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This is the home of the No-Code Makers & Founders who want the expert answers about Money, Marketing, and Mindsets. Where Makers become Earners. Earners become Founders. And Founders get Freedom and create Wealth.

This is the home of the No-Code Makers & Founders who want the expert answers about Money, Marketing, and Mindsets. Where Makers become Earners. Earners become Founders. And Founders get Freedom and create Wealth.




This is the home of the No-Code Makers & Founders who want the expert answers about Money, Marketing, and Mindsets. Where Makers become Earners. Earners become Founders. And Founders get Freedom and create Wealth.




Expert Interview - Marco D'Elia: A Life of Self-Development

Marco D'Elia is a public figure, a social media influencer, an actor, a singer, a male model, an MMA fighter, a fragrance enthusiast, a self-development lover, an Entrepreneur, and a big believer in the power of Social Media to change our lives and the world. His Youtube Channel: His Instagram:


Marketing MakeOver - Kenneth Johnson: v One Inc

Kenneth Johnson is the Head Of Operations & Product at v One Inc. This is a hybrid role encompassing both technological know-how and team leadership. He currently managing 30 projects concurrently on a monthly basis and is in charge of hiring, training and managing a staff of 22 software engineers. V One Inc is the easiest no-code platform for non-technical people to build apps. Website: His LinkedIn:


Golden Interview - Martijn Lancee: Leadership & Authenticity

Martijn Lancee is the LinkedIn Executive in charge of Strategy & Business Development for Mobile Growth. From Microsoft to Heineken to 8 years at Google to LinkedIn, Martijn shares the lessons he learned about leadership, vulnerability, connecting with other, overcoming decision biases, dealing with uncertainty, finding your unique strength, and much more. His LinkedIn:


Marketing MakeOver - Keechin Goh: Datature & Winning VC Demos

Keechin Goh is the Co-Founder & CEO at Datature, the next no-code deep learning management platform. Not only did Keechin Goh win 3 hackathons back to back. But his No-Code Machine Learning platform Datature is the Winner of SFFxSWITCH Top 12 Global Startup 2019, Winner of SLINGSHOT Best Consumer Product Startup 2019, and Winner of Rolls-Royce Data Challenge 2019. Datature is a NoCode machine learning tools enabling other founders and companies to build image recognition pipelines as well as...


Golden Interview - Kelly McNamara: On Impactful Writing

From Teaching and Research at the Harvard Business School, to being a Fellow at the Human League, to being a Case Study writer at Ernst & Young, Kelly McNamara is now the Managing Director at Pivot Food Investment, a nonprofit dedicated to initiating large-scale divestment from factory farming and supporting investment in revolutionary plant-based, cultivated, and fermented food technologies. Website: Her LinkedIn:


Marketing MakeOver - Ryan Myher: New No-Code Automation Tool

Ryan Myher is a 4X serial entrepreneur who sold 2 companies built using No-Code tools. He is the brain behind the No Code No Problem Community, Podcast and Marketing Services. In this episode, we uncover a more powerful marketing message for his next No-Code idea. His Twitter: @ryanmyher Website:


Maker Interview - Yigit Onay: No-Code Entrepreneurship & Limits

Yiğit Onay is a No-Code Entrepreneur and Thought Leader. He is the founder of Bird Design Lab, a no-code agency helping aspiring entrepreneurs to build their ideas online. He is involved with 6 active startups and 2 online communities, all created through no-code. In this episode, he shares his definition of no-code, discusses no-code entrepreneurship, and the limitations of no-code that, according to him, the community isn't talking about enough. Website:...


Marketing MakeOver - Jeremy Blalock: The Next No-Code Tool

Listen as me and Jeremy work through the messaging for his next No-Code project, and all the angles we go through. Jeremy Blalock is a brilliant serial Entrepreneur, the co-founder of, Politify.US, and the previous CEO of Adalo, which he co-founded. His Twitter:


Expert Interview - Jared Yellin: Launching Your Idea

Jared Yellin is the brain behind CILA Labs, a startup incubator with over 200 innovative tech startups, who has the goal of changing the future by solving 10,000 problems for humanity. In this episode, he shares his best tips for turning your idea into a startup, as well as his story. His LinkedIn:


