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124: [Coaching] Opportunities Come When You're Prepared with Karen Briscoe

Have you ever been asked to give an important talk or presentation with a very short time frame? You knew that saying “yes” would be beneficial, but then you had to scramble to put it together, which meant pushing aside your other work, stressing about it, and creating a presentation that wasn’t as good as it could have been? What if, instead, you’re prepared when great speaking opportunities present themselves? My guest today is Karen Briscoe, the author of several books, highly...


123: The Key Elements You Need to Get Paid Speaking Engagements with Li Hayes

You’re going to love this episode, so much so that you may want to listen to it more than once. It’s packed with what you need in order to get paid speaking engagements. There are 5 key elements that event planners look for in speakers they hire. In this episode, you’ll learn what these key elements are and how to position yourself as a paid speaker. My guest is Li Hayes, who is a speaker manager and also facilitates speakers’ exchange groups. Li has been on both sides: helping event...


122: A Fresh Approach to Social Media Engagement with Tara McMullin

Have you heard the term “call and response”? When I hear the phrase, I think of preachers, especially in black churches, who use it to engage their parishioners and uplevel the energy in the room. As speakers, we can use call and response to heighten energy and emotion with our audiences and get them to participate more in the experience. (See episode 113 on E.P.I.C. content for some examples.) But, have you thought about using this idea of “call and response” on social media? I...


121: Designing Your Website So It Speaks Your Brand with Melanie (Mel) Richards

How does your website impact your speaking opportunities and the fees you can charge? More than you may think. If you want to be seen as an authority in your field and charge premium rates, as both a speaker and an entrepreneur, your branding needs to reflect that. This includes your website, your marketing materials, your graphics, and your content. This may be controversial, but I’m going to say it: DIY is not your BFF. When you come to a place in your speaking and business when you...


120: [Coaching] Focusing on the Why vs. the How in Your Presentations with Layne Booth

A question I get a lot is: What content should I include in my lead generation presentations? How much information do I share? To figure this out, start with these two questions: #1 = What are you selling (your program, service, product)? This will help you to determine what content will best align with your offer. #2: Who is your ideal client and what do they need to know to make a decision / take action? This is what my guest today, Layne Booth, and I did during our recent VIP Day to...


119: Deconstructing a Keynote: Writing, Preparation, and Delivery with Carol Cox and Diane Diaz

In the last episode, I talked about pushing past your speaking plateau - what happens when we get to a certain point in our skillset, it’s a comfortable place, but we’re no longer progressing or challenging ourselves, and I shared some ways you can get past your plateau. That’s where my guest today, Diane Diaz, was in her speaking journey. You may recognize Diane - she’s been on the podcast a couple times this year and she’s one of the speaking coaches here at Speaking Your Brand. Diane...


118: Push Past Your Speaking Plateau

In today’s episode, we’re talking about hitting a plateau, why it happens, the danger of staying there, and how to get past one. I’m going to be sharing some of my own experiences plus giving you specific strategies you can use. The definition of plateau is to reach a state or level of little or no growth or decline, especially to stop increasing or progressing; remain at a stable level of achievement; level off (from Dictionary.com). Notice the word “achievement”. Just because you’re at...


117: [Coaching] Turning Your Signature Talk into a Lead Generation Webinar with Lorena Klingel

How can you take the presentation you do in person and convert it to a webinar for lead generation, particularly if you’re selling a program or course? Much of the content from your presentation can be easily repurposed for a webinar, but there are some considerations and constraints when you have attendees online vs. in person. Hosting a webinar before giving your presentation in person is also a great way to practice and get comfortable with the content and get feedback from a real...


116: 16 Ways You Can Use Your Signature Talk

When we think of a signature talk, we naturally think of standing in front of a group of people delivering our talk. Did you know that there are many more ways - 16 at least! - that you can use your signature talk? Why can you use it in all these ways? The work of creating your signature talk becomes the foundation on which everything else stands. A signature talk is what you want to be known for, your area of expertise, and the insights you want to share. Your talk reflects your...


115: How Your Speaking, Media, and PR Can Work Together with Wendy Glaister

What happens when lots of good things start happening to you and your business, as more people and organizations are recognizing you as a rising star in your industry? You may be tempted to back off your visibility, thinking the organic growth will continue. However, an even better strategy is to accelerate your visibility and go after bigger opportunities: TV, major publications, speaking at high-profile events. My guest, Wendy Glaister, talks about why she decided to hire a PR firm to...


