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SOS PRE 016: Get to Know Lea Goldsmith

Shoot me an email: Join the SOS community: On this pre-episode, get to know Lea Goldsmith and then make sure you hear her whole interview next week on Episode 16.


SOS 015: The Power of Curiosity

Shoot me an email: Join the SOS community: Show notes here: On episode 15, we talk about the power of curiosity and how asking why and trying new things can give us direction and lead to real change and growth in ourselves and the world around us.


SOS 014: Why Knowing Your "Why" Is Crucial To Making A Long-Term Impact | Jelani Pinnock

Show notes here. On Episode 14 of the Stories of Starters Podcast, you’ll get to meet Jelani, learn where his love for music originated, hear the inspiring story of how God brought him to where he is now and his three tips for others who are on the same road. We also talk about a few big announcements including his new single, King of Zion as well as another one that he gives live on the interview, and one thing that drives him crazy.


SOS 013: How Launching a Dream Can Help Families Thrive and Open Unexpected Doors | Kevin Payne

On episode 13, Kevin Payne from Family Money Adventure talks about how taking the leap to start blogging and create a website has opened new doors that he wouldn't have imagined. We also discuss some common pitfalls for families when dealing with money and how to plan epic trips on a budget.


SOS 012: What to Do When Things Go Wrong | Shawn Washburn

On episode 12 we talk about 3 steps you can take when things go wrong, the unexpected thing that happened to my last two interviews, and the benefit of facing setbacks. See more at


SOS 011: How Broken Beginnings Birthed a Passion for Renewing Marriages | Dale and Heather Aceron

Dale and Heather Aceron nearly didn't make it through the first two years of their marriage. But their marriage found new life and they learned what it took to have a thriving relationship. Today, they share practical marriage tips on their Quick and Dirty Marriage Podcast and are passionate about seeing marriages and communities renewed.


SOS 010: Why You Need to Share Your Creative Side With the World | Kim Dettmer

On this episode, I had the privilege of interviewing author and artist Kim Dettmer. She is the author of Moments Meant to Savor and you can find her art out at Kim specializes in mixed media collage, but has worked with a whole host of art forms. She is passionate about helping others discover their creative side and to make a difference with their craft.


SOS 009: How a Creative Approach is Renewing Communities | Andy Sikora

On this episode, I sat down with Andy Sikora. He’s the Lead Pastor of Renew Communities, a different kind of church that is making an impact and changing lives. We talk about pursuing your purpose, persevering through hard times, finding hope when you feel like packing it in, and the power of renewal.


SOS 008: Knowing When to Pivot and the Power of a Mentor | Ken Cavanaugh

On Episode 8 of the Stories of Starters Podcast, I talk with Ken Cavanaugh, owner of Cavanaugh Photography about his passion for capturing memories through pictures, the value of mentor, learning what you DON’T want to do, the importance of great customer service, and what a limousine did that nearly ruined his day.


SOS 007: 7 Things You Can Learn From Starting | Shawn Washburn

On episode 7, we’ll talk about 7 things you can learn from starting, some takeaways from my first six episodes and why you need to be yourself…


SOS 006: How Starting Something New Can Bring People Together | Ken Hatfield

Chef Ken Hatfield and I sit down at his restaurant and discuss his love for BBQ, how breaking bread can bring people together, the value of hard work, and how pursuing your dream can make a difference in the lives of others.


SOS 005: How Hard Work And Coffee Can Impact a Community | Rob Bennett

In this episode, I sit down with with my friend Rob Bennett, owner of Cafe Ah-Roma. As we sit and talk in his cafe, bustling with its usual energy, we discuss his 17 year journey, his love for community and helping others, the secret to succeeding when others have failed, and what's different about his chairs that makes people feel welcome.


SOS 004: How to Get Real About Your Passion | Kurt Maechner

On episode 4 of the Stories of Starters podcast, I talk with Kurt Maechner of For Real Wedding Films about how to tell a great story through video, why it’s important to get your work out there, the value of working with a mentor, and what was inside a locked car with the engine running that gave him a scare…


SOS 003: How to Craft Your Dream Job | Alex Loos

In this episode, we talk to furniture designer and craftsman Alex Loos about his company, Hans Noble Design, what it’s like to have the freedom to do what you love, and what project took 800 hours to complete…


SOS 002: How to Live an Extraordinary Life | Jon Stolpe

In this episode, we talk to Jon Stolpe about his new book Rooftop Reflections, his passion for orphans and widows, his big dream for Guatemala, and how to live an extraordinary life.


SOS 001: Why the World Needs Starters Like You

In this episode, we talk about what it means to be a starter and why the world needs starters like you. We'll also discuss what the podcast is about and what you can expect from me and the podcast going forward.