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094: Speaking and Showing Up Powerfully as Women with Molly Baker McPherson

When my guest Molly McPherson introduced herself in the Speaking Your Brand Facebook group and said one of her topics is helping women speak powerfully, I knew I had to have her on the podcast. Molly McPherson is a PR professional and speaker, with a focus on communicating in the digital age and crisis communication, helping her clients protect their reputations with proactive plans and messaging. In this episode, Molly and I talk about specific strategies we can use as women to come...


093: Turning Your Framework into a Course with Jessica Korthuis

One of the most popular episodes of this podcast is episode 61 on developing your own framework. I’ve heard from so many of you - in the FB group and via email - that it got you thinking of creating your own framework for your business and your presentations. Having a framework differentiates yourself from others in your field, it makes it easier for your audience and clients to understand what you do, and you’re creating intellectual property. In today’s episode, my guest Jessica...


092: Deconstructing My TEDx Talk: Why We’re Uncomfortable with Women in Power

Two years ago, right before the November 2016 U.S. presidential election, I gave a talk at a small, local TEDxWomen chapter. Until now, I’ve never shared it publicly (beyond the audience that was there). Why? There are several reasons, which you’ll hear about in this episode. It was the most challenging speaking experience I’ve ever had. Not because of the format or the short length (8 minutes), but because of the topic I chose to talk about and the pressure I put on myself. The talk was...


091: Visibility Works: From Local Speaking to TED.com to a Book with Tammy Lally

How does a visibility strategy actually work? What does it look like to grow your business and your personal brand through speaking? What are the steps you can take? This episode is truly a case study in what happens when you show up consistently and put yourself out there with courage and conviction. Over the course of the past couple of years, my guest and client Tammy Lally went from speaking for free at local groups and the library to sharing her message on a TEDx stage to the...


090: Hosting Your Own Workshop or Retreat with Blair Thielemier

Speaking at someone else’s event is great, but hosting your own workshop or retreat can be even better. You get to control the content and you’re center stage as the host and presenter. But, there’s also a lot that goes into planning a successful workshop or retreat that’s a full day or even two days. My guest, Blair Green Thielemier, recently hosted her first one-day retreat (combination workshop and mastermind) at a hotel venue in Nashville. Blair shares with us: Why she decided to...


089: [Coaching] Building a Community from Your Podcast with Debbie Gonzales

“My dream is bigger than my fear.” Have you ever felt like that? My guest today, Debbie Gonzales, heard that from a guest she interviewed on her brand new podcast and she said it’s what pushed her forward to launch. In this on-air coaching call, Debbie asks me questions about launching her podcast, including: Creating a community of listenersThe magic number for a Facebook groupTips for working with a podcast editor/teamImposter syndromeHow I felt when I published my first...


088: Why You Need to Live Broadcast with Jenny Melrose

If you’re a speaker, you should be doing live broadcasts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. But…. I hear you say in your head, I don’t like to see myself on video … I don’t have time … I don’t know what to say. These are all things I’ve said to myself. Even though I’ve been on TV dozens of times, have hosted over a hundred webinars over the years, and speak in person often, I’ve shied away from doing live broadcasting. However, as media consumption is changing and people are...


087: Launching a Podcast: What's Important and What's Not

Have you been thinking of launching your own podcast? It’s been a game-changer for my business and personal brand - and it can be for yours too. But, it can seem overwhelming and daunting: What to do first, then next, what equipment and software do you need, much less thinking about the format and interviewing guests, and so on. In this episode, you’ll learn what’s important - and what’s not - when launching your podcast. I’ll also share with you the #1 reason for podcasting...


086: [Coaching] How to Generate Leads From Your Podcast with Stacey Ogden

Do you have a podcast - or video series or blog - but aren’t getting leads from it as you had expected? You know your content is good - you’re getting listeners and viewers and readers - but, when it comes to making money as a result of that content, it’s crickets (and an empty inbox). What can you do? This is the question my guest today, Stacey Ogden of Busy Mom Collective, had. In this on-air coaching call, you’ll hear as we dissect what’s going on with her podcast (if you don’t have a...


085: Pivoting Your Business Model by Asking ‘What Do You Really Want’ with Katie Krimitsos

When’s the last time you asked yourself: “What do I *really* want? What’s right for me *right now*?” And then what happens if the business you’ve been building is not quite the right answer. You can either ignore the answer and try to go down the same road, bumping into obstacles along the way. Or, you can pivot your business model to better align with your mission, your lifestyle, and opportunities you see. This is what my guest Katie Krimitsos, founder of Biz Women Rock, recently...


