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A show where we unpack the stories of successful real estate investors with an emphasis on how they got their start.

A show where we unpack the stories of successful real estate investors with an emphasis on how they got their start.
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A show where we unpack the stories of successful real estate investors with an emphasis on how they got their start.




The Ups and Downs of Acquiring 1,600 Units in 6 Years

Jake and Gino in the house! Today, these guys join me on the show and we cover a ton of topics surrounding multifamily investing. I love this episode because we get into the tangible and tactical stuff that you can do today to better your real estate business. Everything they learned on their very first 24 unit all the way up to their current portfolio of over 1,600 units. In this episode we cover: Value adds and getting more income from your propertiesBuilding credibility with banks and...


Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Chad is taking the week off for the Thanksgiving Holiday. He'll be back next week with Jake & Gino. Follow Chad: Follow Start FM: Start FM’s INSTAGRAMStart FM’s SHOW NOTES If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes? It takes less than 60 seconds, and it really makes a...


How Rod Khleif Got to Over 2,000 Doors

Rod Khleif has been a real estate investor for the past 30 years has owned over 2,000 units. Rod shares his fascinating real estate investing journey and how he uses his massive goals to fuel him. Today, we dive into the techniques he uses to attract things into his life, whether it be real estate or that giant yacht he’s always wanted. If you’re looking for tangible strategies you can implement today or just some funny “war stories,” this episode is for you! In this episode we...


This ONE Loan Type Could Get You in the Real Estate Game

Love episodes where you cover so many topics? Well this show is definitely for you. David Pere teaches us about VA loans and how everyone in the military can utilize them to get started in real estate. He gives details about the qualifications needed for the loan as well as the benefits that come along with it. We also zig and zag through ways to hire a property managers, how to efficiently write yellow letters and even get into how he had to a dead tenant. David is an entrepreneur, a...


Using 0% Down, USDA Loans and House Hacking Your First Deal

Today we’re changing up the show and doing a “podcast within a podcast.” In this episode we’ll be listening to an interview I did with Ola Dantis on the Dwellynn Show a few months ago. We dive into my real estate story and share tips and techniques I learned through my journey. We also discuss how I spent 10 years moving around the country tasting different jobs, like working the graveyard shift at Kohl’s to stocking shelves at Sherwin William, until I finally found my love for real estate....


How He Made $48k on His First Deal and over $160k on His Next Two!

Today we have Joshua P. Morse on the show. This Denver-based investor has been investing in real estate for a couple years now and is killing it on his wholesale and whole-tail deals. As the title has eluded to, he breaks down how he made six figures in only a few short months. In this episode we cover: Why he decided against getting his real estate licenseWhy being persistent with your mailing campaigns pay offHow he wholesaled his first dealDon’t show the address of the house you’re...


How He Grew to 2,000 Units After Losing Almost Everything in 2008

Wow, today’s interview is chalked full of so much valuable info! Ever look up to someone and wish you could chat with them for a few minutes? Well today’s a special episode for me because I get that chance! Today I interview long-time real estate investor and podcast host, Kevin Bupp. Kevin started his real estate investing career over 19 years ago in a small town of Pennsylvania. Through family connections Kevin met his soon to be mentor. He walked blindly into a fix and flip conference...


The Ugly Side of Real Estate and Why It's Not for Everyone

How do you get started in real estate with little money? On today’s show, Ben Leybovich chats about how was a necessity for him to use other people’s money (OPM) when he first started out, how to bring value to the sport of real estate and why he thinks most people shouldn’t get into real estate. Ben immigrated from Russia at a young age where he became passionate with music; the violin specifically. One day in grad school, he lost all motor functions in his hands and later was diagnosed...


Who Is Chad Duval, Landlord-Friendly States and "Cash for Keys"

There’s so many things to think about when you buy that first rental property. What happens if a tenant doesn’t pay? Who do I call if something breaks? How do I even get a loan? There’s so many! When it comes to figuring it out, I’m a huge believer in breaking it down into digestible chunks. In today’s episode we get into three important topics that I’ve learned, first hand, about evictions over the past 6 years in the business. Also, you know what’s funny? We’re seven episodes in to the...


Financing and Rehabbing Your First Rental Property with Only 3.5% Down

Would you believe me if I told you that you can buy your first rental property, rehab it and only have to come up with a 3.5% down payment? It's true! No more worrying about finding properties within your price range, yet to find the funds to fix it up. When discussing Matt's journey through his first 203k loan, rehab and rental process, you'll quickly realized that this is the ultimate "flip on training wheels" strategy that almost anyone can do. Use this episode as a guide to finally get...


Making $30k on His First Deal and Thoughts on Mentorships

On today's episode we have Jon Schoeller stop by. It's a great conversation about how he found his first mentor and also the details surrounding his first "wholetail" deal. Wholetailing a property is basically finding a property that's so far below market value that you can sell it at wholesale price, which then gives the buyer plenty of "meat on the bone" aka equity after they buy it. It's a pretty cool technique that anyone can do! Jon's Instagram: @jonshoeller Jon's YouTube:...


From a Duplex to 500 Units Through Syndication

In today's episode, we chat with Ola Dantis. Ola's a multifamily syndicator that grew his portfolio from a small duplex in greater Baltimore, MD to nearly 500 units in a few short years. Ola's Podcast Ola's Instagram Books we discuss: Richest Man in Babylon Rich Dad Poor Dad You can find the transcript of this episode HERE. Transcripts of all episodes can be found HERE.


What Does 13 Years of Experience and over 95 Units Look Like?

On Today's show we chat with Matt Drouin of Rochester, NY. We touch on topics like the importance of having a really good "why", giving back to your community and funny things like his go-to food, PB&C (peanut butter and cottage cheese). You can connect with Matt here: Instagram: @mattmdrouin Linkedin: You can find the transcript of this episode HERE. Transcripts of all episodes can be found HERE.


Buying 3 Pieces of Land for $13k and Techniques for Implementing Rubs Successfully

On today's show, we chat with Darwin Crawford of Scottsdale, AZ. We learn how he made some quick cash on a multi-parcel land deal and used that cash to trade up to where he is now in commercial real estate. There are a few good knowledge bombs related to RUBS (ratio utility billing service), getting your realtor to cave and how sometimes alcohol can get you properties. You can connect with Darwin here: Instagram:...


40 Years Worth of Real Estate Experience and 100+ Units Later

In today's show, we talk with Rick Jarman. He's been in real estate for over 40 years and has had his hands in multiple types of assets. We discuss anything from getting your real estate license, to having one of his mobile homes get destroyed on the highway while being delivered. You can connect with Rick here: Instagram: @real_estate_old_school YouTube: You can find the transcript of this episode HERE. Transcripts of all episodes...