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My son is just over a year old and has a complex congenital heart defect (HLHS), but I'm not letting that stop me. I'm on a mission with a REALLY big vision. I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm figuring it out. Join me on my journey to figuring out how to be an entrepreneur while also being a new special needs mom.

My son is just over a year old and has a complex congenital heart defect (HLHS), but I'm not letting that stop me. I'm on a mission with a REALLY big vision. I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm figuring it out. Join me on my journey to figuring out how to be an entrepreneur while also being a new special needs mom.
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My son is just over a year old and has a complex congenital heart defect (HLHS), but I'm not letting that stop me. I'm on a mission with a REALLY big vision. I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm figuring it out. Join me on my journey to figuring out how to be an entrepreneur while also being a new special needs mom.








Do I need genetic testing and SEO?

For full show notes head over to www.momsofheart.com/016 On this episode I chat with Jennifer Williams of La Luna Creative about her son's various challenges that bring him to the special needs community. She has had to constantly advocate for the RIGHT diagnosis. Genetic testing has been pivital in understanding what exactly is going on with their son. Initially it seemed as though maybe he "simply" had autism. But it was a much more complex story than that. Next we jump into how owning...


IEP's and Messy Buns - Sounds Like Back to School

Head over to www.momsofheart.com/015 for full show notes. Chatting with Laura from the Messy Bun Life was sure a treat as we talked about parenting children with special needs, IEP's, Disney World and sensory issues, blogging, entrepreneurship, and so many more things. First, we chat about how Laura's son was first diagnosed with Autism. She wasn't expecting it and the beginning of the journey was full of challenges as they worked to figure out what help her son needed. As they kept trying...


That dirty word, Money

For full show notes check out www.momsofheart./014 Please note, some links may be affiliate links - this helps pay for the cost of providing you with this free resource. "I don't have enough money." "I can't pay for that therapy." "Our co-pays are killing us." The list of money-related complaints from special needs parents is long. I get it I've been there... we're still in a tight spot but we have a way and a plan out. FINALLY. You didn't choose this life of being Mom of Heart. Yet,...


Crafting a Gospel Centered Home and more with Guest Jami Balmet

Today on the podcast I got the chance to interview Jami Balmet from YoungWifesGuide.com. It was so good I wanted to get it to you right away so we actually recorded this earlier today! Unlike most of my guests, Jami doesn't have a child with special needs. She is familiar with advocating thought. She had to fight for her own health care when after having 5 children in just about 4 years, her hormones were all out of wack and she needed a provider to listen and help. Would you believe in...


Keepin' that Lovin' Feelin' - Marriage and having a Special Needs Child

You asked and I answered On today's episode, you've asked a lot of great questions about relationships and how to make it work when you have a special needs child. So I grabbed my husband, John and we worked our way through them. Some questions we answered: What keeps us together through all we've been through? What tools have helped us? What if I don't feel loved by or feel love for my partner? How do you do date nights? How do you stay on the same team? How do I forgive when I've...


Misdiagnosis, Lake Houses and Surprises, Oh My!

Check out full show notes at www.momsofheart.com/011 Summer McDade of Summer at the Lake House shares her story of how her son was originally misdiagnosed with Autism, but it turns out he has Dandy Walker. She talks about how she had to advocate to get testing for her son, even after her daughter was diagnosed gestationally. Then we discuss how she got started in the vacation rental business and how now she coaches other business owners to build their own vacation rental business. You...


Interview with Author Jenna Pratt

Full show notes can be found at momsofheart.com/010 In this episode, I chat with Jenna Pratt about the children's books she wrote and self-published to help 2-5-year-old siblings understand what's happening when baby brother or sister is born with a congenital heart defect. First, we chatted about her son, Liam. His journey with HLHS was right alongside my son's journey. They had the surgeries around the same time and we chat about how it was to watch each other go through a similar...


Ditch the Burn Out Blues

As a special needs mama burn out and self-care are topics constantly on my rotation of concerns. When you have to give of yourself to care for one or more humans it's vital to make sure you care for yourself intentionally so you have something to give to those humans. I got the hang of this for a while and then out of nowhere burn out hit. In this epsiode, I break down the circumstances that led to my burn out and how I fought my way out and how I'm now working to prevent it from happening...


What's the Point?

In this episode, I dive into my mission with this podcast and the rest of my business. I talk about how I defined that mission. And how it applies to the day to day stuff. I had a rough idea of why I was doing what but when I stopped and took some time to think and clarify why I was doing what I was doing the how I was doing what made more sense... that was a ridiculous sentence. This episode is brought to you by the hospital binder pack from Momsofheart.com. This is a great tool to help...


CHD Warrior Shop

Check out full show notes at www.momsofheart.com/007 On this episode, I chat with Quinton and Barbara from CHDwarrior.com. They share their story with CHD. They share the rollercoaster of the last several years in and out of the hospital with multiple open-heart surgeries. Asher's journey has been a difficult one with Shone's complex. But they continue to find hope every day. Then we transition into talking about how they launched chdwarrior.com while Asher was in the hospital. They talk...


Henry's HLHS Story

In this episode, I tell the whole long story of Henry and his HLHS journey. We start from pregnancy up to the present day. Including 2 open-heart surgeries. Congenital heart defects are so common 1 in 100 children will be diagnosed with one. This is one of the reasons I feel it's so important to share Herny's story, but also because every day several families get the devastating news that their child has this diagnosis. There is hope. If that's all you get out of this episode then I've done...


005 Tiny Superheroes

For full show notes head over to www.momsofheart.com/005 In this episode, Robyn Rosenberger, the brains and heart behind the Tiny Superheroes project, shares her story of how she accidentally created this business that is creating a huge impact in the special needs community and then how that community rallied around her when she had a special needs child of her own. To nominate your child for a cape go here. She talks about Blessed by Brenna who was her inspiration for things and you can...


004 The Blame Game

For full show notes head over to momsofheart.com/004 Check out contest rules for the art contest at momsofheart.com/artcontest We talk about my issues with getting the right things done and organization and productivity. I follow The One Thing for help with this, but I'm struggling with the practice part of learning this new skill. I break down my activity goal for July. And what worked and mostly what didn't. I need more training on my social media strategies from VIP life. Getting...


003 Advocate like a Boss

If you have a child in the hospital or you are about to, this is a must listen to episode about advocating for your child during hospitalization. The hospital binder pack available at momsofheart.com is gone over in detail as I explain how I would use this during hospitalization after learning all the hard ways of how best to communicate with the hospital staff. Don't forget to use promo code: podcast at checkout to get 50% off your PDF download! For Full Episode notes head over to...


002 Our Family's Health (PCOS, vertigo, obesity and CHD)

In this episode, we talk through the various health challenges our family is and has been facing over the last several years. Up until recently, poor health has defined us. But we finally have taken control of our lives, health, and future. My personal journey includes PCOS, endometriosis, abdominal pain with food, fatigue and a lot of misdiagnoses. My husband, John, has a cholesteatoma, Chiari malformation, vertigo, and a whole bunch of "random" issues that point to a greater problem of...


001 Hello new friends!

All the details about what's to come on this season of Special Needs Mama in Business. We talk briefly about my family including my son with a congenital heart defect (CHD), our family's health journey, and all our businesses that I'm juggling. Moms of Heart is the brand that's associated with this podcast. You can find out more about my network marketing business and my health journey here. And Our RV journey is only in its infancy in preparation but you can find more on that here. If...