Marketing MakeOver - Evon Huber: Newsletter Marketing

Listen as me and Evon explore the marketing of her Newsletter 3 Seas Rooster and find the right messaging for her brand. Evon Huber is an ex-Financial Times reporter, ex-CEPA Think Tank member in DC, and the reporter behind the 3 Seas Rooster newsletter specializing in the political, economic and social news from the 3 Seas Region in Europe, with an audience of Politicians, Professors, Investors, Economists and Academics. Subscribe to Evon's Newsletter here:


Expert Interview - Ruby Le: Relationships & Love

Ruby Le was a Lead Matmaker for eHarmony, and is now the founder & dating coach at GoodGentleman, where she helps good men find love with quality women without changing who they are or pretending to be someone they're not. She discusses why it's important to never delay finding love, how to know whether you're in the right relationship, what to do when a potential partner sends mixed messages, and much more. Her website:


Marketing MakeOver - Chris Tung: Try Coffee Chats Platform

Listen to this episode and discover how, Chris and me, took the Coffee Chats marketing to that emotionally resonant super-effective next level. Chris Tung is an exceptionally kind human being. He is now the Global Retention CRM Lead, Devices and Services for Pixel and Nest at Google. Worked twice at Amazon. And in his spare time, is building a No-Code Coffee Chats platform where experienced people who care can mentor the next generation, build their legacy, and leave the world a better...


Maker Interview - Andrew Wright: No-Code Intrapreneurship

Andrew Wright is a rising star in the No-Code Community. He is the Director Of Special Projects at Carolina Limousine & Coach. He uses No-Code every day to automate CLC's workflows. In this episode, he shares his insights into how every recent graduate can use No-Code in order to create their own Intrapreneurship position inside small businesses, and get paid well for it. His idea can create tens of thousands of valuable new jobs, today. His LinkedIn:...


Marketing MakeOver - Yaroslaw Bagriy: Newsletter Feedback Idea

Yaroslaw Bagriy is a Maker, Investor, Newsletter Expert and successful Income Entrepreneur. He decided to break free from the wage slavery and create digital assets that create financial stability for him and his family. In this episode, we work on the marketing of his new idea: A Newsletter Feedback Tool. His Website: His Twitter: @yarobagriy @newslettercrew


Expert Interview - Aishah Iqbal: A Role Model For Daughter

Aishah Iqbal is an expert on creating side-hustles and an inspiring coach that shows people what they are capable of. Her journey truly began when she got pregnant as a single mom. She pushes herself every day to be the best version she can be as the role model and super mom to her little daughter. Her Profile:


Marketing MakeOver - Deepika, Sonia: Bet On Yourself & Take That Risk

A special episode helping Deepika and Sonia with marketing their No-Code ideas. Sonia is a No-Code beginner, solo female traveler, and photographer from the UK. Deepika is a former executive turned creator who is betting on herself to make create her No-Code success and supporting other makers in doing so. Both are a great female No-Code Maker Duo from an Indian heritage. Sonia, Twitter: @BKSsonia Deepika, Twitter: @deepika_rn


Expert Interview - Tricia De Jesus-Gutierrez: Creation & Legacy

Tricia De Jesus-Gutierrez is a poet, author, writer, sensitive spirit, soulful voice on Open Mic stages, Host of the Phynnecabulary Podcast, Filipina, Animal Lover, and someone deep through the journey of creativity. She discusses her inspiration, her thoughts, how she faces up to critics, and all the lessons we can learn as Makers about shipping our idea into the world, fearlessly. Her LinkedIn: Her Twitter: @PhynneBelle


Expert Interview - Collin Mitchell: Professional Sales

Collin Mitchell is a 4X Founder, Host at the SalesHustle Podcast, a true sales thought leader, a mindfulness nerd, and a family man. In this Episode, he shares the fundamentals of sales and followup, and his best tips to becoming a Sales Professional. His LinkedIn:


Expert Interview - Prof Luis Suarez: Design & Emotions

Prof Luis Suarez is a design professor and dean of faculty from South America specializing in Startups. He has a deep involvement with No Code Makers, Startups, and Entrepreneurs. And he shares his insights into effective design in this interview. His LinkedIn: His Twitter: @designaid_web


Maker Interview - Riley Seaburg: Leadership

Riley Seaburg is the CMO at HammerSportMarketing. He is a No-Code Enthusiast. A Combat Veteran. A previous member of the Advanced Team of Governor Cuomo in New York. And a Congressional Candidate. He shares his thoughts on No-Code, Leadership, Product-Market Fit, and many other great nuggets of wisdom. His Website: His Twitter: @RileySeaburg