, who works on a lot of LA-based accounts and Rachel Kahn, Director at Spark in LA, explain why the Los Angeles tech hub is getting attention now and predict how LA will compare to Silicon Valley and New York in the future....


Evolution of Advertising: Rise of the Bots

Would you take shopping recommendations from a chatbot? Startups like Radbots are using artificial intelligence to turn targeted advertising into a positive experience. Join the founders of Radbots, Dan Gailey and Nathan Ross, along with Spark's Chief Narrative Officer Toby Trevarthen and VP of Strategic Insights Shane Jordan in this podcast to learn about the future of advertising and chatbots as well as how to use them to reach your company's audience. Send your chatbot and advertising...


So many robots and more CES 2017 trends

Thousands of presenters. Over a hundred thousand attendees. CES just keeps growing and 2017 broke records. Learn about the major trends from security to augmented reality and how they compare to last year’s show from Account Manager Cristina Dunning in this podcast. Send your questions and comments for features on future podcasts by tweeting sparkpr.


Spark Talks - IoT

What are the biggest challenges for Internet of Things (IoT) companies in terms of public relations: viability, security, lack of consumer education? How does big data play a part in PR and marketing for IoT companies, since they have so much information on their customers? What's in store for IoT's future? And do IoT products _actually_ make your life easier? Jeff Koo (Vice President), Shane Jordan (VP Strategic Insights), and Alex Romero-Wilson (Senior Analyst) cover all this in this...


Sexy Data epidode 3 - Holidata

Barely-believable Santa "facts," holiday shopping statistics, and the most popular toys from 1983 to 2016: It's all here in Sexy Data episode 3: Holidata! Join ShanAlex and Vanessa to talk all things data this holiday season. Tell us about your Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and what you're asking Santa for this year by tweeting us @sparkpr using the hashtags #sexydata and #holidata. We'll get back to you and mention you on a future podcast! Here's the breakdown: 1:17 Did you believe in Santa...


Combine Forces to Form: Integrated Marketing Campaign!

How are all the different tactics of marketing like the hit tv show Voltron? Find out in this new podcast episode all about integrated marketing! From achieving client business goals to allowing teams to work seamlessly across departments, Chris Hampson (Project Manager) and Shane Jordan (VP Strategic Insights) explain how integrated marketing benefits both brands and agencies. [Image courtesy of Netflix.]


Spooky Data - Sexy Data episode 2

Spooky things are happening in the world of data and it’s not just because it’s Halloween (although we cover that extensively)! From the largest DDoS attack in history on October 21 to the Freakonomics of Data, Shane and Alex (ShanAlex) cover it — and Warriors basketball news — in this episode of Sexy Data. Send us your thoughts, questions, and Halloween pics so we can get back to you on the next episode! Tweet @sparkpr with #sexydata.


Total Immersion — Behind the scenes of the original Marketing & PR rap

Have you ever wished you could rock out to a song about PR and marketing? Now you can! Spark’s very own Counsel and Contract Manager Tucker Owen and Director of Strategy Marco Iannucci dish out the details on how they came up with such a catchy rap about the industry.


PR vs. Creative: Rivalry or Synergy?

Creative work: Does it have a place in a PR agency? Once an agency becomes integrated — offering a variety of services beyond traditional PR — creativity takes a starring role alongside its companions from marketing to media relations. But why would you get creative services from a PR company instead of a separate creative agency? Are different types of agencies racing to offer the same services, therefore battling it out as integrated agencies? Spark’s Creative Director Walter Kuhn and...


Fresh Friday - Snapchatting the Silicon Shire

We talk the latest in tech in this episode of Fresh Friday: Why are companies like Snap and Google releasing their own hardware (Spectacles and Pixel phone)? How would a Twitter acquisition help any of the hopeful buyers? Have you heard of the Silicon Shire? How about the Silicon Swamp?