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Jenn Downs on UX Design and Becoming a Tech Angel Warrior for Non Profit Organizations Ep. 12

Charlene discusses what the eventual and new entrepreneur should know about UX (user experience) design and the customer experience with techie and UX Designer, Jenn Downs who is also founder of Atlanta Tech Citizens. Listen for the organizations Jenn feels is getting UX right. Jenn proclaims her entry to technology with the then small startup, Mailchimp helped her find the career she didn't know she would love. To further her efforts in technology Jenn founded Atlanta Tech Citizens to help...


Renee Barnes on Being an Irrevocably Unemployable Woman in Tech and Building From Scratch Ep. 11

Charlene speaks with tech entrepreneur Renee Barnes, founder and CEO of ComplyTrain and VeraTrain about her experience in the Founder Institute accelerator program, being irrevocably unemployable and building a product-based business from scratch. Renee warns about the dangers of picking the wrong partner for your business and overcoming that setback. Renee speaks to how benefits offered by employers was never enough to draw her in as an employee and her inability to reconcile that her...


Kate Gremillion on Work that Makes You Happy and Building Smart Teams Ep. 10

Charlene talks with Mavenly + Co. founder and CEO, Kate Gremillion about how her happy life is a direct reflection of the work she does supporting women and their professional goals. While she did not set out on a quest to start her own business, her stable corporate high-rise PR job just wasn’t enough to satisfy her need to contribute at a much higher level. Kate speaks candidly about working in a way that makes you happy while strategically surrounding herself with subject matter experts...


Sheffie Robinson on the Smoke & Mirrors in Tech, Myths & The State of The Black Tech Ecosystem Ep. 9

In this spirited episode Charlene speaks with tech veteran entrepreneur & founder, Sheffie Robinson about how to easily create your MVP, minimum viable product, teaching the lean startup method and the value of being a self-taught developer. We also take a deep dive into the shortcomings of supposed diversity and inclusion in the technology space. Sheffie speaks candidly on her thoughts about the state of the black tech ecosystem making an impassioned plea for all parties to connect more...


Evonya Easley on Transitioning from Finance to Fashion and What Becoming Boss Really Looks Like Ep 8

Evonya Easley on transitioning from an employment background in finance to becoming an entrepreneur/owner of Love E Fashion. What will strike you from the onset of this interview is Evonya's unyielding hustle and commitment to believing she can and she will. During our conversation Evonya shares the realities of building a life you love with specifics incidents of overcoming hardships and enjoying the fruits of her labor. Post divorce Evonya uses her desire to exhibit the attributes of a...


The Value in Change and Knowing When to Pivot Ep. 7

It's time for a ride along! Charlene has begun a new thing of recording solo podcasts while driving, hands-free, to get the full impact of her coaching conversations in real-time. You may hear some wind or nature calling but that's okay. You'll enjoy the monologue as if you were riding shotgun. In this episode Charlene she walks you through the power of pivoting before you need to and the immense value in embracing and adapting to the reality of change as a norm. Charlene shares 3 easy to...


Portia Twidt on Creating Space for Yourself as Mom, Wife & CEO Ep 6

In this episode Charlene speaks with LaBlaq Creativ CEO, Portia Twidt, about the myriad of rewarding and challenging issues all entrepreneurs (aspiring, new and established) are faced with including the self care, creating time for yourself, being present as a mother and wife, bouts of self doubt and depression, the joys of being in control of your own time, addressing issues for your clients along with her epiphany that taking an "L" doesn't mean taking a LOSS but taking a LESSON. Portia...


Rai Barney on Blending Life as a Career Professional + 3rd Generation Entrepreneur Ep. 5

Can you imagine be a part of legacy of a grandfather who started the family business out of the trunk of his car to become the go to wholesaler of R&B and Blues music for mom and pop stores on the West side of Chicago? Well that is Rai Barney's legacy and where her entrepreneurial drive began. While Rai has enjoyed 10 years as a resume ninja and founder of Optimal Placement Services, she continues to love her career as an HR professional. In this episode we explore the entrepreneur's...


Tosi Ufodike on the Reward & Challenge of Leaving a 6 Figure Salary to become an Entrepreneur Ep. 4

I really wanted to title this episode "The rewards and challenges of leaving a 6 figure salary to build 2 successful businesses + a womens empowerment conference" but the limitations wouldn't allow it. Well, that's Tosi's story and much of what we discuss. Tosi stared fear down and won by becoming the successful entrepreneur she believed she was destined to be. She is eager to remind eventual entrepreneurs that yes being an entrepreneur is very hard work yet it is also very rewarding if...


Tallia Deljou On Finding What Makes Work And Life Meaningful And Fulfilling Ep. 3

Creating a fulfilled life is my personal quest and a responsibility I've taken on for others to experience as well. I'm not alone. Enter Tallia Deljou, Positive Organizational Psychologist + co-founder and President of Mavenly + Co., which offers resources and coaching programs for professional women to design a career + lifestyle with purpose. In today's episode, Tallia and I discuss what it means to make the most of our experiences and to find meaning in both our work and life. Tallia...


Dear Eventual Entrepreneur, Just Start with Stefanie Jewett Eps. 1

Stefanie is the founder of @Activvely & @StartupSisters.USA. I met Stefanie by attending her first Startup Sisters event in Atlanta. She has proven herself to be genuine, willing to use her platform to give other women a voice and an opportunity. Stefanie exemplifies the pay it forward philosophy well. In today’s podcast Stefanie and I talk about: ~ The if you build it they will come myth; ~ The importance of finding a tribe to connect with; ~ Women in tech, it’s lack of diversity and the...


Ep 0 - The Why Behind Startup & Thrive And Who Should Tune In

In episode 0, host CEOCharlene shares the WHY behind the Startup & Thrive podcast and explains who should get plugged in. If you are a called-to-be entrepreneur you can have if, if you go after it with intentionality. Charlene talks about: .the entrepreneur journey .being a frustrated employee .living an unfulfilled life .deciding to champion your own life .finding a community of supporters doing what you want to do .the roller coaster ride of being an entrepreneur