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Interviews with successful business owners, leaders and influencers. Learn their secrets on the path to success, freedom, fulfillment and joy in life.

Interviews with successful business owners, leaders and influencers. Learn their secrets on the path to success, freedom, fulfillment and joy in life.
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Interviews with successful business owners, leaders and influencers. Learn their secrets on the path to success, freedom, fulfillment and joy in life.






Stacking Wisdom – 011 – Sean McCormack (

Sean runs an Art Aggregate, which is a share work space and a co-creating workshop in Hamilton. The work space and workshop is geared towards artists, designers, furniture builders and fabricators. Sean started off as a professional dancer when he was 5 years old. He was a 5 times champion in the dance competitions and upon graduating high school he was offered a job in Dublin. He had traveled with the National Dance Company of Ireland. After travel all across Europe and Asia with the...


Stacking Wisdom – 010 – Jillian Howard-Bowman (

Jillian is a business growth strategist who works with small businesses, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and mompreneurs. Her works consists of providing a business minded clear vision of what the business can become and the heights it can attain. Creating a long-term strategy can provide a focused approach to doing business in the direction it needs to grow into. Jillian has channeled her wisdom and knowledge into an affordable online course which is currently going through a beta testing...


Stacking Wisdom – 009 – Matt Jones (

Matt Jones is the artist behind the center piece on our podcast. Matt speaks to us in depth about his inspiration behind the Red, White and Moose. He has developed numerous other products from reclaimed wood he collects from barn board out in the country. Each piece is unique and is a one of kind creation with the wood texture, grain and pieces having being exposed to elements outdoors for decades. Matt is also a real estate agent for Royal Le Page in Brantford, Ontario specialized in...


Stacking Wisdom – 008 - Charlene Norman (

Charlene Norman drops wisdom on our podcast unlike anyone else before. In this MUST see/listen episode 008 of Stacking Wisdom podcast she talks about owning a winning mind set and how this gift allowed her to have a 30+ year spanning career as a top manager running multiple multi million-dollar companies to top levels of success. She opens up about what motivated her to become the best manager and to continue to improve and improve to be the best of the best. Charlene talks about the secret...


Stacking Wisdom – 007 - Claire Tansey

In this episode we speak to Claire Tansey, an acclaimed chef, teacher and food writer. Claire has over 20 years of experience working in restaurants, education and media. She once held the Food Director position at Chatelaine, and has appeared frequently as a guest expert on Cityline. Her main focus now is to inspire home cooks with easy, fun and delicious recipes at Claire Tansey’s Kitchen, her own Cityline segment, and through her recordings on CBC Radio. Watch and listen as Claire shares...


Stacking Wisdom – 006 - Harpreet Sandhu (

Harpreet began his entrepreneurial path creating a start-up with a high school friend in 2010. The venture created a platform that sold tickets to clubs and venues. The venture was too ahead of its time technologically for consumers to adopt and they eventually decided to cut their losses. This allowed him to gain first experience in his entrepreneurial journey. His computer science and entrepreneurship educational background has given him an advantage which he had utilized in every one of...


Stacking Wisdom - 005 – Claudio Ferrone ( / Stereophonic Records / Opium Muzik)

Stacking Wisdom - 005 – Claudio Ferrone ( In this episode we speak to Claudio Ferrone an electronic/house music Artist, DJ, Producer ( and host of TorHouseMusic Podcast ( Claudio speaks to us about the early days of House music scene in Toronto and Ontario. He takes us back on a journey to how he was introduced to the scene and the development of the industry. Claudio Ferrone recently has revamped his...


Stacking Wisdom - 004 – Eyal Liebman & Rebecca Meir (Chef & Somm Bespoke Dining)

In this episode we speak to Chef Eyal Liebman and Sommelier Rifka Meir, owners of Chef & Somm Bespoke Dining (Toronto’s Bespoke Private Chef & Sommelier Service). They speak of their struggle of arriving in Canada as immigrants and facing the 2008 recession. They speak of changing their careers in order to make a living but also finding themselves in the food and wine industry. The years of experience allowed them to grow as professionals and to establish an innovative collaboration in...


Stacking Wisdom - 003 – Avee Kalra (Kiravee Inc.)

In our third episode with speak with Avee Kalra, founder and co-owner of Kiravee Inc., general contractor services company. Avee talks about his journey in proving himself in a new country far away from his father’s business; his search in finding his passion and how he learned to adapt his artistic skills to serve his new purpose. He reflects on how he learned to stand his ground and to set and adjust his life goals along the way. At the start of his career he admits to being stubborn...


Stacking Wisdom - 002 - Beth M. Woodward (Beth Woodward Branding & Graphic Design)

In our second episode with speak with Beth M. Woodward, founder and owner of Beth Woodward Branding & Graphic Design: Beth talks about leaving a steady job behind and starting her own company, branding essentials and launching a Facebook community group for Small Business Owners of Southern Ontario. We learn about her family's entrepreneurial/competitive upbringing and ways to deal with stress.


Stacking Wisdom - 001 - Scot Zelazny (Optimo Fitness Ergonomics)

In our very first episode with speak with Scot Zelazny, the founder of Optimal Fitness Ergonomics: Scott talks about life, growth, motivation, pains and struggles. He explains how his whole life so far has been building up to the creation of a new revolutionary product for the fitness industry.


Stacking Wisdom - 000

In this episode, Alex and Artem speak about what motivated them to start this podcast, the meaning behind the name Stacking Wisdom, and what the listeners will gain from tuning in weekly to Stacking Wisdom.