114: [Coaching] Building Your Thought Leadership Platform with Lisa Zawrotny

What are the elements of being a thought leader? What does it mean to be a thought leader? How can you build your thought leadership platform? As a speaker, you are seen as a leader, an authority, an expert in your space, which is why many of us want to speak to share our big idea to larger audiences. In this episode, my guest Lisa Zawrotny and I talk about how she’s going to be putting herself out there with her new message and signature talk, including in speaking engagements,...


113: Storytelling Isn’t Enough: Your Content Needs to be E.P.I.C.

I gave this presentation on E.P.I.C. content 4 times to 4 different groups in a recent 2-week period. Whew! In this episode, you'll hear the presentation itself as well as why I decided to include certain things, like video and music clips. Why this topic? Business storytelling has been all the rage for the past few years: we’ve been told to share stories in our presentations, on our websites, and on social media about our companies, our customers, and our team members. But, for the most...


112: [Coaching] Deciding On Your Signature Talk Topic with Teresa McCloy

If you have multiple aspects of your business or of the work you do with your clients, it can be challenging to figure out what’s the best topic and content to use for your signature talk. Should you just pick one? Should you have two different signature talks? Should you try to combine them? The answer could be yes to any of those three questions - it depends on your goals, your audience, and your offer. In this episode, my guest is Teresa McCloy, who was facing this question when we...


111: Make More Time for Speaking and Visibility with Clockwork Principles with Adrienne Dorison

I’m obsessed with the book “Clockwork” by Mike Michalowicz (who also wrote “Profit First”). I read it the first weekend it came out last fall and it has revolutionized the way I look at my business. When a mutual colleague offered to connect me with Adrienne Dorison, the co-founder of Run Like Clockwork™, I jumped at the chance to have her on the podcast. As an entrepreneur, one of your most important roles is being the face and voice of your business, which means speaking at conferences...


110: Making the Most of Speaking at Trade Shows and Conferences with Sue Monhait

When you speak at a conference or trade show, have you thought about how you can invite the audience to continue the conversation with you after your session? In this episode, my guest Sue Monhait shares strategies she uses when she speaks at trade shows - and she’s done it a lot! Sue has two different kinds of businesses: one is product-based called The Ribbon Print Company (she sells ribbon printers, software, and ribbon itself - the kind you see on gift packages) and the other is an...


109: How to Put On a Winning Workshop with Carol Cox and Diane Diaz

This episode is jam-packed with what you need to know to put on your own paid workshop. I recently co-hosted a workshop on Personal Branding and Visibility with Diane Diaz, founder of The Brand Teacher and a Speaking Your Brand coach. From deciding on the topic and price to selling seats to determining the agenda, we lay it all out for you, so you can successfully put on your own paid workshop. We talk about: Deciding on the topic and content based on who your ideal clients are and your...


108: NLP Can Make You a Better Speaker with Candice Czaplak

You want to feel more confident and prepared for your speaking engagements, especially if it’s an important one like the first time delivering your signature talk or a big keynote or a TEDx talk. But, oftentimes, our minds and thoughts get in our own way. I first heard about NLP a few years ago in a sales context but didn’t know much about it. Then, I had a pre-chat with my guest, Candice Czaplak, a few months ago when I was on her podcast and she mentioned she uses NLP with her clients...


107: Make Your Presentations More Brain-Friendly Using Behavioral Economics with Melina Palmer

I love this line from my guest: “Our brains are lazy.” That includes your audience’s brains (no offense). Knowing this, how can you make your presentations more brain-friendly, engaging, and persuasive? In this episode, Melina Palmer, who has a Master’s degree in Behavioral Economics, shares with us how we can use behavioral economics principles to be better speakers. Melina breaks it down for us in simple and straightforward strategies we can use right away. We talk about: What...


106: Get More Speaking Opportunities with a Powerful Personal Brand with Diane Diaz

We hear the term “personal brand” a lot, but do we know exactly what it means and how to use our personal brand to get more speaking opportunities? Imagine getting requests from organizers to speak at their conferences and events without you having to pitch them and, even better, getting paid speaking engagements. That’s what having a powerful personal brand can do for you. My guest in this episode, Diane Diaz, has experienced exactly that that as she’s built her personal brand both...


105: Tips for Speakers: From Negotiating Your Fee to Opening Your Talk with Mia Voss

Get ready for a whirlwind conversation on all things speaking! I guarantee you will learn something you didn’t know before. For instance, do you have a walk-on song? Don’t know what a walk-on song and why you need one? Definitely listen in to hear Mia’s and how to choose a good one. If you do have one, let us know in the Speaking Your Brand Facebook group. (Join for free at https://www.speakingyourbrand.com/join.) Want to hear what mine is? I share in the group the week this episode...