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The State of Coral Project With Andrew Losowsky - S2 E 5

Andrew Losowsky, Head of Coral at Vox Media, an editorial newsletter tool for writers and publishers, talks to your host Vahe Arabian of State of Digital Publishing about the state of Coral, an open-source project assisting publishers with building better communities around their journalism. Andrew discusses Coral’s premier tool called Talk, the various types of comments that moderators have to look out for, and how journalism and technology are merging together. Support the show.


The State of Paid Newsletters with Martijn de Kuijper - S2 E 4

Martijn de Kuijper, CEO and Founder of Revue, an editorial newsletter tool for writers and publishers, talks to your host Vahe Arabian of State of Digital Publishing about the state of paid newsletters. Martijn de Kuijper opens up about ways publishers can monetize their newsletters, strategies for creating engaging newsletters, and how to increase the viability of newsletters for organizations and independent publishers. Support the show.


The State Of Increasing Advertising Revenue With Colm Dolan - S2 E 3

Colm Dolan, CEO and Founder of Publift, the only Google-certified partner in Australia and New Zealand, an adtech and consulting business that assists publishers with ad management and advertising revenue, talks to your host Vahe Arabian of State of Digital Publishing about increasing revenue. Colm Dolan also shares his knowledge on the changes in content quality and creation, the issues publishers are facing to succeed, and the current state of advertising. Support the show.


The State Of Push Notifications With Vivek Khandelwal - S2 E 2

Vivek Khandelwal, Founder and CEO of iZooto, a retargeting and engagement solution for online merchants, talks to your host Vahe Arabian of State of Digital Publishing about the state of push notifications. Vivek Khandelwal also shares information on how he has been working towards providing more value for clients, how the adtech and martech industry is changing as a whole, and the impact that he has been contributing towards making that has him the most excited. Support the show.


Understanding Loyalty And Reader Retention - Interview With Dejan Nikolić

Content Insights is the company that created the next-generation analytics solution to one of the biggest problems facing the online publishing industry: how to move past single metrics and find a more comprehensive approach to measuring content performance. The goal is to reveal the human behavior behind the stats and data and help media businesses define success patterns they can replicate in the future. State of Digital Publishing was having an AMA with Dejan Nikolic, the co-founder and...


The State Of E-mail Advertising with Kerel Cooper - S2 E 1

Kerel Cooper, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at LiveIntent talks to your host Vahe Arabian of State of Digital Publishing about email advertising. Kerel Cooper leads the marketing team at LiveIntent and works closely with sales, product, engineering, and customer success to generate leads and awareness. Learn from Kerel’s vast experience in adtech and martech, find out why the inbox is such an important frontier for marketing success and the ways in which LiveIntent enables...


EP 24 - Influencer Marketing and Developing Sustainable Business' With Heather Armstrong

Heather Armstrong is the blog founder, writer, also known as "Dooce". In this episode, we speak with Heather about her journey of being one of the most prolific mommy bloggers, influencer marketing, and how she's growing her business these days. Support the show.


EP 6 - Product Development for Publishers With Factor Daily's Jayadevan PK

FactorDaily, a newly formed startup in India, has raised $1 million to kick-start its efforts in tech publishing. Jayadevan PK (Co-founder & Head of Product) goes through how they raised venture capital without a proposed monetization model. He also delves into the product development lessons (using tech) he's learned which will be bringing Factor Daily to break even in 2019. Support the show.


EP 15 - The State Of Mobile Journalism With Brittany Hite

As the senior mobile editor, much of Hite’s time was focused on managing The Wall Street Journal’s mobile app. In this special episode, co-hosts Simon Owens and Vahe Arabian discuss with Brittany about the state of mobile journalism, WSJ's mobile strategy and how her professional background led her to this specialization. Support the show.


EP 25 - Online Communities With David Markovic

In this episode, we speak with David Markovich, founder and CEO of “Online Geniuses”, one of the largest Slack communities, on the milestones and lessons towards reaching 15,000+ members and how he wants to reach 2 million sent messages. Podcast Transcription Speaker 1: State of Digital Publishing is creating a new publication, and community for digital publishing and media professionals in new media and technology. In this episode, we speak with David Markovich, founder, and CEO...


EP 23 - Growing Successful Publisher Networks with Amber Bracegirdle

Amber Bracegirdle is the Co-Founder of Mediavine Publisher Network. In this episode, we speak with Amber on how to build a successful publishing networking for sustainable blogger growth. Support the show.


EP 22 - Creating Audio Dramas With Edward Champion

Edward Champion is a Managing Editor of Reluctant Habits. In this episode, we speak with Edward about the ways he is exploring audio storytelling as an artform. Support the show.


EP 21 - The State of Journalism Education With Gina Chen

Gina Chen is an Assistant Professor at The School of Journalism at The University of Texas at Austin. In this episode we speak on the changes and innovations in journalist education. Support the show.


EP 20 - Building a Membership Product With Dr. Dave Chaffey

Dr. Dave Chaffey is the co-founder and content director of online marketing advice publisher “Smart Insights”. In this episode, we speak with Dave about how they grew a successful media and training subscription business. Support the show.


EP 19 - The Role of a Data Journalist In Europe With Gerald Gartner

Back when Gerald started his career, there was no such thing as a data journalist – it was something he had to define on his own through his own experience. Data journalism, particularly in the non-profit sector is playing now an increasing role in profiling community issues that can help instigate change at a governmental level in Austria. We speak with Gerald Gartner, data editor at “Addendum” about the role of data journalism in Europe. Support the show.


EP 18 – The State of Australian Media With Danielle Cronin

Danielle Cronin is editor of the Brisbane Times, who is leading the Fairfax Brisbane team in their local and regional journalism efforts in Queensland, Australia. In this episode, we caught up with Danielle to about her career to date (particularly her time at the Press Gallery), how Brisbane Times became a market leader in Queensland and, the overall state of Australian media. Support the show.


EP 17 – Storytelling For Publishers With Joe Lazauskas

Joe has not only been an Editor In Chief in the past, but he’s been with Contently since their early days. With Shane Snow, they’ve released the Storytelling Edge book earlier this year. In this episode, we caught up with Joe to explain one of the key frameworks journalists can use for effective storytelling and Contently’s plans moving forward. Support the show.


EP 16 - The State of History Journalism With Jim Giles

Many stories today have some link to the past, however, according to Jim, many of are taught history to accept it as it is. In this episode, we explore’s background and the initiatives they are undertaking to thrive in a narrow publishing niche. Support the show.


EP 14 - The State Of Higher Education Publishing With David Harris (OpenStax)

David Harris is the Editor In Chief of Open Stax (Rice University). In this episode, we discuss the state of higher education publishing - technological developments and community partnerships used to deliver on-demand learning for students. Support the show.


EP 13 - Audience Insights Through Feedback With Pia Frey

Pia Frey is a co-founder of Opinary. In this episode, she speaks about how her engagement tool was built from the newsroom, how user-centric thinking can uncover what audience thinks and opinion/polling trends and her plans ahead. Support the show.