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072: Edwards Media Solutions with Howard Edwards

In episode 72, we welcome Howard Edwards to discuss his company Edward Media Solutions ( We dive into his journey into digital marketing. We also breakdown how ethics plays a big part in having a successful business. Plus, we talk about the power of integrity. All this and more on #StartupMasters!


071: Croozen with Gordon & Joshua Taylor

In episode 71, we welcome Gordon and Joshua Taylor to discuss their business Croozen ( We breakdown how important it is to connecting with like minded people. We dive into how entrepreneurs need to test their products to see what works and where there are areas of improvement. Plus, we talk about the power of referrals. All this and more on #StartupMasters!


070: Eclectically You Experience with Micole Williams

In episode 70, we welcome Micole Williams to discuss her business Eclectically You Experience ( We dive into how her environment helped her to stay creative. We also breakdown how important it is to embrace your challenges. Plus, we talk about how taking control of your creative aspirations can be crucial in starting your business. All this and more on #StartupMasters!


069: Total Woman with Charease Davis

In episode 69, we welcome Charease Davis to discuss her business Total Woman ( We breakdown her amazing journey to positive transformation. We also dive into how important faith and the power of gratitude is to your entrepreneurial journey. Plus, we talk about how changing your negative thoughts to positive thoughts are very beneficial to your success. All this and more on #StartupMasters!


068: Elite Dental Wellness, with Dr. Ashandra Bautiste

In episode 68, we welcome Dr. Ashandra Bautiste to discuss her dental practice Elite Dental Wellness (www, We dive into how important having equity is to starting a business. We also breakdown the need for transparency in becoming an entrepreneur. Plus. we talk about how having a mentor is a big key to your success. All this and more on #StartupMasters!


067: Texas Black Expo with Jerome Love

In episode 67, we welcome Jerome Love to discuss the 15th annual Texas Black Expo ( ) . We breakdown what his inspiration was to start the Black Expo in Texas. We also dive into how excellence customer service can help with networking when becoming an entrepreneur. Plus, we talk about how the fundamentals of business are key to building your brand. All this and more on #StartupMasters!


066: The Malkan Group with Amy Malkan

In episode 66, we welcome Amy Malkan (@amymalkan) to discuss her business The Malkan Group ( We dive into her journey to becoming successful in empowering others to engage in their personal development. We also breakdown how important networking is in becoming an entrepreneur. Plus, we talk about when making sacrifices, you need to have a strategy. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


065: Bee Fit Foods, with Billysia Pierce

In episode 65, we welcome Billysia Pierce to discuss her company Bee Fit Foods ( . We breakdown how she started her business from not knowing how to cook to having a successful health food store. We dive into the struggles she had getting her business off the ground. Plus, we talk about how leveling up to your greatness helps achieve your goals. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


064: Alpha and Omega Infusion Services with Dr. Houston

In episode 64, we welcome Dr. Terence Houston to discuss his clinic Alpha and Omega ( We dive into what fueled his passion for home infusion. We also breakdown what was his hopscotch moment. Plus, we talk about how support from friends and family helped him to through his entrepreneurial journey. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


063: Public Relations with Day Edwards

In episode 63, we welcome Day Edwards to discuss her public relation company We breakdown the struggles she had starting her business and how those struggles taught her how to be successful. We also dive into how the power of the pivot has been beneficial for her career. Plus, we learn what is in the horizon for her career. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


062: Joy to the Table with Tia Norman

In episode 62, we welcome guest host Tia Norman to discuss Joy to the Table ( We take the journey with her as she brought this unique concept to life while also sowing into people's financial freedom and being a spiritual leader to her followers. We also get an idea of how she balances her work and personal life and strategies Tia implements to keep things running efficiently and effectively. Plus, her future plans are nothing less than global. All of this and more...


061: FabLife31 with Ashley Janae

In episode 61, we welcome guest host Ashley Janae (@Fablife_31) to discuss her personal development company Fablife31. We also dive into her journey to personal growth and how she has inspire others. Plus, we breakdown how important your personal development is to everyday life. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


060: S. Charles Public Relations with Bridgett Joe

In episode 60, we welcome guest host Bridgett Joe (@scharlespr) to discuss her journey into public relations and owning her business S.Charles Public Relations.We also breakdown the importance of not severing business ties .Plus,we dive into advice she would give someone who wants to work in the public relations field. #startupmasters


059: CampusLATELY with Lashawn Chambers

In episode 59, We welcome back co-host Tiffany Williams (@twicemediaproductions) and guest host Lashawn Chambers (@CampusLATELY) to discuss how she has been able to empower millennials with her business CampusLATELY. We also breakdown what drives her to continue excellence and tips for those wanting to follow her entrepreneurial footsteps. Plus, we dive into why and how having a mentor is a huge part of having success. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


058: HeadDownPushing with Marques Roberts

In episode 58, We welcome guest host Marques Roberts ( ) to discuss his struggles and successes in becoming a motivational speaker. We also breakdown his advice he has in for people wanting to be an motivational speaker. Plus, we dive into how faith helped him to inspire others. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


057: I’m Glad You Asked with Tracie Jae

In episode 57, We welcome Tracie Jae (@gladuasked) to discuss how she invented her business, I’m Glad you Asked. We dive into how her game has helped change the way we communicate without technology. We also get the intricacies of building a business and some of the calamities you face. Plus, we dive in to what is next for her growing business. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


056: Career and College Readiness with Henry Keculah Jr.

In episode 56, we welcome Henry Keculah Jr ( ) to dive into his journey and vision of his business 4.0 Growth Productivity Accountability (GPA). We also breakdown how he is helping students’ to maximize their full potential in education. Plus, we discuss his advice to future entrepreneurs. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


055: Name is King with Keith Henry

In episode 55, we welcome Keith Henry with Name is King and Kickstreet ( to discuss the importance of branding and solidifying the perfect business name. We take a look at his learning opportunities with KickStreet as he sowed that knowledge into creating Name is King and helping countless business owners. We also get a understanding of the power of purpose and the divine need to stay true to your business vision. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


054: Spendebt App with Kiley Summers

In episode 54, we welcome guest Kiley Summers with Spendebt ( to discuss his dreams to free students of college debt. We discuss the grit and tenacity it takes to develop a financial app and all of the backend processes necessary. We also breakdown how the idea came to him and the journey to fruition. Plus, Kiley’s long term plan will likely affect millions to come. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


053: Traveling with Cute Luggage with Kelley Woods

In episode 53, we welcome guest host Kelley Woods of Traveling with Cute Luggage ( to discuss the purpose, mission, and vision of her blog. We take a look at the conception of what has become true therapy as Kelley finds travel hacks and deals all across the globe. Plus, we get a glimpse of her legacy plan and desire to aid children to travel the world. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!