084: [Coaching] Less Is More: Developing Your Visibility Strategy with Wendy Zanders

There are many, many ways you can get visibility for yourself and your business: Speaking to local groupsPresenting at conferencesBeing a member or officer of a local organizationGuesting on podcasts or hosting your own podcastDoing Facebook Live and YouTube videosHosting webinarsBeing active in Facebook groups and other online communities But, you can’t do all of these at the same time. You have to choose which are the best ones based on where you’re at in your business, where your...


083: Collaborating to Expand Your Reach with Baily Hancock

How can you expand your network and reach new people? Collaborating with others who share a similar mission, vibe, and audience can be one of the best ways to do that. But, how do you actually collaborate in a pre-planned way? What does that look like (webinars, FB Live, workshops, podcasts, etc.)? What does each person gain and, just as importantly, what does each person’s audience gain? My guest today is Baily Hancock, a Collaboration Consultant who teaches people how to collaborate...


082: [Coaching] How to Create an Emotional Connection with Your Audience with Leanne Kabat

How can you create an emotional connection with your audience? Even if you *think* you have a topic that doesn’t lend itself to creating an emotional connection, there are ways you can pull your audience in. Creating an emotional connection: Engages the audience and keeps them interestedBuilds trust with you and with each other by being vulnerable and relatableHelps them to remember what you’re teachingGives them a way to apply what you’re sharing to themselves In this on-air coaching...


081: Be a Better Speaker: Top Takeaways from Watching Presenters at Podcast Movement

What separates a great speaker from a so-so one and how can you be a great one? I recently attended a 3-day conference (Podcast Movement) and took notes during the keynotes and breakout sessions on what the speakers did well and what could have been better, so you can take these tips and apply them to your own presentations. Although it was a conference for podcasters, this episode is not about podcasting - it’s about how you can be a better speaker and presenter. (But, if you are a...


080: [Coaching] Connecting Your Why and What Makes Your Approach Unique with Anne Torrez

Do you know what makes your approach and process unique? As a speaker and entrepreneur - whether you’re a coach, consultant, strategist, trainer, therapist, or other type of business owner - your methodology and philosophy are important components of what you do. In this on-air coaching call, I help my guest Anne Torrez find what makes her coaching approach unique, so she can better articulate her brand message, whether she’s speaking to a group, being interviewed on a podcast, or talking...


079: [Coaching] How to Develop the Shape of Your Framework for Your Presentations with Coryne Forest

In this on-air coaching call, you’ll hear how my guest Coryne Forest and I create the visual shape of her framework to use in her presentations. In episode 61, you learned how developing your own framework can be a game changer for not only your presentations but also your business. Many listeners have told me how impactful that episode was for them. They’ve even shared sketches of their frameworks in the Speaking Your Brand Facebook group (get access at...


078: Speaking Around the World with Annie Mori

What is it like to travel around the world, from Europe to China, to speak - and get paid for it? My guest is Annie Mori, a licensed pediatric occupational therapist and founder of playSense, based in California. Annie is paid to travel internationally several times a year to conduct trainings and workshops and to be a keynote speaker at conferences. In this episode, Annie and I talk about: How she became an international speakerHow she negotiates contracts with conferences and...


077: [Coaching] Balancing the What, Why, and How in Your Presentations with Libby Rothschild

In this on-air coaching call, you’ll hear how to distinguish and balance the WHAT, the WHY, and the HOW of what you teach related to your business and your offer. My guest is Libby Rothschild, a registered dietitian who helps other registered dietitians build their businesses and use social media, especially Instagram, effectively. With her partner, Libby offers an online course and masterminds. We talk about how she can tweak the content of her presentation to focus on the WHAT and WHY so...


076: Why the Stories We Tell Matter with Leena Nasser

I’ve talked before about how sharing stories in your talks helps the audience to better understand and remember what you’re teaching. In this episode, we’re going deeper into why stories matter - not just for our presentations, but for understanding ourselves, our place in the world, and our identity - who gets included and who is excluded in the stories we hear and the stories we tell. My guest is Leena Nasser, who is Executive Director of The Chopra Institute in NYC. Leena Nasser...


075: [Coaching] Finding the Right Presentation Content for Your Business with Regina Byrne

Do you feel like everything’s already been said about your topic and that your audience has heard it all before? Let me assure you that sharing your own experiences, knowledge, and examples*will* set you apart. The key is to have a unique angle and to align your presentation content with what you do in your business. In this on-air coaching call, you’ll hear how my guest Regina Byrne and I find what she should center her presentation around. Hands-on audience engagement activities end up...